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Name:Aurora13 in Cleveland Offline
Species:Shapeshifter/Wolf main sona
Relationship:Rather Not Say
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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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Kifo: Hey! c: 2722 days ago
Zotaru: Heya 2874.9 days ago
Saalriik Draknijör: hi 3247.9 days ago

About Me:
ask me about me. i change constantly.

Ok. well i've already ran into crazies. Let's get something straight. judging people by their pics is not a smart thing to do. just because it's nude or halfway there doesn't mean they're a yiffer or that they'll yiff anyone. why allot of male furs think this i really don't understand. Most of my art is nudes because one they're gifts and i'm a semi-nudist (since i haven't moved to a nudist colony yet) being naked doesn't mean yiff me being in under pants doesn't mean yiff me either.

Secondly just because soeone is a yiffer doesn't mean they're a prude. it just means they are picky with who they share intamacy with. and if you don't get this then you don't deserve to yiff with me in the 1st place. I'm not a total cyber slut and i'm looking for more so friends and people to hang with than sex/yif partners. and if your not trying to be in a relationship with me (i'm polygamous BTW) then don't expect to get in my hardly ever worn pants. thank you whoever reads this and understands this. it's highly appreciated.

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Give me my book (twincest) By Siobhan A. Wolf04-22-2014 20:46 PM
04-22-2014 20:46 PM

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