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Sparky15756's Fursona Avatar
Name:Sparky15756 in Liverpool Offline
Species:Wolf or Lucario
Relationship:Single and Looking

British Furrs
Pansexual Furs
Member ID:3917
Last Active:03-05-2021 16:06 PM
Profile Views:4734
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SecondLife Name:Sparky Overland

Future Space for Blogs

Charuna: hey sparky 1806.4 days ago
Kiri: hahaha! even i forgot i posted to your wall 1980.5 days ago
Kryslin: Hi I'm kryslin want to be friends 1981.1 days ago
Kiri: its been a long time since we spoke 2263.5 days ago

About Me:
25 year old; casual-cum-crazy cyclist (yes, have your maturity giggle at the usage of cum in a non-sexual way) and Yu-Gi-Oh player/trader. Between those two realms, I'm generally relaxed and usually easy to talk to, prone to fits of randomness and craziness, very down to earth and always up for a chat. I've got a love for music and meeting up with people.

I wouldn't say that I'm bisexual; the site doesn't have an array of sexualities to choose from. I'm more pansexual if anything, not too fussy about the gender of the person. I try to keep in decent shape/fitness, cycling being my only form of exercise; being 5'7 and 116lbs (8 stone 4oz/54kg) isn't a bad thing but it's not quite healthy Dx

I'm not a huge gamer compared to most; I'm a dabbler for Mario Kart 7, plus Chip's Challenge and Contraption Maker (The Incredible Machines), and Crash Bandicoot. Despite my love of football (soccer), I despise all football games due to how boring they are compared to playing with friends. It's not because I'm bad at the games, I know that I can play with friends on a field if I choose to, and it's the same games year-after-year. Also love Formula One and Doctor Who :D

Travelling is something that I also enjoy doing, usually taking my bicycle and Yu-Gi-Oh cards with me (if possible). I can happily spend a day cycling around whilst a friend is at work/college, not caring that we're not spending time with each other until the evening - cycling is the only thing that can keep me going nowdays, other than Yu-Gi-Oh - if I sold up my entire Yu-Gi-Oh collection, I could buy a decent fursuit and attend a convention or two; that's how valuable my collection is, and the reason why I still play Yu-Gi-Oh (it's funded many other hobbies and electronic gizmo's, including a new laptop and PS3)

I'm easily contactable on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram; Twitter and Telegram names are: Sparky15756; Facebook is shown above.

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