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Icy Eclipse's Fursona Avatar
Name:Icy Eclipse in Lincoln Offline
Species:DragonFox Hybrid
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Member ID:19302
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:2077
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
Kik:Hidden from Guests
YIM:Hidden from Guests
FurAffinity:Hidden from Guests
Facebook:Hidden from Guests
XBOX Gamertag:Blu3 Kitsun3

Future Space for Blogs

Ripper: i'm doing good and you 755.7 days ago
Ripper: yo 760 days ago
Icy Eclipse: For some reason I'm re-listening to some old movie tracks...The memories. 766.2 days ago
Jace_Dakota: Sailor in a life boat. If you listen to Mindless Self Indulgence, its the lead singer. He's been doing a lot of self made stuff lately. 767.3 days ago
Jace_Dakota: I was pretty happy when I found out he was in a Euringer song. It was like, Gerard? You making it back into music? 767.5 days ago
Jace_Dakota: Oh mai. I didn't know Gerard did a cover of Happy Together. My inner mind 2000s emo boi weeps with Joy x3 768 days ago
Zherathul the Voidscale: hi 772.1 days ago
Icy Eclipse: Boooored 780.8 days ago
Yuri Jaxis Wolfen: Thank you 787.2 days ago
Yuri Jaxis Wolfen: Aw that's a cute fursona pic 788.1 days ago
💔Pistol Pete💔: im doing pretty ok, how about you 788.5 days ago
Play: Welcome to FT, hope you enjoy yourself and you play xbox? Maybe we should play together one day 789.4 days ago
💔Pistol Pete💔: Wow, why hello, you have such an empty wall! did you clear it or did no one take the time to give you a welcome? 790.3 days ago
Icy Eclipse: Finally got my fursona drawn for me 790.3 days ago

About Me:

Hi, I'm not good at these type of things, but I'll give it my best. I'm 20 years old, I'm currently In University, doing my final year.

I'm making BA Creative Music and yes I do play an instrument, it's the piano by the way. In my down time, I enjoy playing on my Xbox or Listening to music with an excellent book to read. If you have telegram, send me a message, and I'll add you on it.

Telegram and Xbox GT is Blu3 Kitsun3.


One of my favourite quotes from a game.

'We had created monsters we couldn't control. We drugged them, tortured them, eviscerated them... We brutalized their minds... but it did not work, until they came... And it was not their force of will, Not their void devilry, not their alien darkness... It was something else. It was that somehow, from within the derelict-horror, they had learned a way to see inside an ugly, broken thing... And take away its pain.'(warframe)





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Icy Eclipse

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