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Quiet Storm's Fursona Avatar
Name:Quiet Storm in Plain City Offline
Species:Wolf Dragon Hybrid
Relationship:Single and Looking

Domination and Submission
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Member ID:19387
Last Active:02-16-2021 13:48 PM
Profile Views:2024
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
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YIM:Hidden from Guests
FurAffinity:Hidden from Guests
Facebook:Hidden from Guests
SecondLife Name:https://my.secondlife.com/rotarr

Future Space for Blogs

Birdy Blu: Boop. 50.4 days ago
Bailey Blu: -smears peanut butter on his page- hehe 710.2 days ago
Play: Just gonna... -Pets his face.- 715.2 days ago
Quiet Storm: Hai! :3 715.2 days ago
Cynergi: Hi XD 715.3 days ago
Quiet Storm: Thank you! o3o 716.8 days ago
Yuri Jaxis Wolfen: Hello and welcome Storm to FT 716.9 days ago
Quiet Storm: o3o! 717.1 days ago
Tobias Ashfall: ! 717.5 days ago

About Me:



Here are a couple things about me!

1.) I'm a car guy! I love working on cars and I own a 2010 Ford Mustang!

2.) I play a bunch of games. Currently going back and forward between Destiny and The Division 2!

3.) I'm kinky as hell! ;3

4.) I'm a switch, but 95% dominant. So I'll be submissive if asked to be, but I'll almost always dom. <3

5.) I loooooooove breeding. I need a girl to pump full of hot creamy seed and to claim as my own~! 

What am I looking for?

I'm looking for a girl to be with. I need to have someone in my life that I can love, breed, and have a bunch of fun with



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