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Jace_Dakota's Fursona Avatar
Name:Jace_Dakota in City Offline
State:North Carolina
Species:Orange goo foxeh
Relationship:Rather Not Say

Domination and Submission
Tar Paws
Member ID:2628
Last Active:06-15-2024 05:11 AM
Profile Views:15672
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
Kik:Hidden from Guests
YIM:Hidden from Guests
FurAffinity:Hidden from Guests
Facebook:Hidden from Guests

Future Space for Blogs

Keirin: I been well as well 237.6 days ago
Keirin: How have you been? 269 days ago
CoLLieNate: Hehehe snift 509.7 days ago
Sinclair the Bunny: Howdy! I like your profile pic! :D 803.3 days ago
GlossBae: Hey U 877.3 days ago
Koda: Heya its nice to meet another person with the name Dakota 1004.2 days ago
Maid: http:milk.co.jp 1083 days ago
Maid: What the dog doin 1106.8 days ago
Nikki : h-hello 1261 days ago
dark greg: hey 1311.8 days ago
dark greg: hey 1311.8 days ago
Coffee Kitsune: Heck, yea, this is an optimal time for digging into a backlog 1580.5 days ago
Coffee Kitsune: I haven't been able to get my paws on Eternal, but to be fair I never finished the earlier one, so I'm in no rush lol 1580.9 days ago
Coffee Kitsune: The Doom OST, I can always listen to it 1580.9 days ago
Coffee Kitsune: Yea, I feel that, good luck on both prospects lol. I should probably do the same but, I just need music right now 1580.9 days ago
Coffee Kitsune: It's been going good, just listening to tunes and updating profiles. You? 1580.9 days ago
Coffee Kitsune: Heya! 1581.3 days ago
Nuggs: Yooo what's up 1600.5 days ago
😻Stripes😻: Roro has been mated to me where you been? XD 1613.3 days ago
pink fire snowfox: hey U lol 1613.5 days ago
seiler: Hi Nice to meet you after viewing your profile i am Jacinda Seiler, from jakarta indonesia , i have a project discussion with you please email me on: (jacindaseiler43gmail.com) 1613.9 days ago
Sam: Boop! It goes well!! 1623 days ago
Sam: Hi :3 1637.9 days ago
Luna037: Lol 1640.4 days ago
Mint: Hehe, yeah, that's quite the coincidence. I don't think I'm travelling to china soon, at any rate 1640.5 days ago
Luna037: SyexiO 1641.4 days ago
Mint: Hello! 1654.4 days ago
Nyx the Horny boi: Ree 1804.2 days ago
Nyx the Horny boi: Ree 1804.2 days ago
Ollie: tags my name on your wall HA! 1877.4 days ago
Icy Eclipse: Well I'll add those songs to my playlist then. 1899.6 days ago
Icy Eclipse: Oh, which song? 1900.3 days ago
Icy Eclipse: Yeah, I was surprised when I found it on YouTube. It popped up randomly in my mixes. 1900.5 days ago
razzle: pounce hugs 2074.4 days ago
nullcoon: Lol, why thank you :P 2257 days ago
Wild: BORK 2310.3 days ago
💕 Aurora 💕: Mine 2708.2 days ago
RuNe: Ill see you in my dreams Ayoshama 3078 days ago
RuNe: JAAAACE 3113.1 days ago
RuNe: JAAAACE 3113.1 days ago
Lolita: Hello, there! 3287.5 days ago
The Lone Wanderer: somefur as imvu 3324 days ago
RuNe »: brother 3328.3 days ago
Oracle Sage: hi there 3449.6 days ago
nightscale: hi: ) 3451.3 days ago
Fleuf: :O another NC fur?! 3451.7 days ago

About Me:

Name's Jace. I be a Orange goo foxeh. Shoot me a message if ya feel like chattin °3°

Mah Sneaky sneky snek bruthor be RuNe+ Man. Snek bruh fo lyfe

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