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Grey's Fursona Avatar
Name:Grey in Killeen Offline
Species:Gray Wolf
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Member ID:19715
Last Active:09-23-2021 00:04 AM
Profile Views:4666
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Sam: Hi Grey 1222.1 days ago
Grey: He checks here every day. Ever since that day when his life wasn't going right, he came here to start a new one. I don't blame him. He left me, though. I did nothing wrong. He was my best buddy and I truely cared for him. He knows I'm here because he viewed this very profile. Why wouldn't he not know? 1222.6 days ago
Grey: It's been a while since then. A lot of shit has changed and frankly I only came to think about this site once. It's a pity I can't fit in but I know a great buddy of mine is active on here. I won't list his/her name but I do know I still care about him. I'm on VRChat as I'm typing away, alone and thinking about life. I just wish I could be relive the memories and become best buddies with him/her. 1223.2 days ago
Sam: Henlo 1528.6 days ago
Grey: Ello 1705.3 days ago
Qiyu: Hi grey! 1708.1 days ago
Grey: owo 1708.6 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: pads in and props up against the wall leaving 2 lare forepaw prints about 6 1/2 feet up. 1709.3 days ago
Grey: Hey guys, my name's Grey and I'm an digital artist. I have commissions open in my Google Docs and a FA account where most of my recent works are uploaded. I love hanging out with friends and I hope I'll be able to become a good one ; 1711 days ago

About Me:
I am a gamer, artist, and enthusiast.

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