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Kusafox's Fursona Avatar
Name:Kusafox in Webster City Offline
Species:Arctic Fox
Relationship:Rather Not Say
Founding Member

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Last Active:10-16-2022 20:26 PM
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XBOX Gamertag:Ask

Future Space for Blogs

Pill : No problem 2483.6 days ago
Cynergi: O_O Glues all the peices back together 2611.5 days ago
Cynergi: Bloop 2611.7 days ago
Roronoa: Blorp 2612 days ago
Tobi B Barkin: Cool :p 2612 days ago
Cynergi: Bop Boop! XD 2612.2 days ago
Tobi B Barkin: Nothing much x3 you? 2613.1 days ago
Tobi B Barkin: Hiya 2613.6 days ago
The Meeper: Do you even kiss your mother with those meeping lips? Meep meep 2623.5 days ago
The Meeper: Meep mother trucker! Do you meep it 2623.6 days ago
Roronoa: Whispers.- Choo choo 2624.1 days ago
Roronoa: Beep beep, the hype train's comin' at ya 2624.6 days ago
The Meeper: O-O meep mother trucker! 2625.1 days ago
Mike Furry: indeed 2634.7 days ago
Mike Furry: moo 2636.9 days ago
Slion: Oh hi dar 2642.5 days ago
Zedd209: Haha, good stuff. :) 2649.9 days ago
Zedd209: Got a weird look from the waitress when I ask her for the check. I looked down and realized I was 100% erect, no reason boner. 2650 days ago
Vulpes: beep boop biip bep,beep beep bop...meep 2652.6 days ago
Vulpes: Beep! Beep! 2652.9 days ago
Lunos: Surviving, to say the least hehe. 2682.1 days ago
Lunos: Beeeeeeep! Oh hi, you! It's been a while! 2682.1 days ago
Kendrawr: Good. -Gives you a cookie and then pats your head- 2700.6 days ago
Kendrawr: If I give you one, will you stop? :3 2701.1 days ago
Kendrawr: Bad fox! D: No treats for you. 2702.5 days ago
Kendrawr: Nu! That's even worse! Now no one will know how nice my furniture used to be :P 2703.1 days ago
Kendrawr: Gasp Oh nu, don't leave fur about. That's so hard to get out of everything w 2703.5 days ago
Damian Beelzly: Hey, thanks for welcoming me 2707.6 days ago
💕 Aurora 💕: My wall 2711.9 days ago
Kitsuma: heya X3 2742.3 days ago
Aurora : Hello cutie 2780.9 days ago
Yancy Bells: licks lil Kusa's cheek 2799.3 days ago
Steven Lockheed : Thanks hehe 2809.6 days ago
Ticket The Collie: Awe go to the store now!! 2868.5 days ago
Ticket The Collie: hugs tightly I love Keurig I want fog chaser which is dark with 90 Vanilla creamer 2868.6 days ago
Ticket The Collie: giggles I'm doing quite well exept for being tired since im fueling on about 3 hours of sleep! Would you care to make me some coffee? ;) 2874.1 days ago
Ticket The Collie: comments wall typo, heh how are you doing? :) 2874.9 days ago
Ticket The Collie: Hey Kusafox! you managed to break my commets virginity hugs :) 2875.2 days ago
Wild: Hey :) 2876.9 days ago
Adian: Hello there! 2880.8 days ago
Taki or aki: boops for you for booping me 2886.2 days ago
Taki or aki: boops for you for booping me 2886.2 days ago
Ditsiline McCloud: O hai! :3 2891.3 days ago
Fallenheim: Hit me up then when you get a chance :3 2892.6 days ago
Fallenheim: If you still use kik or have telegram that also works 2894.4 days ago
Fallenheim: That's where I remember you from, I am just reconnecting with a lot of people after some stuff happened. I would totally hit you up! 2895.2 days ago
Fallenheim: Didn't we used to hang out a lot at one point on second life? 2895.4 days ago
Maeko : Poke poke! Hello wall! Just came to say hiya! Don't worry I don't save princes or princesses! Just a snow cat here to plaster happiness on your wall! -insert glitter bombs here- 2899.2 days ago
Lokyr: WHOA i used to raid a lot in FF XIV xD stopped playing sometime after the sephirot update in heavensward . 2907.3 days ago
Lokyr: Oh hai there! x3 2907.3 days ago

About Me:
Alright, so it has been awhile since I have updated this so what the heck.

To start I am just your standard everyday fox guy (see what I did there <.>?) I like to think of my self as a philosopher / thinker (sorry if that sounds pretentious I do not mean it too) I try to be the best person I can every day while I attend College and work part time. During my free time I enjoy watching anime and reading manga, playing different video games as well as play around with technology. I am always looking forward to the next cpu or gpu release! Do not think this just means I am a PC player though. I currently play on every platform, some more than others. Please note as well if I stumble on to your page and do not message you that is a sign of me saying "Hello, I would like to talk and maybe be friends but I am too shy to message." Relationship wise I do tend to think about it quite a lot. I guess you could say I am curious what all the fuss is about but I do not think relationships were made for me. Maybe someone will prove me wrong. Next up, I know this is asking a lot and probably will not happen but please if I message you and do not want to talk to me message me back and say so explaining why, do not just glance at my page and be like "Oh, okay forget him." This leads me toooooooooooooooooooooooo!

- When people garner attention. Oh you have no friends huh? You say no one likes you? Cool, do not post that. I am for willing to help people when need be but I have just seen too much begging for public attention. If you have a true problem I implore you to seek help privately. No one will talk to you? Even if people message you? Yea wrong number try again

- To follow up with the previous line: People who have to fight and duke it out over emotional and private stuff in the public. There is a time and a place. Where everyone around sees is neither.
- People who get off on drama and are not reasonable. "Hey I have something important tomorrow, I have to go to sleep, I apologize." And the person gets grumpy and will start ignoring the other person. You are not the center of the world get over yourself.

Sorry for that but now back to your regularly schedule programming.

Despite what the top few lines may say about me I try to be a happy go lucky guy. This last year I have realized a lot and have finally awoken more to life. There is still a lot more that I need to learn but I will keep going forward. If you are still interested in talking shoot me a message on here or on KIK....whenever it is not temporarily hidden anymore....any way congratulations for getting this far but your Princess / Prince is another castle.

PPS: I have forgotten my password and the only way I am able to get on is remaining logged in on devices I already have, if for any reason I disappear and you want to get ahold of me, my Telegram is @Kusafox

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