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Seiluna's Fursona Avatar
Name:Seiluna in Dallas Offline
Species:Husky Wolf
Relationship:Rather Not Say
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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

Wolf-Reaper: hi there what's up 3235.1 days ago

About Me:
***My mate is now banned, so I will be taking leave of the site. Adieu. I wish I could say that I'll miss it.***

AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5'3"
COAT COLORS: All white fur except for the tips of my ears and tail and a puzzle piece birth mark above my right knee, all of which are a deep red.
CLOTHING: Typically alternative and occasionally fully goth.

Back Story for Jester Roleplay:
Seiluna was born into a family of wealth and good breeding. She has developed good manners that she now practices out of habit and a rather thorough education. Her parents did not have the chance to see to her grow up, though. She has been told that just before her birth, her father passed in a rather unfortunate, but unspecified, "accident". During childbirth her mother's body was simply under too much stress and she died during child birth due to a variety of, again unspecified, complications... or so she has been told... She went into the care of her godfather, her late father's best friend. In his mind, he blamed Seiluna for her mother's death and his disdain for the young pup grew. He was rather mentally unstable to begin with, with a need for his house to be absolutely spotless and a variety of paranoia's. No matter how hard Seiluna had tried, she could never earn any semblance of love or affection from her "father." He had two children from a previous marriage that went out of their way to make her feel unwelcome. Her "sister" was rather vain and loved nothing more than to scoff at Seiluna's appearance every day. Destroying confidence was the girl's specialty. Her brother's abuse was a little more violent and she still bears a few scars from him and a couple from when she managed to scar him back. She suffered mild to moderate abuse in many forms from her "family" over the years which has left her socially awkward and somewhat emotionally damaged. There are times that she feels like she was born into her lonliness. She withdrew into herself feeling truly alone in the world and out of place. Her only consistent friends were her pets, who, upon occasion, would simply disappear... The few delights she had in life were her hobbies and interests. She dabbled in most things creative including cooking, and learned under the cooks on staff. Her interests are on the eccentric side as she fancies fantasy, the paranormal, and gothic culture to an extent. Thanks to her step sister's fear, she has also devoloped a love of clowns, jesters, and the like. At the age of 18 she receives the news that she is to inherit her parents' mansion and the massive property it sits upon. Seiluna saw her escape and decided to have the mansion repaired and renovated into a lavish bed and breakfast. After over a year, with her kitten at her side, she finally gets to move into her new home and new life...

Risus vel metu, etiam hic sumus
"Laughter, or fear- we're still here"
-Jester Clan Motto

The following comments involving me leaving will only apply should I still decide to leave. Otherwise, everything else is still applicable:

I'm sure that there have been a few people wondering about where I've gone and who my mate is. I'm gone because I'm tired of existing in a place barely better than a high school socially speaking. Gossip, hate, and concern as to who is "yiffing" who has ruined this place for me as well as "friends" finally showing their true colors. I also do not find a place that's hostile to the ones I love worth my time. As for my mate? Some may already know, but my mate is: Jareth/Deliro/Devioz/Spartan 126/Joe/Bonkerz, whoever you may know him as. HE HAS BEEN MY MATE FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW DESPITE WHAT SOME BELIEVE. I don't give a flying rats ass if you have "proof" of him "cheating." That sort of thing is between him and myself. Wanna know how bothered I am by the rumors? He and I are planning to get married. So, go ahead and fill up my message box because I won't be around to read your b.s.Have a nice life. :)

EDIT: For now I have been convinced to give the site a "second chance" although I feel that it is more like the fourth or fifth time now.

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