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Anax's Fursona Avatar
Name:Anax in Sultan Offline
Species:German Shepherd Pup
Relationship:Single and Looking

Single Furs
gay furs
Fuzzy Love
Washington Furries
Latex Rubber and Other Kinky Things
Member ID:3941
Last Active:10-22-2022 19:36 PM
Profile Views:16785
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
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Facebook:Hidden from Guests

Future Space for Blogs

Jason: Haro 2652.9 days ago
cdarkwolf: hello :) 2676.1 days ago
Null: (Yips in surprise when tackled by the sheppy) It' a pup! 2716.4 days ago
Soapyotter: Puppy! (pounce snugs! and offers fish!) 2756.5 days ago
MrTwinky: Hey another shepard!!!! 2764 days ago
YappiePanRockinaPa: I compleately forgot I belonged to this site and wanted to say hello. 2778.2 days ago
Furrypup: hello! 2841.8 days ago
Cain: Dawww. 2876.3 days ago
Wild_N_Woofy: Not far away at all :) 2885.4 days ago
Artemida: I love your profile pic :) 2968.5 days ago
Zeek: Do u think I'm hot? 2987.2 days ago
Carson Yip: hello 2990.1 days ago
max Williams: hi 3028.1 days ago
Cody the Fox: Thanks for everything. 3063.3 days ago
max Williams: Kisses your head I miss you 3066.1 days ago
Nyle Blackmane: pokes you back hey there 3066.4 days ago
max Williams: hugs and nuzzles you 3099.9 days ago
max Williams: hi. I love your profile picture 3100.9 days ago
Anax: why cant i find someone to actually love me? 3124.1 days ago
Anax: Its bright outside. 3127.4 days ago
Yeena: Hi there puppy!!! 3146.4 days ago
Traxus Rigg: hi lonely. name Traxuszakk. sup 3148.1 days ago
Anax: I'm lonely 3148.1 days ago
Kiri: hi there 3148.4 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: Is that your Shepherd? 3148.5 days ago
Riley Collins: hi 3152.5 days ago
TylerKenneth: My puppy is my shephered, he guides me through the storms and gives me solace from the hirtings of this world. 3154.9 days ago
TylerKenneth: Hi puppy 3154.9 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall it has been poked 3155.2 days ago
TylerKenneth: moi I mean XD 3191 days ago
TylerKenneth: Anax's real name is Bailey :P and I prefer you address moisture as TK 3191 days ago
TylerKenneth: I love my puppy so much!! 3191 days ago
TylerKenneth: I love you..never forget that.. 3212 days ago
TylerKenneth: you may be a lone sheppy pup. But you'll never be alone again hugs tightly 3222.7 days ago
Anax: What is to say about a lone sheppy pup? 3223 days ago

About Me:
Herro everyone! Im Anax Shep! Im just your normal pup that you meet every other day. I like to think that im a nice person to be around but i know i can get out of hand sometimes, the nature of a puppy hehe. I have been told by a lot of people that i am "sexy", if that means anything. I dont like how i look but i guess im better off then most people. I honestly dont know what I should put here and explain about myself! If you would like to get to know me, hit me up.

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