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Name:hollr in Boise Offline

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About Me:
"The sun has set, night has blanketed the sky with a ebony shroud covered in thousands upon thousands tiny lights that twinkle individually. The moon, so full and beautiful, illuminates the night with white, angelic light. The highland wilds are fast asleep, waiting for the dawn to awaken new life into them. In the distance, on a mountain ledge a shadow walks across the terrain, almost gliding to the edge. As the shadow approaches the edge is walks ever so elegantly into the moonlight revealing it's identity to the brave and lucky few who gaze upon it. The wolf like creature walks on it's hide legs giving away the indication that this is no ordinary wolf, it then stops just as it reaches the edge of a cliff. The wolf stands tall with a majestic and proud stance over looking the wilds. The wolf is identified as a male due the confidence aura that he emits and his muscular shape is very well built. The wolf glares over wilds as if he was watching over them or is he hunting something? After only mere moments of silence and awe, even though it felt like an eternity to those who see him, the wolf gives off a howl. This howl is loud and filled within a form of passion, but what kind of passion? Is the wolf howling to draw the attention of other wolfs or creatures to end some form of loneliness? Does howl to mark his territory to warn off threats? Is he howling because he longs for something more? Only those who approach him and ask, stand a better chance of knowing the nature of this wolf.

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