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Akaiya's Fursona Avatar
Name:Akaiya in Colorado Springs Offline

Akaiya The Drifter
Member ID:14152
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:16467
Distance: Miles
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PSN Name:Oblivioness

Future Space for Blogs

Kendra: Boof! 1533.9 days ago
Kendra: Yes yours :3 And you are my boof! 1541.4 days ago
🖤Nerio🖤: nice avi 1577.5 days ago
Akaiya: Boof! 1577.9 days ago
Kendra: Thank you, yours is next babe 1607.4 days ago
Kendra: My alpha! 1607.8 days ago
Akaiya: GIRAFFE!!!!! 1608.1 days ago
💔Pistol Pete💔: -spray paints a giraffe on your profile out of boredom- 1609 days ago
Kendra: Awah, thank you :3 1612 days ago
Kendra: That's one way to come up with a name XD 1612.1 days ago
Kendra: Meep! 1612.2 days ago
Spots: Meow! :3 1613.5 days ago
Akaiya: Boof!! 1617.3 days ago
jackson spring: heya boof :3 1617.4 days ago
Takola Vashen: Boof to you too :3 1618 days ago
Birdy Blu: Boop. 1640.2 days ago
Akaiya: My chinchilla cuddles me to her. She wubs her boof. 1645.9 days ago
💔Pistol Pete💔: hey you, thats right you. why dont you come in the chatroom anymore? 1645.9 days ago
jackson spring: hey 1647.6 days ago
Mint: Boof spoof lol 1657.5 days ago
Little Tails: Cutieboof 1660.1 days ago
Akaiya: Boof Boof. 1660.1 days ago
Little Tails: A sweet boof :3 1660.2 days ago
Akaiya: Boof!! 1660.3 days ago
Little Tails: Boof! 1661.1 days ago
Akaiya: Yeeeeeeeee!!! 1661.2 days ago
💔Pistol Pete💔: i spelled it wrong :( 1662.4 days ago
💔Pistol Pete💔: leaves a teddy bear a gift! 1663.9 days ago
Little Tails: Boof! :3 1669.3 days ago
Dave Jay Cloud obsessed with men: hi 1675.5 days ago
Dave Jay Cloud obsessed with men: boop 1680.5 days ago
Celeste: Thank you 1692 days ago
Grey: boops your eye 1714 days ago
Cynergi: XP 1761.4 days ago
Cynergi: XD 1762.1 days ago
Air: Wags my tail from the kiss on my head. Hello to you as well. 1764.7 days ago
Cynergi: boop 1767.4 days ago
Sam: Hey 1784.2 days ago
Sam: Boop 1803.6 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Let boop... 1806.2 days ago
Cynergi: it has been awhile! XD 1806.2 days ago
Donovan: Hello 1806.3 days ago
Donovan: Hello 1806.3 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: eboop 1806.6 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: leaves a paw print on the wall. 1810 days ago
Eileen-Ruth: hey remember meeeeee? 1837.4 days ago
Celeste Star: Boops 1849.1 days ago
Monstar23: your pfp looks like balto 2225.8 days ago
Roronoa: You are a strange pup 2249.8 days ago
Akaiya: EVERYBODY MUST BOOP! 2254.3 days ago
Roronoa: Pets him on the head.- 2310.3 days ago
Bunnie Bun Bun: I had some serious issues on sites named f4l, furry 4 life and furries extream with the crap they done to me, i came here thinking this may be a lesser known site where nothing may happen, for a year now i been looking for a secondary site to be on other than just furaffunity, each secondary site i been on has faild still. i wont be surprised if i leave this one some day soon and see the reality fa is the only site i should have stayed on 2317.4 days ago
hunny: hi 2373.3 days ago
Lucy: Paws at his wall 3 2379.3 days ago
Shazi: -Covers belly self consciously- ...I is not fishy ;w; I is scary shark. 2402.8 days ago
Roronoa: hugs the wolfie 2418.5 days ago
Fuzzpaws: nudge, nudge.. 2454.5 days ago
Piper : Hello hello to you too xD 2459.2 days ago
Okari: psst.. boop! 2477.4 days ago
Cynergi: XD 2573.1 days ago
Cynergi: _ 2573.1 days ago
🌺Birdy🌺: -snickers- I've seen you around, eyes in the sky. I just don't let on hehe. Hello to you aswell. 2584.5 days ago
Akaiya: God my head hurts. 2584.8 days ago
Akaiya: When people ask me how my day was: ITS FUCKNG DIFFICULT! SHUT THE FUCK UP! 2584.9 days ago
Aurora : Hello!! Never seen you before 2748.1 days ago
Ghost: wiggles tail Thank you kindly! 2825.9 days ago
Akaiya: Oh hello! Hello everybody!! 2830.1 days ago
Kaitie the Otter: hai :) 2830.1 days ago
Lucychu: Hello :). 2867.2 days ago
Kusafox: hi !! 2896.8 days ago
Sam: Hiya! 2899.8 days ago
Robbie: Haha. That I did. it's a pleasure to meet you as well. 2905.9 days ago
Robbie: What's up? 2905.9 days ago
Robbie: Hi there 2906 days ago
Lexeya: Hiya. Thanks for the randomness.. 3129.2 days ago
Jack: Boops nose x3 3147.1 days ago
Vince: doing pretty well, thanks! nice to meet you. 3164.9 days ago
Lotus the Draxxy: ahaha smiles mine...you can have my wall. If you can claim it aha there is that much spam on it. 3167.6 days ago
Akaiya: Danget lotusss 3167.6 days ago
Lotus the Foxy Half Dragon: hehe hi. Dis wall mine now my wingz cover the wall 3167.6 days ago
Steamyfox: Hijas 3167.6 days ago
Akaiya: Just drawing!! :D Will upload photos of memories! 33 3167.8 days ago

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