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FallenBunny's Fursona Avatar
Name:FallenBunny in Fernley Offline
Species:Demon Bunny
Relationship:Single and Looking
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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

About Me:
I am 24. Been in Nevada almost my entire life. I mainly play video games with friends. I enjoy snowboarding during winter which is my favorite season. I have played guitar since I was 14 but I need to get back into it again. A little rusty. I can play the piano well. I don't like being the center of attention but I love giving my friends attention and my time.
Ooh my Fursona.
I am a fallen demon bunny. well half and half. I have white fur and black somewhat tribal markings on my tail ears and feet. My eyes are dark blue, my hair is short on the sides and back and my bangs are parted to one side. I have black feathery wings that are hidden to keep from being stared at. I am 5'7" tall and slightly built. I do not like god modding fucks. I am not one
I am not very shy. You can ask me any question you would like.
I am single. I think I am ready to look again but we will see.

Its been centuries since FallenBunny has touched the plush feeling of the clouds. It was so long ago, his memory hazy of his past. Serving the Gods after trails to be accepted as an individual in there eyes. Fallenbunny served proudly for decades upon decades. Till one faithless day, betrayal coated the heavens and clouds.

Fallenbunny discovered his friend had done the unspeakable, vowed in vein and doomed his fate. Being an outcast, having his rightful home taken away cast out as an unwanted. Hurling from the clouds of heaven approaching what we could all think was land, A red pit appeared and opened. The pits of hell captured him.

Remembering the smuggling heat, he grew scared and tried to hide as only a bunny would. Being at their mercy, upon the contrast, he was beaten and tortured as a Fallen from the skies. A weapon to be used, only to be turned half demon. His own battle within himself, half demon half angel. -blackout-

Upon reawakening he fought hard to escape, only to be turned as a warrior to serve in hell. It seemed like more decades and years passed within their hold. It dawned one day to him, he was merely their toy. To be used over and over till they got what they needed.

After escaping there clutches, darkness and light battled within his mind. Some can say madness was all that was left. When he managed to join our world once more, he had to learn what it was to be just accepted. Trail and error once again, he lives in fear to be unseen and protected by those he has come across.

Seemed like a timeless stand, where I chose my own path.

"Don't ever let them find me, if they do... I will never exist like I have been doing this long... I must protect my sanctuary within the shadows of my past." -FallenBunny

Thank you Aliana for doing my back story from my description. You are amazing.

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