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Arazi Deaura's Fursona Avatar
Name:Arazi Deaura in A happy place Offline
Species:Siberian Husky
Relationship:Single and Looking

Minnesota furries
League of Legends
Vape Furs
Member ID:13539
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:8005
Distance: Miles
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Future Space for Blogs

Arazi Deaura: Still semi active but most of my friends I see little activity out of on the site. 1720.6 days ago
BB X. Hyde: Thanks for the well wishes 1887 days ago
Underskor: Pokes butt Hiya 1905 days ago
Plex: Its nice to meetcha too, im doing fine just busy with some commissions. How about you? 1988.1 days ago
Plex: Hell yeah we can XD 1988.1 days ago
Plex: Ahh thanks and thanks again u got to love the hyena giggles 1988.2 days ago
Robin Amican: Hello fellow Minnesotan! 2006 days ago
Gally: nuzzles gently Thank you! 2011.4 days ago
Gally: nuzzles gently Thank you! 2011.4 days ago
kittykat : hi 2013.1 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Aww. Thank you very much! 2025.2 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Same here I suppose. nwn The cold is what makes this state Minnesota. x3 2025.6 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Heheheh. I hear you there. The weather here can sometimes be lethally cold. 2026.2 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: It's all going good here where I am. And how about yourself? n.n 2027.2 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Hiya! nwn 2027.2 days ago
Kryslin: Hi I'm kryslin want to be friends 2028.2 days ago
Raider: We live on opposite sides of the world. Wanna be cousins? 2078.3 days ago
Aleu De La Fourrure: Fankyouu. :3 It's good to be here. 2079.4 days ago
Roxi: Oh Onichan!3 2083.2 days ago
Laila Jay: Oh, sure! Feel free to add my kik! 2089 days ago
Laila Jay: Sir, yes, sir! (Thanks!) 2091.1 days ago
Laila Jay: Haha its quite possible 2091.2 days ago
Seline: im only asking it end the issue is solved and he wont be doing that again 2103.1 days ago
Seline: arazi i understand that he was wrong but please stop. i explained to him already and he realizes he shoukdnt please just stop the aggression 2103.1 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Oh dang. o.o Minnesota can be brutal regardless the season, eh? 2112 days ago
Rezziel Zioto: Not usually just a weird day. :p 2112.2 days ago
Rezziel Zioto: Hi there. (nervously runs off) 2112.7 days ago
Ethana_conner: its not your fault dont apologize for my mistake 2112.7 days ago
Ethana_conner: im good wanted apologize for the confusion earlier 2112.8 days ago
Ethana_conner: hello how are you 3 2112.8 days ago
Raider: Hello fello Siberian Husky :3 Wanna be family? 2113.8 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Yeah. X3 This summer is melting me alive. Heheh. 2115.1 days ago
Roxi: Touches you booty Mine u 2117 days ago

About Me:

Just a young duo colored husky who enjoys having clean fun and good RP. (Not a big fan of yiff)

Height: 5' 10"

Soft black hair with white stripes and a slightly crooked tail from a break at a young age. Semi shy personality enjoys the company of friends but is happy to be alone all the same.

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