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Crimson The Great's Fursona Avatar
Name:Crimson The Great in Denham Offline
Species:A Pheonix
Relationship:Single and Looking

Domination and Submission
Gamer furs
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Future Space for Blogs

Alma Blackheart: drops bird seed on your wall :3 3090.1 days ago

About Me:
The things I like to do is have tons of fun but most importantly talk and get to know the furrs that I am around.

Crimson The Great's Bio:
In ancient Egypt, young emperor Crimson was persuaded by Horus, his magus, to attempt the fabled Ascension ritual – despite ancient warnings to do so only in times of direst threat.
Crimson's hubris proved disastrous. As the Egypt's Legacy Sun Disc focused the dawn rays into a transformative beam, Horus betrayed Crimson, shoving his emperor aside and stealing its power for himself.
In an instant, Crimson was obliterated – and Horus remade as a spectral being of pure, malevolent energy – as the city around them was swallowed whole by the desert.
Nasus and Renekton, Ascended heroes of Egypt legend, sensed in an instant that something had gone terribly wrong and rushed to the Sun Disc. They hurled Horus into a chained sarcophagus – but the magus shattered it into shards.
Renekton dragged Horus into the Tomb of the Emperors and shouted to Nasus to seal the door. With a heavy heart, Nasus entombed his brother with a madman in the buried ruins for all eternity. Or so he believed…

Rise Of The Ascended
"As Sivir lies betrayed and bleeding, something incredible occurs. For though she does not know it, Sivir is the last in the bloodline of Crimson, Egypt's lost emperor. And as her blood soaks into the ancient sands, a deep magic sparks to life. Resurrection!'
Crimson's Ascension

Crimson before Ascending
First Crimson's mind, then his body. Snatched back from oblivion to be reborn. Then he sees Sivir, wonders at her face, he sees himself in this daughter of Egypt. In that moment, he has no thought of empires or rituals. He only knows: she needs his help.
He must take her to the Oasis of the Dawn - the Mother of Life. He smells the waters - smells of life. He prays he is in time. He does not dream that he, Egypt’s greatest emperor, can at long last earn his Ascension and bring back his broken city. He dares not dream that if he can save her...Crimson can save them all.

About me:RL/ Im a huge gamer, I'm athletic, I love to have tons of fun, Im some what of a geek but I love to show it. I have a athletic build, I am 6ft tall, and I also I'm serious if the situation calls for it.

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