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Saturn's Fursona Avatar
Name:Saturn in Wilmington Offline
State:North Carolina
Relationship:Rather Not Say

Gamer furs
Anime fur
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gay yiff
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Member ID:20306
Last Active:09-24-2020 19:36 PM
Profile Views:567
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Future Space for Blogs

Saturn: Thx 2.6 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Hopefully your doing well.. if you need to vent or a shoulder to lean on, I'm always around. 3.2 days ago
Saturn: I am though 3.2 days ago
candy cane: no your not... 3.3 days ago
Saturn: Im a disappointment to humanity lmfao 6 days ago
Saturn: Oop- 10.4 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: If you want to chat, I'd love to talk. 10.5 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: If you want to chat, I'd love to talk. 10.5 days ago
candy cane: the screenshot202009 11.8 days ago
candy cane: the grey and black 11.8 days ago
Saturn: ? 12.6 days ago
candy cane: i have the same color as you on google 13.1 days ago
candy cane: nice pic 13.1 days ago
Saturn: lel thankies 15.9 days ago
snow the wolf: my penny lol 17.7 days ago
Spots: Adorable pfp 20.8 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Leaves a large paw print on you walll.... 21.3 days ago
Saturn: Ive been here for awhile but thankies 21.4 days ago
Keirin: Boop welcome to furtrax 22.3 days ago
Keirin: Boop welcome to furtrax 22.3 days ago
Candy: Cute pfp prints her wall 22.8 days ago
Saturn: I joined cause of my bf this place seems cool though :3 23.7 days ago
Saturn: Ye i am 23.7 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Heyo, I hope you're having a good week so far, welcome to the site! 23.8 days ago
Saturn: Thankies! 24.4 days ago
Spots: Hello there :3 welcome to the site 24.6 days ago
Saturn: I HAVE BIGGEST PP EVER 24.8 days ago
MUun: HUGE PP 24.8 days ago
MUun: HUGE PP 24.8 days ago
Saturn: hewo love! 27.3 days ago
Glitch: hey bb 27.9 days ago

About Me:
Im sorry guys...

I feel like dying to be completely honest, not like anyone would care lmao. Sorry I be switching my mood easy to happy to super depressed, not like you care though... Idek- I just dont like life anymore and I want to see my dad again cause I dont have many friends like that... I just want to feel loved by someone lol, I dont get the feeling alot man- I miss "him" alot the only reason I was keeping my self going now he is gone, I dont blame him lmao, I would leave me to. SOrry for venting I just needed to do this idk...

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