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Shadowcat's Fursona Avatar
Name:Shadowcat in City Offline
Species:Shape Shifter
Member ID:13340
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:5648
Distance: Miles
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Future Space for Blogs

Fuyu Yukiko: Hello? 464.5 days ago
Guardian : Rolls all over your wall 2425.1 days ago
Shadowcat: thanks guys, really love you all but leaving due to Azu...have a great life, most of you have my kik 2437.3 days ago
Dao: I hope you didn't think you could get away without me pouncing back! ;3 pounces on you 2441.9 days ago
Sir Devearux SquishyButt: steals my wall and your wall and everbody elses walls and runs backmuahahahahahahahahah 2443.4 days ago
Seline: (walks in pokes and runs back out giggling) 2445.6 days ago
Sir Chan: (licks your wall) now your wall has been licked 2446.5 days ago
Sir Devearux SquishyButt: pounces on you 2447.4 days ago
Honda trx450r rider : Honda tagged ur wall ha! 2447.9 days ago
Seline: i has ounced back XD 2448.3 days ago
Sir Devearux SquishyButt: pounces back a d then steals you wall mine 2448.7 days ago
shadow: hi 2451 days ago
Shadowcat: Love you all thank you so much for the love 2452.6 days ago
Conner or ethan: morning! 2455.1 days ago
Devearux Squishy Butt: Hey new sis 2460.4 days ago
Devearux Squishy Butt: boop 2460.5 days ago
Tassie : GOOD MORNING! Have a great day 2464.1 days ago
Tassie : Titty dance runs off 2464.1 days ago
AzukoTheNeko : You were pounced back! 2464.9 days ago
Derpish: Sorry for leaving earlier. 2465.6 days ago
Shadowcat: Thank you Azu LOL 2465.7 days ago
Shadowcat: The pleasure is mine Kali 2465.7 days ago
Shadowcat: Thank you Tassie 2465.7 days ago
AzukoTheNeko : Your wall has been Neko'd 2465.8 days ago
Kali HoneyLips : waves a paw and purrs deeply pleasure to meet you 2466.2 days ago
Tassie : Pretty eyes meow 2467 days ago
Devearux Black: hello shadow 2467.3 days ago
Shadowcat: Thank you very much . 2468.6 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Welcome hon. nwn Please let me know if you need anything. 2468.6 days ago

About Me:
I am a fun loving playfully shape shifter. I am mostly in big cat form, think big as a Tiger with white fur electric blue snow leopard spots, but in my normal cat form i am as large as a Clydesdale, if I am in the mood I will shift to other forms. I am mated but in an open relationship. I enjoy talking, playing and making friends. Just to clarify I am here mostly to make friends not have random sex.

I am mated to:
Wildrune and Rathnik
Only two I am with sexualy!

If you would like more information hit me up.

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