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Nato's Fursona Avatar
Name:Nato in Fort Drum Offline
State:New York
Relationship:Single and Looking

Pennsylvania Furs
Single Furs
Member ID:8677
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:4780
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Future Space for Blogs

Fennec: voice acting is something I can do 1985.9 days ago
Sionna: interested in voice acting. Check your kik 2197.3 days ago
Ruddscut: I'm interested in voice acting for the animations. 2219.9 days ago
Nato: oh my goodness yes x3 i didnt think youd chirp me back 2233.7 days ago
telephone ring ring: chirp 2234.2 days ago
Nato: Alright, awesome! if you have skype then message me it because i xan add you to the skype group we have up. i currently have no internet so we have kinda been slow to do things. i should be back up in about 3 weeks though 2246.3 days ago
arkon: hey man id be up for voice acting in the animations 2248.1 days ago
Nato: oh, hia o.o i didnt notice they updated the site with a chatbar 2321.4 days ago
Emerald: hi hehe 2322.4 days ago

About Me:
Please dont be afraid to message me. I love meeting new people and talking (i can get very talkative sometimes). I am looking for anything weather it be a friend or a relationship. Just message me saying hi or anything PLEASE. If you have any questions about my ref, my furriness or even me irl that isnt covered here, Dont be afraid to message me, I dont bite unless you want me to ;3 ill answer any question you throw at me (I love questions)

My interests:
I love the furry fandom for the art and creativity. The people in it are usually really cool, but I dont talk to a lot of furs often. I love to draw and look at art. I love talking to other artist and getting small tips on how to improve as I go. I love video production as well so if you are into that then awesome. I hope to make enough videos that i could get a good youtube rolling one day. Music interests are pretty much everything except most indie, alternative, and oldies. Some i like, but majority not so much. I have lots of other interests but I am not about to spam my profile with them so get to know me ^-^

My 'Sonas:
The main fursona I have is a folf (mostly wolf so thats what i usually call him) named Nato (pronounced "not-oh"). His colors have changed a lot so i just decided that he was born the way he is right now with black and grey with glowing cyan and orange. He goes and changes his colors via full body fur tatoos when he doesnt like his colors. He is heavily into music, specifically EDM. He is 5'10 and svelt. Always tries to be friendly to people and loves messing around. My other sona is Kane. He is Black with glowing red. He is Nato's brother who is a little more dark... I dont usually use him.

About Me Irl:
I am 5'10" and fit/slim. I dont have a bunch of muscle to me but I work out everyday so I have a little ^^' I am addicted to using emojis so I am very sorry if it gets out of control cause I am trying to stop. I hope to one day make fursuits and live a life of peace in one place with a significant other. Id like to have my "real world" job to be an aircraft mechanic for helicopters or something because the pay for that could help keep my hobbies a possibility. I get very attatched to my friends and if I consider them a best friend then I treasure them above myself.

Random: Wish I could find a good girlfriend for once... one that wont cheat on me especially.

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