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Toxic's Fursona Avatar
Name:Toxic in City Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking

Gamer furs
Emo Furrs
The dark emo furrs
Minnesota furries
wounded souls
The Psychos
Apocalypse Furs
Pansexual Furs
furrys looking for pets
furries looking for mastersmistresses
Member ID:19301
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:2965
Distance: Miles
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Future Space for Blogs

jackson spring: yello 518.3 days ago
Toxic: Big oof xp 827.1 days ago
Don The Friendly Horse: Thats unfortunate. 827.2 days ago
Play: I'm gonna steal this pup ;p 827.6 days ago
Toxic: -smiles- 843.2 days ago
Don The Friendly Horse: Wooohooo. :P 843.9 days ago
Toxic: Lol its okay -flicks her tail- plus you now have the longest comment on my wall X3 844.1 days ago
Don The Friendly Horse: Heyyyy thank you for the comment on my profile but I unfortunately fatfingered the x button DX hangs in the pose of shame but thank you for the kind gesture. If you don't mind feel free to put it back up and hopefully this time I'm just gonna not fatfinger it trying to get your profile. 844.2 days ago
Toxic: Hey! -chuckles- 844.5 days ago
Sir Chan: leaves a pawprint on your page 845.3 days ago
Toxic: -chuckles- uwo 846.8 days ago
Ravenlord: LOL - Indeed it is! (New to this) O_O 846.8 days ago
Toxic: -waves back at Zherathul smiling- 847.7 days ago
Zherathul the Voidscale: waves gently at you 847.7 days ago
Toxic: Heya David 848.7 days ago
Toxic: Thx Play(XD) and Little Tails! 848.7 days ago
David Breach: waddup? 850 days ago
Little Tails: All the chocolate cookies to ya! 850.1 days ago
Play: You're welcome for the profile song xD 851.3 days ago
Toxic: Awe 858.7 days ago
Keirin: Welcome, this is a reminder to have a great day 859.9 days ago
Toxic: Thx 860.1 days ago
Abbadon: Welcome 861.1 days ago

About Me:

(Everything on this page is listed for Toxic not for me as a hooman)

If you have a question just ask me ;3

I’m Pan💖💛💙

~Results from bdsmtest.org~
(Pretty accurate;3)

85% Submissive
63% Masochist
53% Non-monogamist
50% Rope bunny
49% Slave
47% Experimentalist
46% Brat
45% Boy/Girl
45% Vanilla
44% Pet
40% Primal (Hunter)
39% Owner
34% Ageplayer
28% Primal (Prey)
25% Switch
19% Master/Mistress
18% Degrader
17% Rigger
11% Sadist
10% Dominant
6% Degradee
4% Daddy/Mommy
3% Brat tamer
2% Exhibitionist
2% Voyeur



























TitleFilenameDoc IDDate Uploaded

Story's Posted to the BookShelf
TitleLast ModifiedBook IDDate Uploaded
I’m Fine02-17-2019 23:02 PM
02-17-2019 22:47 PM

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