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Anya Underworld's Fursona Avatar
Name:Anya Underworld in City Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking
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Last Active:03-05-2021 15:06 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

About Me:

I tend to be creative but not at the same time. I suppose on a scale of 1 to 100. Im pretty stuck in the middle. I have decided just to put a little more effort in who I am; as both my fursona and myself.

First of all. Im Anya and I must admit I have a tendency for being a writer. Although my writing can be from quick notebook or post it writings. I fill journals monthly and constantly require new ones. I write my thoughts, feelings, days very quickly with some other personal things. My journals are my safe heaven. I learned a long time ago that the only way to feel safe and taken care of; if you do it yourself.

My typical days require most of my attention to be dedicated to my work. Most days I work on average of 10 to 12 hours. I put in a lot of over time. I love my work. I love the pay. I am not the type to usually talk about my day as far work went or breaking it down unless its to fill empty conversation some of the time. I keep work at work. Home at home. Journal to journal. And here to here. I enjoy giving glimpses of myself but never completely. Giving yourself completely to someone is not only scary.. But painful. Ive come to learn. From past experiences it is very difficult to go from talking to someone you've know for years. Every day. To be gone the next. Its breaking. Its hard. Respect my space and I will respect yours.

I used to play a lot of pc. Now I switch between the Switch and Ps4. I tend to stay pretty trendy with my games and of course lose interest with others. I'm not looking for a gamer buddy. A gamer mate. None of that. Ive done it. Its wonderful while it lasts. There are plenty of things we can discuss. Share experiences with a charater or talk about a game. I feel like we aren't limited. There is a wonderful world out there.

Most of the time my nose is in a book. Which does mean I am often going to bookstores or shopping online for books to read. I love romance as much as any woman my age but often read more autobiographies far more. I drink wine to each book. Not a casual type of wine drinker. But an every day wine drinker. I can have just a glass or a whole bottle.
Doing puzzles from Suduko, crossword and even puzzles on the table. I feel keep the brain from dying so I keep myself pretty active. Of course I don't expect anyone to keep up with my likes or jump in to any of that sort. What I do for fun I do mainly for growth.

I don't do make up much. Not really a girly person as much as I may come off as if I am. Im pretty basic. Work requires more of my attention so I leave those wonderful make up moments to special events.. Or what I call stolen moments. We give everybody a face of ours. Work. Home. Parents. Partners. And then when we are by ourselves. Hidden gems all around. So when i apply make up.. I feel it is a very stolen moment and a stolen piece of mumy soul. I value myself and I hope everyone else does in their own way.

(Ill keep adding throu the day and editing.)

I can make some amazing meals.
My days are pretty busy. My nights I try to catch on most netflix shows and sleep.
I sleep mainly when I can.. If I can.

The end.

Just looking for someone I can share my life with online. To remain in persona. Nothing outta furrtrax. Not much RL exchange. Just nothing messy. I like my life how it is.

My personality is more of a Logician.

98% Switch
73% Primal (Prey)
73% Submissive
63% Rope bunny
59% Brat
57% Masochist
55% Vanilla
55% Degrader
54% Sadist
53% Exhibitionist
53% Experimentalist
45% Degradee
45% Rigger
43% Voyeur
40% Daddy/Mommy
36% Master/Mistress
35% Primal (Hunter)
19% Owner
13% Dominant
11% Ageplayer
4% Slave
3% Brat tamer
2% Pet
1% Boy/Girl
0% Non-monogamist

Ref not mine. Just temporary.

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