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Kohamé Haméto's Fursona Avatar
Name:Kohamé Haméto in Luxendarc Offline

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Last Active:05-08-2016 15:55 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

Kohamé Haméto: I still don't mind if people want to talk to me on Kik. 1472.8 days ago
Kohamé Haméto: sorry. 1588.1 days ago
Axel Donau: Aww, now I gotta grind for one. ;; 1588.4 days ago
Kaio Kyrotera: ju no get his jasper axel. plus he doesnt have a jasper he has a sky emerald cus he a g rank zinny. hehe 1588.5 days ago
Kohamé Haméto: I'm bored, yet I randomly want a normal life rp with at least a nice chat and something you would do if you were your sona and I was mine. 1588.5 days ago
Kohamé Haméto: I know, but why would you want mine? 1588.5 days ago
Axel Donau: Zinogre Jasper is a rare drop from Zinogre. 1588.6 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: (rolls on wall) Meep! 1589 days ago
Kohamé Haméto: (i feel so lost on the jasper topic ,but hi to Zar. 1589.1 days ago
Zar: Indeed! Always a pleasure to meet a fellow 'Yena! (boops your nose) 1589.2 days ago
Kaio Kyrotera: no one can hunt my zinny or has his jasper! (draws my charge blade as i hold my shield up) 1589.2 days ago
Axel Donau: Can I have your Jasper? It would save me a lot of grinding. 1590.4 days ago
Kohamé Haméto: (nuzzles back) Draggie 1591.5 days ago
Kaio Kyrotera: My zinny! (hugs and nuzzles) 1591.5 days ago
Shikun: hey there little german fox leaves some greetings ;) 1604.9 days ago
Kohamé Haméto: tenses up and turns to you Eh?! Why you do this?! 1619.9 days ago
Kaio Kyrotera: poofs up behind you and glomps Kohamekuunnn! 1620.1 days ago
Shadow Tatham: pokes it with a stick with you 1622 days ago
Kohamé Haméto: What dis? I don't know what this is. pokes it 1639.5 days ago

About Me:
Hello hello, I'm back on here (yet I doubt anybody ever really knows me.) Anyways, I'm a wolyena (wolf hyena hybrid) and just a normal guy to chat with and possibly have a nice fantasy or modern roleplay with at times, primarily on Kik. I admit, I seem to be like a smartass at times or a prick, but I'm very chilled with things. I also admit, I am occasionally slow with texting because I do work a job and also work to get a higher education, plus I have been helping family with stuff, so if you were to talk to me, please be away I'm a bit slow at times. ^^;

Things I like: JRPGS, sweet foods, spicy foods, creepy and paranormal things, historical culture, learning different languages, helping people out, and anime.

I wuv my fruffy draggie, Kaio Kyrotera. We are in a closed relationship now and been happy for a year so far with each other and it's still going.

That's really about it. :P (I'm not really that interesting, just an average fur or just someone to talk.)

Also, with new advancements and also new ways of communication, I have a telegram if anyone were to care to message me, my username is @Kohame_hameto.

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