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Akaiya's Fursona Avatar
Name:Akaiya in Colorado Springs Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking

Akaiya The Drifter
Member ID:14152
Last Active:07-22-2017 00:26 AM
Profile Views:4708
Distance: Miles
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PSN Name:Oblivioness

Future Space for Blogs

AlmaBlackheart: Thank you for your concern 48.8 days ago
Cynergi: XD 49.1 days ago
Cynergi: _ 49.1 days ago
🌺Birdy🌺: -snickers- I've seen you around, eyes in the sky. I just don't let on hehe. Hello to you aswell. 60.5 days ago
Akaiya: God my head hurts. 60.8 days ago
Akaiya: When people ask me how my day was: ITS FUCKNG DIFFICULT! SHUT THE FUCK UP! 60.9 days ago
Aurora : Hello!! Never seen you before 224.1 days ago
Ghost: wiggles tail Thank you kindly! 301.9 days ago
Akaiya: Oh hello! Hello everybody!! 306.1 days ago
Kaitie the Otter: hai :) 306.1 days ago
Lucychu: Hello :). 343.1 days ago
Kusafox: hi !! 372.8 days ago
Sam: Hiya! 375.8 days ago
Robbie: Haha. That I did. it's a pleasure to meet you as well. 381.9 days ago
Robbie: What's up? 381.9 days ago
Robbie: Hi there 382 days ago
Lexeya: Hiya. Thanks for the randomness.. 605.2 days ago
Jack: Boops nose x3 623.1 days ago
Vince: doing pretty well, thanks! nice to meet you. 640.9 days ago
Lotus the Draxxy: ahaha smiles mine...you can have my wall. If you can claim it aha there is that much spam on it. 643.5 days ago
Akaiya: Danget lotusss 643.5 days ago
Lotus the Foxy Half Dragon: hehe hi. Dis wall mine now my wingz cover the wall 643.6 days ago
Steamyfox: Hijas 643.6 days ago
Akaiya: Just drawing!! :D Will upload photos of memories! 33 643.7 days ago

About Me:
Not a whole much to tell about me. I want to cuddle. Or snuggle. Whichever you prefer. Roleplaying as well. But... I want somebody to call my own. Is it too much to ask for? I mean, it probably is.

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