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Keirin's Fursona Avatar
Name:Keirin in Internet Online
Member ID:5308
Last Active:07-09-2020 20:22 PM
Profile Views:8128
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Future Space for Blogs

🐇🐾Kini Bunny🐾: pokes oh hi there! 14.6 days ago
Takola Vashen: Same to you hun 46.4 days ago
Takola Vashen: Same to you hun 46.4 days ago
Takola Vashen: hugs back and nuzzles 53.4 days ago
Takola Vashen: :o nuuuu the boops 76.9 days ago
candycane: hello! im new here can ya show me the ropes? 78.6 days ago
Takola Vashen: Rawrs :p 81 days ago
glitchy: slaps a big paw print on your wall then teleports away 106 days ago
snow the wolf: slaps my paw print on your wall and runs away 144.4 days ago
snow the wolf: slaps my paw print on your wall and runs away 144.4 days ago
jacob: hullo fellow floof! 146.3 days ago
TiaraSnowfox: Aye 170.4 days ago
Lars: Thanks! 170.5 days ago
TiaraSnowfox: Hi 174.5 days ago
jackson spring: i have a lot of positive feelings for you.... 176.6 days ago
jackson spring: keir can i express my feelings to you? 180.2 days ago
jackson spring: blep 182.5 days ago
jackson spring: blep 182.5 days ago
Takola Vashen: -boops back- heh that's good to hear :3 183.8 days ago
Takola Vashen: Im doing pretty well now, thank you. How are you doing? 195.1 days ago
Mint: Blep 206.5 days ago
jackson spring: wassup 216.4 days ago
💔Pistol Pete💔: floof 218 days ago
Edible Diamond: hi :3 288.2 days ago
Vulpes: Thanks, hope you have a good day as well : ) 499.1 days ago
Little Tails: Thank you! Have another cookie for your kindness 529.8 days ago
Ember Star: Hope you had a merry Christmas! 561.5 days ago
Ember Star: I shall do my best ! Just arrived in Texas for the holidays. So we shall see how the day goes :) 564.5 days ago
Ember Star: I love woofs BTW !! Hope all is well. 565.9 days ago
Ember Star: Thanks for the welcome ! :) 565.9 days ago
razzle: pounces and hugs 606.5 days ago
Silas Blackheart: I like yours too 654.4 days ago
Silas Blackheart: Thank you, i had it drawn for me. 655.3 days ago
Hefty Sheppy: hey there, i like your avatar 666.4 days ago
Kdog: Thank you for the welcome :3 676.4 days ago
Rekub: You as well good sir 700 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: slaps a big paw print on your wall... 701.2 days ago
Sen: I had a great time today. Thanks! 711.1 days ago
mewster the femboi kitty: Myaaah x3 801 days ago
Frexy: hey honey 888.2 days ago
Roronoa: Petpets.- 1143.5 days ago
Ravax the wanderer: pokes wall 1144 days ago

About Me:

Hi there, I am a kind of happy lucky go kind of a guy~ I hope to get to have pleasant conversations with you

Mated to: Takola Vashen


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