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Birdy Blu's Fursona Avatar
Name:Birdy Blu in Wichita Offline
Species:Fennec Fox
Relationship:Single, Not Looking

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Last Active:08-22-2021 22:40 PM
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💙 Lucy 💙: Puts a bunch of lasting nose prints all over her page 7.7 days ago
michaelwolf: So a moderator? It feels like there's not much to moderate. 1106.3 days ago
michaelwolf: Boops the snoot back. 1106.3 days ago
obsidian inari: i like your pic 1169.5 days ago
Nikki : owo annother fennec fox 1261.1 days ago
Deano: Hiya OwO 1282 days ago
🔥Aʐʊҡօ🔥: Because you expect me to chase you? Or because you like being chased. 1284.6 days ago
🔥Aʐʊҡօ🔥: Would you dare to look behind you if it was my scent that caught your nose? 1284.6 days ago
Drake Jaëger: UwU 1284.6 days ago
Quiet Storm: Beep! :D 1285.1 days ago
🔥Aʐʊҡօ🔥: Screams 1285.7 days ago
Ryan Leszno : I found you and can confirm, wild indeed. 1285.7 days ago
Colt Torzijski: Tsk, tsk. 1286.4 days ago
candy cane: -leave a tiny paw print on your wall- noice :3 1522.4 days ago
Irish Wolf: Sniffs, checking to see if friendly. 1594.1 days ago
Irish Wolf: Sniffs, checking to see if friendly. 1594.1 days ago
Mint: Hello! How are you today? 1650.5 days ago
ContactStaff: butts 1672.2 days ago
Akaiya: Bidoof! 1672.3 days ago
💙 Lucy 💙: Sitd and nams on page like a chew toy 1957.1 days ago
Ryan Leszno : Pff try me 1980.4 days ago
Ryan Leszno : touches the vixen in all the appropriate places. 1981.2 days ago
Tobias Ashfall: Dont make me come over here and eat you .. Lol, seriously youve been a great friend to me and helped me out a great deal, I really appreciate the effort you put in here :3 1990.8 days ago
Ryan Leszno : just steals her wall. 2001.3 days ago
MrTwinky: leaves muddy paw prints all over her page 2013.4 days ago

About Me:
Im the birb. A friendly little fennec spaniel with a love for skittles, long walks in the woods, and drawing. I am fiercely protective of my friends and family, a friend to all, enemy to few (not by choice of mine). Sweetie on the streets, brat in the sheets. What can I say? The fights a good thrill.

I am pretty approachable, and open minded, always enjoy a good chat, so don’t be shy. In my everyday life I train dogs, and work as an online influencer. I own a variety of pets, cockatiel, wolfdog , husky, tabby cat, and a raccoon, so my life is pretty wild to say the least. I do wildlife rehab in my spare time, and educate on various exotic breeds. I am a service dog trainer, and donate my time and knowledge with a nonprofit program to train up dogs for veterans at no cost, running demos to educate the public on the need for such dogs, and the statistics on veteran suicides. I struggle with PTSD, Severe Anxiety and some depression from past experiences, which has led me to educate on mental health awareness, and mental disabilities as a resort, once I’d realized how very few took it seriously and understood how much these things could affect a person, it’s a big playdown on the invisible demons, and those real struggles.

On that note need someone to vent to? I am your girl. Feel free to send me a message if you need the ear to listen. I am always open.

Telegram- TheBirdyB

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