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jacob's Fursona Avatar
Name:jacob in laporte Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Last Active:01-28-2020 13:30 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

Sam: Heya that I am 2.1 days ago
Luna037: HIIIya 4.2 days ago
Luna037: Haha heya I mean like how is everybody!!!? 4.4 days ago
Joker Wolf: Purple 4.7 days ago
Little Tails: Pretty great, thanks! 4.9 days ago
Little Tails: Hoi! 5 days ago
Luna037: Aye 5.4 days ago
Hope51369 Tiara: Haha LOL ur right tho likeaUh N a way haha 6.2 days ago
Hope51369 Tiara: Haha LOL ur right tho likeaUh N a way haha 6.2 days ago
Kendra: Protogens are not robots. They're creatures with screen masks. 6.2 days ago
TiaraSnowfox: Haha lol 6.3 days ago
Takola Vashen: :o boof to you too 6.4 days ago
TiaraSnowfox: HeyA 6.4 days ago
Kendra: Hullo :3 7.2 days ago
TiaraSnowfox: AyeO Ur sure a fast 1 btw haha 7.4 days ago
TiaraSnowfox: Ahahah Ur 19 aNd I jusT turned 20 haha but tec i 19 tbh haha 11.3 days ago
TiaraSnowfox: Hiii 11.3 days ago
Keirin: Sure 13.5 days ago
Little Tails: Glad ya had a blast! 14.9 days ago
Little Tails: Sounds like a lot of fun, Speed Spring! :P 15 days ago
Fallenheim: It goes it goes 16.8 days ago
Little Tails: It's pretty nice! SoCal can be an energetic place, but I live in a quieter part of it. Tons to do, lots to see! How's things in Indiana? 16.9 days ago
Fallenheim: Hi 18.3 days ago
jackson spring: nothing just playing my ps4 before i have to go to my college 19.4 days ago
Garmy: nothing much just listening to Trollheims,and you? 20 days ago
Little Tails: Heya, wolf 20.2 days ago
jackson spring: hi 20.4 days ago
Sam: Hi :3 21.2 days ago
jackson spring: hello 39 days ago
Zherathul the Voidscale: hi 43.2 days ago
jackson spring: alright 43.9 days ago
Mint: To reply to what you said on my page, just send me a DM, we can do it whenever. 46.1 days ago
jackson spring: aw thanks 50.2 days ago
Keirin: And wish you a wonderfull day 50.3 days ago
Keirin: I boop you 50.3 days ago
jackson spring: hows 50.9 days ago
jackson spring: hos it goin 50.9 days ago
Cynergi: hello 52.8 days ago
jackson spring: hey 64.1 days ago
Dave Jay Cloud obsessed with men and Japanese culture: hey 64.3 days ago

About Me:
ok hmm let me see here ok i got it! i like tech and science im a very hyper type of guy i'm always in for a good yiff i'm usually a good boy~ if you want to know more about me message me.

mate: none

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i need dick11-25-2019 19:47 PM
11-25-2019 19:47 PM

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