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Kaio Kyrotera's Fursona Avatar
Name:Kaio Kyrotera in City Offline
Species:Equinox Dragon

Domination and Submission
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Member ID:6545
Last Active:11-02-2016 17:26 PM
Profile Views:5578
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SecondLife Name:Sadly no.
PSN Name:Nope.avi
XBOX Gamertag:Working on getting one.

Future Space for Blogs

Kerns Phoegon: Hello there. 1688.9 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall it has been poked 1701.8 days ago
Kuga: h i mean furr X3 1704.8 days ago
Kuga: will you trade your Shell i will give you a black furry ;3 1704.8 days ago
Kuga: uuh a zinogre :3 1704.8 days ago
Kiri: so kawaii (:3 1708.2 days ago
Lone: Cute :3 1724.1 days ago
Lone: Cute :3 1724.1 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Beep! owo 1724.9 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Beep! owo 1724.9 days ago
Kix: hi hi 1725.1 days ago
Kohamé Haméto: picks up and puts you on my back herro 1734 days ago
Kohamé Haméto: nom! 1776.3 days ago

About Me:
I don't bite...much...hehe.

Some call me a dream come true, but others say im a walking nightmare.

Sometimes...i dream about cheese. OwO

Sometimes you just gotta head down that dark corridor, or go into that creepy forest in order to find the truth. Orrr just get brutally murdered...that works too...

Your still reading this...? Wow you must really like me or you just like reading a lot. Might as well stay a while and read my profile i mean your already this far in. :P

My mate:My fluffy cuddly wonderful wolyena/zinogre Kohame Hameto~<3

Brother(s):Bryce (Demon fox/Sergal)

Best Friend(s):SwiftFlame (Glowing swotter), Lucan (Coyote), Zane (Shadow fox), Atta (i call him fluffles!) (snow wolf)

Personality:Funny, cuddly, femboyish, gamer, serious at times, random and sometimes crazy, smart(at times), affectionate and loveing BUT i have a violent and dark side when I'm angered...you don't wana see it.

Appearance:Look at avatar and ask for pic if you contact me (Picture is a commissioned gift. Art belongs to SevBD on furraffinity.net and commissioned by my friend Swift Flame.) I have a feral and anthro form most of my looks are shown in the pic only a few details arnt there. My wings are white feathers going black half way down (they can materialize/dematerialize at will) My eyes are often a ice like blue but they may change colour depending on my emotions. Red for anger, grey for sadness, and yellow for happiness or excitement. (theres more ask me about them to know) i am usually 5'9" feet tall in anthro but can shrink down to 5'5" when i feel small and im often wearing a nice white shirt with black skinny jeans with black and grey striped arm and leg warmers.

Likes:Gameing, computors, creepy things, cute things, Monster Hunter (yesh i luv dat game!), walks in the forest at night or in the fall, music (especially orchestrated or trance), writeing, and cuddles.

Dislikes:Bad people in general, mondays, wakeing up before my morning alarm.

RP preferences:
I mostly like fantasy and futureistic but i enjoy military too as well as modern day normalness i also love sparring but im also open to pretty much any rp story ill give it a listen and see if i like it. In the yiff area i am a sub and i like master/pet and bondage (nothing too rough ok?) i preferr yiffing with dragons wolves foxes and sergels or other species i find intresting.

Other notes:I'm very busy during weekdays so try to reach me on weekends when I'm free.

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