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Underskor's Fursona Avatar
Name:Underskor in Glencoe Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Ektus: Long time no see Says the one that made your profile pic x3 2407.8 days ago
Arazi Deaura: Slaps your ass in return with a firm squeeze If it's worth doing It's worth doing well 2864.6 days ago
Joker Wolf: Thanks. n,..,n 2905.9 days ago
SweetPuppy : Yayyyy I did that pic Lool . 2923 days ago
🐆Whitepawzzz 🐆: Hi Underskor 2926 days ago
Lost: Saying a quick hi and all! 2940.9 days ago
Thunder Wave: Best Gryphon 3 2943.7 days ago
DJX: mine takes wall 2943.9 days ago
Underskor: Thank you so much Jay! 2944.5 days ago
Jay: Welcome to Furrtrax! :3 2944.6 days ago

About Me:

Bio details: Male Gryphon, Puma/Falcon hybrid. Product of genetic engineering and breeding.

Relationship: Single and looking for a mate.

Language: English and some Finnish. Likes to chirp, purr, squawk, and uses the word “Hiya” to greet others.

Sexuality: Bisexual leaning closer to homosexuality.

Abilities: Toxic fur/feathers, Powerful Puma hind legs (capable of leaping up to 20ft and securing prey), Falcon Claws, Falcon wings (Capable of reaching high speeds 200mph), Cold resistance (able to withstand temperatures of -98 degrees Fahrenheit or 72 degrees Celsius)

Anatomy/Description: Top portion is falcon, wings, claws, breast, and head. Rear portion is puma. Legs, rear, genitals, and tail. Falcon top is dark brown and puma part is a lighter brown/tan.

Genital description: Dark red shaft with pointed tip and a knot. Sheath coated in soft puma fur and scrotum the same. With tiny soft barbs on the shaft to provide stimulation to females and males.

Diet: Hunts small prey consisting of: mice, rats, birds, fish, rabbits and rarely raccoon, sheep and goats. But has a fondness for blueberries and raspberries.

Habitat: Lives in Minnesota, where the winters are harsh. Calls a cliff side cave his home, where he has an over view of a river where he fishes and hunts.

Personality: Typically friendly upon meeting new people and other furs. Gets very excited to meet another avian fur and loves to joke around with others. Never means to offend others. And is loyal to his friends and loved ones till the end. Often lust driven but doesn't often seek it from others. Loves to flirt around. Loves being scratched behind his ears. And nibbles!

Early Life: Grew up with a single mother, only survivor of 8 children the other 7 died of natural selection/causes. Left the nest at an early age to peruse his own life. Found a cave to settle down in and hunt from, and takes frequent trips to towns and cities to trade and socialize with other furs. Trying to make up for his mistakes in the past constantly by trying to make others happy and smile.

(Behind feathers)

Name is Ty, I am 21 and a Minnesotan at heart. I am new to the furry community and have been a furry since I was around 8. I watched Disney's Robin Hood for the first time on 1/31/2016. And I feel really late into this community. I never went to a Furry convention, but I have been to MLP-MSP 3x now. I was really heavy into the brony theme for a while and worked on NSFW website for bronies. I had a falling out with the owner and decided to part ways. So here I am, I feel welcome here! But if you see me talking in chat or a forum, I am trying to be as friendly as possible to make up for me being a jerk in the past.


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Underskor's Forum Signature

"Too weird to live, too rare to die."

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro"

-Hunter S. Thompson

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