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WakaLakaWaka's Fursona Avatar
Name:WakaLakaWaka in Round Lake Beach Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking

Witch Doctor
Domination and Submission
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Member ID:8692
Last Active:05-06-2018 15:51 PM
Profile Views:8831
Distance: Miles
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SecondLife Name:WakaLakaWaka
XBOX Gamertag:WakaLakaWaka

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馃惥shyfox馃惥: u're a handsome kitty 1447.3 days ago
芦韦h蔚螛谐委g委畏螝蟽蟽l委蟽禄: Ooh :3 Vore, you say? 1449.3 days ago
Lunos: (nudges then hides) 1450.8 days ago
Caleb the Cat-boy: Meet 1683.8 days ago
Aria Auroral茂s: Happy early birthday! OwO 1688.5 days ago
Soupy: Heya kitty 1706.4 days ago
Kai Shadow: how you doing? 1741.5 days ago
Lu: I miss talking to you :c 1746.8 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall it has been poked 1752.8 days ago
Olivia bright: Booooop! :3 1772.4 days ago
Espeon : I am a stegosaurus 1794.6 days ago
Couno: You're fairly interesting, I was recommended to talk to you from another friend of mine, who seems to know you. I primarily use skype to speak, so...Lemme know if you're interested 1794.6 days ago
Keragon: Don't I know you from the SLVC? :P 1810.4 days ago
Fesothe: :) 1820.1 days ago
Adam The Chespin: Mrow 1820.5 days ago

About Me:
Just a friendly Witch Doctor fur looking to make some fur friends. I'm a Male 21 years of age who works all the time and doesn't have many fur friends. Especially Locally. I like many things but we don't need to share the same interests to be friends or even hook up :3 I am very easy to get along with.

Easiest way to contact me since I work a lot is on KIK. Worst way is Skype as I rarely use it and I'm mic shy xwx...

I love Anime and playing Video Games o3o/

PS: Also very much into Vore >///> It's my favorite thing like ever. I'm kind of a switch but I lean very much towards prey. I sometimes dream of a master/mistress or mate who likes vore as much as I do x//3

If you have any questions or want to chat send me a message ^w^

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