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Atremos's Fursona Avatar
Name:Atremos in City Offline
Species:Anthro Husky

Advanced Warfare
Indiana Furs
Latex Rubber and Other Kinky Things
Member ID:9174
Last Active:04-13-2023 21:16 PM
Profile Views:9499
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Future Space for Blogs

Fargo : Hewwo fellow Pennsylvanian!!! 471.6 days ago
EverestHusky: Hi there! I'm Everest The Husky I'm a Blue & Krazy husky! Come & get this blue husky! Aroo! 547.3 days ago
Ace: hello 547.7 days ago
Dark wolf: Welcome to FurrTrax OwU 808.1 days ago
jackson spring: hi again 1242.7 days ago
Ghost: heh 1655 days ago
Roronoa: Welcome to FurrTrax, enjoy the stay. 1923.7 days ago
kurito: hi 2042.4 days ago
cdarkwolf: hello :) 2499.4 days ago
Vince: hey, whats up? 2589.3 days ago
Darksideofthor: Greetings alll 2654.3 days ago
octibit: hello 2667.3 days ago
vampire: hello fellow husky! 2702.3 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: This wall is too empty... D: NO LONGER! :D :D :D 2754.7 days ago

About Me:














Hi, I am Cloud (not my official sona name still all in progress), the anthro siberian husky. I have black fur on my back, a midnight blue stripe separating it from my white underbelly. Basically a normal husky style. :-3

About me; I love music (rock, alt. rock, metal, ect), games, automotive engineering (working on my career as a mechanic), I play bass and guitar, I'm 420 friendly, I love watching the stars on a clear night, I'm a joyful person who loves to joke around not much can offend me. I speak my mind when it is needed and such. My sona may look femmy but I try not to be hehe! :P 





As for interests and such I love masculine furs, it's always nice to have a big cuddle buddy ^3^





If you want to know more just ask I'm pretty much an open book.














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