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*Phantom_Coyote*'s Fursona Avatar
Name:*Phantom_Coyote* in Lancaster Offline
Species: Coyote
Relationship:Single and Looking

Ohio coyote
Gamer furs
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Ohio furs
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Member ID:5678
Last Active:02-15-2018 15:42 PM
Profile Views:8626
Distance: Miles
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PSN Name:inferno7000
XBOX Gamertag:booze hound xd

Future Space for Blogs

Lily OMalley: You have excellent taste in 5th gen platformers, my friend! 124.8 days ago
Cassie: swats your rump before hiding under the couch 132.5 days ago
Cassie: splat! 137.9 days ago
Roronoa: It's nearly impossible to find someone that has played perfect dark on N64, so congrats on being one of the guys xD Love that game, Conker's too. Hell, most of the games you've listed anyway 214.1 days ago
Stormii: Hi hi 221.8 days ago
Jade💙: OMG. I remember you!!!! We played GTA V a ton on Xbox 360 xD 988.5 days ago
* Fenrir* *: hello 1036.1 days ago
Marina LaQuila: hey . 1037.4 days ago

About Me:
I'm a hardcore Bethesda, Id & rareware fan 8D I love doom, quake, wolfinstien, conkers bad fur day n64 version, perfect dark, Zelda series, Pokemon, all things Mario, starfox,kingdom hearts, halo, gears of war, deus ex, bio shock, dragon age, elder scrolls and so much more lol! I work for ups as a ramp dog meaning I upload and download a-300 & 757 planes using tugs and belt loader. I'm also a big firearm enthusiast love target shooting & bringing new people into the sport

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