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Charlie's Fursona Avatar
Name:Charlie in South Vineon Offline
Relationship:Single, Not Looking
Member ID:15534
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:5376
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Future Space for Blogs

Paymon: That shy side of you is pretty cute, I'd steal you away if given the chance. 2258.4 days ago
Źõęÿ: What is your species? 2503.2 days ago
Xenos Lustborn: Alien Buddies! :P 2506.7 days ago
🏈King Dexter🏈: i now claim this wall in the name of me... cause im a muthafukin king 2510.2 days ago
Ova: I now claim this wall in the name of FromSoftware games 2510.3 days ago
🏈King Dexter🏈: aye! its mah favorite alien! back to invade! 2514.1 days ago
Franked: Sorry, just imagine the rock hand emoji jej 2527.1 days ago
Franked: Heu! It's nice to see you without your killer's clothes rock hand 2527.1 days ago
Bobbin: Hello 2527.9 days ago
🏈King Dexter🏈: i claim her.... uuuh.... walmart 2528.3 days ago
🏈King Dexter🏈: i claim this wall!!! 2529.1 days ago
Franked: Hey laddie 2532.3 days ago
«ΤhεΘгίgίηΚσσlίσ»: Hello :3 I saw you peep my profile. 2534.9 days ago

About Me:

Charlie the oscutta!
What's an oscutta, you ask? It's one of the fictional race of aliens on a parallel to Earth that have some feline features in appearance but don't have much likeness otherwise. They got skin like a human's, but their legs are digitigrade rather than plantigrade. Their have tails but most are cut very short after birth, which Charlie has hers cut. She is kind of chubby compared to other oscuttas with wider hips, and she barely passes the five foot mark in height.

She is often sassy and can be a big talker until intimidated. Before even that point, Charlie is actually quite timid and gentle, showing kindness when given the chance. It is hard for her to go up to people at first unless she's really interested in them as in curiosity wise— and even then, it is only an small attempt to create conversation. Her backstory is kind of sad but NO SPOILERS so yeah.

Likes: All genres of music including rap and country, warm colors, horror games, petting and cuddling with animals, hot baths, writing, doodling, playing games, puns, candy, making others happy, flirting, and juice.

Dislikes: Bitter tasting food, drinking, the cold, and other stuff that will be added to this list one day.

I'm open to RPs in PM or Kik; while I prefer the literate kind that requires paragraphs and such, I usually convert to whatever RP style you use.

Avatar ⓒ Me
If you want to talk and not even RP as people, you know just discuss story writing and music and art and characters, then Kik ObscurityofPromise instead. If you're shy about that, don't worry because I would be just as shy as you.

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