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🌺Birdy🌺's Fursona Avatar
Name:🌺Birdy🌺 in CandyLand Offline
Species:Fennec Fox aka Fenfen
Relationship:Single, Not Looking

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Last Active:10-13-2017 20:40 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

Drake Jaëger: Staples chimichangas to her wall 22.2 days ago
Sage: O; ish a birby o3o 23.1 days ago
Tuurngait: /ne cover her wall in peanut-butter 25.3 days ago
Rawrt: You dirty 25.4 days ago
мαу: Yeaaaa baby WINK WINK 25.9 days ago
kurito: hi birdy! love youre art. 27.6 days ago
мαу: It's a BordyBoo. 30.2 days ago
Rawrt: Unlike you my eyes are fine 31 days ago
Rawrt: Definitely not you 31.2 days ago
Vulpes: -boops back- hehe 35.4 days ago
Sam: sprinkles crumbs 35.7 days ago
Cassie: sneaks up from under your bed as you sleep and licks over your face before vanishing back under the bed! 37.2 days ago
TK: Thank you. 37.9 days ago
Sam: boop :3 38.7 days ago
Drake Jaëger: Official fluff nugget 38.7 days ago
Kenic: Chases the fox and Noms back 39.9 days ago
Kenic: boops you back 40 days ago
Tobi Barkin: How're you? :3 42.9 days ago
Tobi Barkin: Hiya :) 48 days ago
Phillo: hoiiii 78.8 days ago
Air: Just a random wolf saying hello :3 86 days ago
Marcus: Well hay tobyou too sexeh thang 108.4 days ago
Tuurngait: mhhm fresh wall 122.2 days ago

About Me:

Rawry (aka) Birdy
Sex: Female
Likes: Skittles, Play, Positivity, Neck Nips, Snugs
Dislikes: Water, Bullies, Negativity

Birdy spent her childhood in an orphanage, her shy mannerisms having made people look over her until the age of 15, when she would escape the dreaded institution and the people running it. Completely alone she made it work by surviving within the woods in Portland, Oregon. Having found herself an abandoned cabin she would use that as her shelter surviving off the land for her basic needs. At the age of 18 she would find that she could not only shift from feral to anthro, but she aswell had a few other.. non fennec forms that she could take form of, rarely did she use them do to earlier trauma. Having been nameless for a good part of her life she came to call herself, Bird.. or Birdy as many call, after her spirited nature, let alone reflex. Due to her way of growing up she can be rather anti-social lacking some of the usual 'human-like' skills the people in town's carry.
Running off instinct if you have the pleasure of befriending the vixen you'll see a whole different side to her.. Carefree, excitable.

Woah 🤤 May (Abi)

-More to come-

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