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Somnia Dreamweaver: -waves- hello 1058.8 days ago

About Me:
Subject Name: Abbadon

He's a good 6 feet and 4 inches tall by ancient imperial measurements and 2.24 meters in the more accepted metric system. Right now, he's wearing a military issue tank top and pants, using a pair of boxers for underwear, and girding his upper body with an undershirt.

His face is that of a lizard, complete with a toothy maw and pointed snout. Thick, rusty colored scales complete the look, making Him look quite fearsome. Overall, His visage has a square chin and chiseled jawline. Gold-colored eyes allow him to take in your surroundings without trouble. He has no hair, showing only shiny red scales where his hair should be. A pair of rounded protrusions with small holes on the sides of his head serve as his ears. His mouth contains a thick forked tongue that constantly drips with slobber and a controlled aphrodisiac. and is 9 inches long when fully extended Two pairs of horns, roughly a foot long, sprout from the sides of his head. They sweep back and give him a fearsome look.

He has a humanoid upper body with the usual torso, arms, hands, and fingers, covered in a layer of thick, red scales. Parts of his body emit aphrodisiac-laced pheromones. Small claws protrude from the tips of his fingers in place of fingernails, and his arms are covered in scales up to the shoulders. he has narrow hips that blend into his pillar-like waist, and his muscular, toned ass molds closely against his form. A tapered tail hangs down from just above his tight backside. It sways back and forth, assisting him with keeping his balance. Two human-like legs grow down from his narrow hip, sheathed in scales and ending in mostly human feet, with the addition of scales and clawed toes. his belly is rock-hard, shaped by a good diet, steady conditioning, or both.

He has remarkably well defined, heavyweight abs, rounded and beefy. Above it, he has a muscled chest. His sexual equipment is located at his humanoid waist. His dragon cock is 14 inches long and 3.2 inches across ending in a blunted tip. The entire shaft is lined with rib-like protrusions, soft and rounded enough to massage any passage into which it is inserted. A knot of thicker flesh is near the base of his dragon-prick, ready to expand to help him lodge it inside a female. The knot is 4 inches wide when at full size. The shaft of his manhood naturally retracts into an animalistic sheath when completely flaccid. He has two internal testes that from what we have seen can pump out more than a few gallons of cum with ease.


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