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EverestHusky's Fursona Avatar
Name:EverestHusky in Tuscaloosa Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Member ID:21066
Last Active:12-13-2021 02:09 AM
Profile Views:3941
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Future Space for Blogs

furries love: Hey im back i miss talking with you and I'm sorry I have not been on here i really am please text me back 681 days ago
Little Tails: Heya, krazy friendo! Happy New Year's Eve! 701 days ago
Faraday: Hello! 702.4 days ago
Ace: best lady right here 716.7 days ago
EverestHusky: LZ & Ky, Woof Woof! 719.4 days ago
EverestHusky: Howls arf youwu fur-friend? I'd do anything for my friends. :) 721.4 days ago
EverestHusky: Have a icy blue paw power Here 722.4 days ago
LZ: Leaves a technological paw print on your door. 723.1 days ago
LZ: Hehe, let's dance. 723.5 days ago
EverestHusky: Yass! She's ready fur you! Awoo! 726.5 days ago
LZ: dances party time! 729.6 days ago
LZ: Blue_Heart 729.7 days ago
LZ: hehe, I think you understand this. (look in your news) 729.7 days ago
EverestHusky: Awooo! giggles I'm super excited Aroo! Come on & dance w/me 730.4 days ago
LZ: It went well, and I'm good. 733.5 days ago
Air: Woo Hoo party. :p 733.8 days ago
EverestHusky: I really hope all of you have a Thanksgiving day! How did it go? 735.4 days ago
EverestHusky: Wish me luck! Awooo! ;) 737.4 days ago
EverestHusky: Yeah let's do it! 739.4 days ago
LZ: I'm doing good, hope you are as well! 740 days ago
LZ: Love the pfp! 740.9 days ago
Koda: Its cold out there hoping the fur is keeping ya warm 742.1 days ago
EverestHusky: It sure is! Its Krazy k9 dog! 742.4 days ago
CoLLieNate: PEEEEEEEEE 742.6 days ago
EverestHusky: Owo! It's good so far 743.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Howls arf youwu fur-friend? Barks happy 743.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Just a Krazy girl! Going Krazy! 743.3 days ago
EverestHusky: HappyFursuitFriday! 743.3 days ago
EverestHusky: Ride em cowboy! Arrooo! 743.4 days ago
LZ: hehe, alright. 744.8 days ago
EverestHusky: A Blue husky always fun & gets Krazy! 745.4 days ago
Keirin: I am wufferful 746.5 days ago
Keirin: Such a fun loving husky 747.1 days ago
Air: Arrrooooo! 747.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Arrooo! Let's party for all the animals! Stay tune! ;) 747.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Awww! That's very very sweet! Party for all the animals! 747.4 days ago
LZ: Hiya sits on a chair 747.7 days ago
Koda: Once a furry always a furry its full of the nicest people like you 749 days ago
EverestHusky: Koda thx! I'm doing howling at the moon LOL 749.2 days ago
Koda: (Howls back too) Im doing fine thanks for asking howre you doing? 749.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Howls arf youwu fur-friend? 749.3 days ago
EverestHusky: Howls every furry doing? Bark Bark 749.3 days ago
Koda: Doing pretty good and those midnight howls just hit different on the feels than in the day 750.1 days ago
LZ: Good. yourself? 750.2 days ago
EverestHusky: singing uwu (2x) woof woof woof 750.4 days ago
EverestHusky: Lemme tell ya, I sit at the door & howl. That's it! singing I'm a husky b 750.4 days ago
EverestHusky: LZ & Koda thx! Ho everone how's it going? 750.5 days ago
Koda: Its a late welcome but hewo and hope you have a good time on the site:) 750.7 days ago
LZ: nice pfp 751.7 days ago
LZ: I know I am! :3 752.1 days ago
EverestHusky: My furry friends, I hope you had a great time! OwU 752.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Keirin, why thank you! Party to all the animals! 753.2 days ago
Keirin: I hope you are having a wonderful time 753.3 days ago
EverestHusky: Furries for Life! Happy to help! 753.4 days ago
LZ: Good to hear. 754 days ago
EverestHusky: Furries for Life! Happy to help! 754.2 days ago
Air: 3 :3 754.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Why thank you!! :) 754.2 days ago
Air: You are the adorable one. :3 754.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Hello friends! How's it going? Join this blue Husky 754.3 days ago
EverestHusky: savage lion the SEA, why thank you 754.4 days ago
savage lion the SEA: love the picture 754.4 days ago
EverestHusky: Spots, yes! Me, more fun & Krazy! LOL 755.4 days ago
Spots: Hi. Join you? What do you mean? 756.7 days ago
EverestHusky: Hopefully you guyd are having fun! Barks & playfully 757.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Ambas, yeah! :) Come join this blue husky!! Going super Krazy 757.3 days ago
Ambas: chuckles and runs his claws over your page leaving his mark well aren't you excitable 757.3 days ago
EverestHusky: Hey, every furry! how's it going? Happy FursuitFriday 757.4 days ago
EverestHusky: Reddragoncharlie, likewise! 757.4 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Tank you! 757.4 days ago
EverestHusky: Reddragoncharlie why, thank you, you too! I already know! Everest Husky ready for action! 757.4 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Your really awesome and amazing! Just thought you should know. 757.4 days ago
EverestHusky: Reddragoncharlie Hugs you What a lovely friend u are 757.4 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: I will always be your friend. If you need anything, even a shoulder to lean on, I'm here. 757.4 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Your an amazing person! I really appreciate it. Boops your nose happily 757.4 days ago
EverestHusky: Reddragoncharlie, I'm friends to every furry ! 757.5 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: I do my best. Says me, really shy. 758.1 days ago
EverestHusky: Awww! Reddragoncharlie, why thanks! What a good friend! 758.2 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Yayyyy! Thank you!! Sending you warm hugs and a nose boop! 758.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Reddragoncharlie why, thank you, you too! 758.3 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Your incredibly energetic and adorable. 759.1 days ago
EverestHusky: The President Of United States! Go this site: niicmusic.com 759.3 days ago
EverestHusky: Just Howl At The Moon! So, come all in and get Krazy! 759.3 days ago
Morganna: Returns the gesture by placing frosty paw prints all over your walk greetings 760.2 days ago
LZ: You sure are energetic! 760.2 days ago
EverestHusky: And, it's nice to meet all of you! Awooo! 760.3 days ago
EverestHusky: Good & Krazy!I want to thanks and willing countuine to be your furry friend! 760.3 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Happy belated Halloween. 760.5 days ago
Faraday: Hello! 760.6 days ago
Rainbow Roo: Hi Everest. Thank you for the greeting. I hope all is well and that you are having a wonderful day. 760.8 days ago
Little Tails: Welcome to the site! -gives cookie- 760.9 days ago
Scara: And... that just proves it. Double post. :/ 760.9 days ago
Scara: Just woke up.. but other then that just peachy. You? 760.9 days ago
Scara: Just woke up.. but other then that just peachy. You? 760.9 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: I'm always around if you need anything or if you want to chat. 761.1 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Welcome to Furrtrax! 761.1 days ago
LZ: Hi, how are u? 761.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Arrooo! 761.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Ace, I'm a blue husky and cute! A Dancer and Singer 761.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Good & Krazy! 761.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Good & Krazy! 761.2 days ago
Ace: good and you 761.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Hi everone, I'm Everest The Husky How's every one dong? 761.2 days ago

About Me:
My name is Everest and I'm a blue husky. A dancer, performer, singer, and songwritter.

Everest Husky also known as Everest the Husky, Everest Husky, or just Everest.

I love making new furry friends! Just come on in and join me and get Krazy! Whoo!
Feel free to message me, so I can get you back. I love singing, dancing and huge fan of BLFC

My favorite furry friends are:
NIIC the Sing Dog
Fluke the Husky
Kai the Wolf
Rivalo Wolf
Rahne Kallon
Pineapple Fox
Kiwi Fox
Majira Strawberry

Favorite colors: Red, blue, green,yellow
Favorite places to go: Pittsburgh,PA, Philadelphia, PA, San Francisco Bay Area,Cailfornia, Phoenix, Arizona, Pacific Northwest.

Let's have some fun! It's about to get furry up in here, so let me see your paws to the walls.

*Me singing & dance style {electro-pop dance}
Nothing watered down 'bout ya! Play with me otta! Viva Espana!

Love the red and the blue, I'm craving ya too, wanna ride your wave

You're fierce you set me on fire, hey and I wanna get burned

Make me hysterical, come be my caracal, we can play just how you like

Hey why don't we go back, to your keyboard, play me and get me inspired

But Koda
Can't get 'nuff of that tail, here's my number call me, I'll help ya find

Craving that coon butt of yours it makes wanna me go donk da donk donk

Got your charm and your suave, get your wolf on, make me go aroo!

But don't want none of them
All I want is you
Come on let's get furry
With our paws to the walls!

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