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Castle Walls Posted by: Cynergi at 12-06-2020 21:31 PM, Last Modified 12-06-2020 21:31 PM
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1Chapter 1
7:00 pm
Nights like this were wonderful. Serene, quiet, and relaxing. Something Cynergi seemed to find little time for anymore. Still this was proving to be one of those little times she actually found it. She had spent the last week deep in teaching the acolytes that resided here in the castle known as Baste’s Keep. The name meaning exactly what it implied. This castle was once Baste’s own personal abode here in the waking world called the Mortal Realms. She detested the name, but could not find heart enough to change it. Baste was part of her and that influence was very strong. It also explained the reason she felt so at home here. The Demonic decor had long since been replaced by something more fitting to when the castle had been constructed. Halls lined with polished suits of heavy armor and such things that were also mingled with more modern decoration. Most of the castle was wired for electricity and plumbing, but there were areas of this pristine castle that remained untouched by modern conveyances. Like time had literally stood still in the eastern wing on the north side. That wing was home to one member of the family. Spaaz lurked in that section. Stalking the empty halls hunting rats and anyone else unfortunate enough to find their way there. Spaaz was not supposed to attack the Acolytes, but when you intrude on her turf without Cyn, Max, Zoe, or Golem along? You were no better that a rat to her. Cyn turned her thoughts away from her wonderful home. She was standing out on the balcony of her Tower overlooking the main courtyard. In the very center of the courtyard was another tower that had been called the Square Keep. It was there that Max and Zoe made their residence on the upper most floor. Cyn could see the dim light of their room. They were still awake. From here she could also see the Bastion House where the Acolytes took up residence. The only time they were allowed in the main complex was during lessons or for cleaning duties. There were twenty acolytes staying here. Not all were here to learn. She taught 5 of them. The rest were here to fulfill their training by fulfilling the required services that were part of their final training. These services included providing sparring partners for the younger acolytes as well as guard duties for the castle. This may be her home, but it was also a meeting place for the Magic Guild. Sometimes Guild members would come here as well as Part of a pilgrimage to the Oracle temple to the north. A contingent of normal servants also resided here to take care of the grounds, cooking, some cleaning, and other maintenance issues.

The Chapel tower and the Square Keep were off limits too all as well as the eastern wing. All other part were open to the servants and to some acolytes. Down in the Drawbridge Gatehouse one would find Golem diligently guarding. This was his home apparently and the only place he seemed to be most comfortable. His self appointed duty was to barr anyone from entering castle grounds without permission from Cynergi or Rigudaro. He also liked to venture out into the surrounding forest to search for anyone who may have become lost in the forest’s magic spells while trying to gain access to the castle. Golem never really found anyone out there, but he always went out once, twice, sometimes three or four time each day to look. Not like anyone could get in with Golem at the gate and the senior acolytes patrolling the grounds, but the forest had a magical enchantment that would cause it to seemingly move around you thus causing you to become completely turned around and ultimately lost with no chance of reaching the caste. Golem was not affected by this enchantment at all. He was the ONLY one who could wander freely in the forest aside from the animals that made their homes here in the trees and brush of the forest itself. There was only one path through there that would lead you right to the drawbridge and if you did not know it you were doomed to become lost.

She stood wearing a very thin silk gown. You could see right through it. Her lithe, nude form underneath the thin, soft fabric. She stood with arms crossed over her ample chest. She was high enough up that she could be seen, but not seen. She felt comfortable wandering around with no under garments on when she was in her own tower. Oh she imagined that a few of the acolytes and even the servants had been trying their best to catch a glimpse of her in the buff. A lot of things in her life have changed, but she was still the same flirt she had always been throughout her life. There were no windows in the Square Keep that faced her tower directly so she was safe from her kits getting a look. Cynergi turned her attention skyward. The moon was full tonight and very big. It was the only light outside. The castle took on a silver hue and almost seemed to glow faintly. What a beautiful night this was. She took a deep breath. The air was cool and crisp tonight. She took her arms from her chest and rested her hands on the railing of the balcony. She already knew eyes were watching. Here was their free peak for the night. Nipples hardened in the cool air as it cut right through the thin gown. She took a relaxed pose and leaned over the railing to look into the main courtyard. There was no one present down there right now. But then, they weren’t watching from down there. She had noticed the glint from one of the windows of the Great Hall several minutes ago. They had gone to a lot of trouble to get a look. She knew who it was as well. She could not see them as she didn’t want to look right at them and spoil the show, but she knew. Three were three senior Acolytes. Langley, Peterson, and Welch. All three just happened to be male raccoons as well. These three seemed to go out of their way to stay close to her whenever possible. And they always did it with that needful look in their eyes. She liked showing off, but they would also have to pay for the intrusion on her privacy. Tomorrow would mean extra cleaning duties such as scrubbing toilets and cleaning the horse stables outback. And there were 20 horses in there so they would have much to do.

She stretched her arms over her head and gave the boys one final, real good look before she turned on her heals and headed back inti the bedroom closing the doors and drawing the shades and curtains behind her. She quietly strolls for her bed and climbs on top of it laying on her stomach and returning to a book she had been reading earlier. It was more or less and old tome. She was studying up on new spells to use and a few she wanted to show to her Kits and her students as well. Her feet kicked slowly back and forth over her back as she read on. Not overly interesting, but is was all part of the position she was in here. A small breeze caresses her exposed fur as it wafts in through an open window that was not facing the courtyard. This was the only window remaining open in her room.

Zoe could see them in the window of the fifth floor of the Great Hall. They were in the library with that old telescope pointed right at the top of the Chapel Tower. How did she know? Was not too hard to figure out being that three particular raccoons were on duty tonight in the hall’s corridors. They were trying to catch a glimpse of Mother Cynergi again. Zoe sneered and had half a mind to launch a barrage of fireballs right through the library window. “ Those three morons are peaking at mom again....perverts. “ She was sitting on the inside window ledge with the window open. Even over the sound of the rushing breeze she could her brother stifle a snicker. She pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her knees. “ Why don’t they look at me? “ She sounded jealous. She looked over to see Max was all smiles. He strolled over and rested his left hand on her shoulder. “ Well you are competing with Mother Cyn, sis. And you have to admit. Mom is gorgeous. “ It almost sounded very awkward coming out, but Max was not about to deny the obvious. Zoe didn’t either and snarled at him. “ So you are saying I am ugly?!? “ Max backed off and pinned his ears. “ No....Of course not. Your are every bit as lovely and attractive as Mother Cyn or Mother Furball, But face the facts. Mother Cyn has age on her side as well as looks. Most males just....like older females. “ He was not going to bring up the fact that Cynergi also had the gift of eternal youth on her side. Zoe sighs and rests her chin on her knees. “ I know. It’s just that.......I wish I got some of that attention from time to time. “ Max snorted a laugh. “ Look, Zoe. I don’t think you need that kind of attention from the likes of those three. You are far better than that. Besides...do you really want those three chasing you all over the grounds? Think about it. The only thing keeping them from sneaking into mom’s room is the fact they would be vaporized the moment they tried to step inside that tower let alone even try to lay a paw on her.” Max shrugged and turned on his heals to walk over to his desk and his laptop. Zoe sighed again and thought for a brief moment. “ Yeah.........I guess you are right. “ She did dread the thought of having those three perverts tagging along everywhere she went. Zoe stepped down from the ledge and closed the window tight. Dressed in her heavy blue night gown and a pair of matching slippers she strolled up a small flight of stairs to a balcony where she had her bed. The Balcony was her part of the room. Max had taken his space over on the other side of the room. The center of this huge room is where they studied, practiced, and often sparred while not using the training room under the castle. It was also where Mother Cyn came to tutor them in their daily lessons. This was also where their teacher and rigudaro would come to see them. Zoe had a small folding blind and so did Max. They left them up for a little privacy. If they wanted more they could retreat to any number of rooms in the Square Keep, but they seldom wanted any time apart. They were funny that way. Max was busy brushing up on his studies as requested by their teacher, Jordan. The Male Boxer was one of the servants employed by Mother Cynergi. His sole duty was to tutor the twins in the ways of the world while Mother Cynergi tutored them in the ways of Magic.

Tomorrow they would have a test on geography and Max was studying his lesson on his computer. Either that or just looking up more porn again. Zoe snickers and rolls over on her side with a little yawn. “ I can hear you up there!” Max chuckled. She was most likely going to pass out for the night. Good. He would have time to study in private. He was going over his geography for tomorrow. He had spotted Zoe studying it earlier out in the courtyard and he wanted to get in some cramming before bed. It was nice and quiet now. Just how he liked it. He tried to keep the typing down too so Zoe could sleep. If she really was asleep anyway.

The darkness of the East Wing was normal this time of night. There was no electricity here. The old torches that lined the wall of the rooms and corridors in this section of the castle were seldom ever lit. This was Spaaz’s turf here ans she loved the dark!. Currently she was stalking the upstairs hallway in the second floor looking for a few rats she had spotted escaping up here the night before. They looked nice and plump too. Rats were tasty when they were nice and plump like the ones she saw. After catching them she was going to go out into the main courtyard and fly off for a few hours to search for bigger game. She did see a hawk or two the other day and she thought they would be tasty too. After feeding she was going to go to the Drawbridge Gatehouse and pester Golem. It was hard for anyone to really believe that Spaaz was actually that smart. She was a Sprite and most knew Sprites to be nearly mindless. This was not the case with Spaaz who seemed to have a child like intelligence. She could think and act on her own unlike all the other Minis who acted more like obedient flying Pirahana eating and destroying everything they happened upon. She was originally summoned to life by Golem. Golem refused to un-summon her and so she stuck around. Over time she seemed to get smarter. Spaaz looks exactly like Cynergi. Complete with the six wings and all. She is vicious and cunning. Standing about a foot tall she is perfectly proportioned for her diminutive size, but she is very aggressive and often dangerous. Though she possesses intelligence it is wise to remember she is still most driven by pure instinct. One Acolyte failed to remember that and nearly lost her life because of it. For that reason the acolytes and servants are forbidden from entering the East wing for any reason without Cynergi, Rigudaro, Max, Zoe, or Golem with them.

Golem spent all of his time down in the Gate house. Seemed he never ventured up into the main complex area unless he was wanted or summoned. His home was the Drawbridge Gatehouse that provided the only access to the castle from the north side bordered by a rather large and very deep moat. If you wanted to call it a moat. This man made moat was 50 foot across and 30 feet deep. The castle sat out on a small rock peninsula on a river bend that ran around the castle land in an arch. The Moat went from one end of the ben right to the other effective turning peninsula into a small 300 acre island with the drawbridge being the only foot route to the castle walls. Even if someone did manage to cross the moat they had to deal with a 13 feet tall800 lbs of fire elemental encased in living armor. What made it real hard was that Golem was Immune to most types of Magic except ice and water spells and nearly impervious to any kind of physical attack. To put it lightly Golem was nothing short of a walking tank with some wicked spells to throw your way. And Golem was damned near as fast as he was big. Still Golem would rather greet you at the door than try to pound on you. He was gentle despite his rather nightmarish appearance. Another thing was Golem couldn’t talk......at least not like most were used to. His communication was mainly through grunts and growls along with Sign Language and gesture. To those who know him he can be quite clear, those who don’t are often left guessing. Golem occupies himself from time to time by going out into the forest and searching for another who may have become lost or patrolling along the banks of the moat and river. Not much more can be said for Golem other than he was diligent.....almost obsessive in his duties.

This leaves us with the Castle’s very own ghost. Rigudaro. Cynergi’s mentor and very close family friend. It was Rigudaro who originally discovered Cynergi and taught her everything she knows about magic. Rigudaro was killed 15 years ago by the Demon, Bathul ( Baste’s elder brother who was freed from Purgatory to destroy Cynergi and Furball 5 months before Baste and Cynergi both perished in their last fight. Since then the old mutt refused to just slip away to the spirit realms. Today he remains as a guardian spirit to Max and Zoe though he still communes with his former student/lover (THAT”S RIGHT), Cynergi. Rigudaro wanders the lower bastion during the night aiding the acolytes on duty around the walls (Yes they can see and talk to him as well) at night and remains in the training room and dungeons during the day. Rigudaro can no longer cast spells though he can cause objects to move and generally freak out any intruders that may someday make it past Golem or the outer walls. He can also be found, on rare occasion, out in the main Courtyard or inside the Great hall. Rigudaro, or Rig as he is called, was once a very powerful Aura Mage and a very wise one. He is still very wise and always willing to part with his knowledge when called for or needed. There are times the acolytes will seek his wisdom or tutelage.

Tonight the castle was dead quiet. Cynergi had retired to her Bed to read. Max was studying and Zoe was laying quietly deep in though. Golem was making his rounds in the Gatehouse, Spaaz was prowling for those rats still, and Rig was wandering the Bastion talking with the Acolytes who were either still awake or on guard duty. Langley, Peterson, and Welch had given up trying to get another glimpse at Cynergi and were now patrolling around the main complex. The hour was getting late.

9:00 pm.
Cynergi was passed out. Her chin resting right in the crease formed where the pages met the tome’s spine. Her arms were tucked under the books front and back covers so the book was now cradling her head in its soft pages. The lights in her room dimmed as she slept. A magical enchantment at work in the room. She was covered only in the dim light and her night gown. Zoe had fallen asleep around 8pm and Max was just finishing up. Yawning as he shut off his lap top and wobbled towards his bed to zonk out for the night. Spaaz was long gone. She had found the rats, ate them, and was now somewhere outside the castle looking for those hawks. Golem was still in the gatehouse somewhere and Rig was over near the Great Hall now. Langley, Peterson, and Welch had decided to get something to eat in the kitchen and pantry and several other acolytes were busy walking the grounds and the outer wall. The night was still quiet. Only the animals in the forest stirred. Most were nocturnal. Others were fleeing from Spaaz who had managed to find them while still looking for her dinner. Everything seems to be going just perfect. It seemed as though this would turn out to be just another quiet night at home.

9:30 pm
Something else begins to stir in the Forest................

10:00 pm
Cynergi begin to stir. Something in the air seems......odd. The feeling was just strong enough that she was roused from a rather peaceful slumber. Eyes slowly open and then flutter once or twice. She stretches out a second and gets her bearings again. A few seconds later she is slipping off her bed in her bare feet and strolls for the open window to close it. She just latches the window when she stops and opens it again. Her Crimson eyes peer out into the dim, Moonlit, night. Ears stand on end and slowly pan from side to side. Something.........Something down there was moving. Her left ear shot towards the direction of the stairway. She could here banging on the doors below. (Cyn has REAL GOOD hearing) And her name was being called. She slams the window shut and latches it tight as she runs on her tip toes and scurries down the stairs nabbing her robe from the upper railing as she goes. Putting her heavy robe on she ties it and jumps the last few stairs. It too her a few moments to descend the staircase. Unlocking the double doors she flings them open to find two Acolytes, A Doberman and a Feline male waiting with excited expressions on their faces.
“ Lady Cynergi. We have spotted fires in the forest. Dozens of them....moving. Other acolytes claim to have heard voices. “ the Doberman exclaimed with a hint of worry on his lips.

“ Are you sure of this? “ She knew she didn’t have to ask. This was too remote for wandering campers this time of night and she fully trusted her acolytes to be fully honest. “ Yes, My Lady! I have heard the voices as well and they are no mortal tongue. We just spotted what looks like torches being carried along the northern tree line and larger fires that seemed to be moving as well. At first we though someone had becomes lost in the wood, but........” Cyn finished what he was about to say. “ But why would anyone wander this far in a large group using torches instead of lanterns or flashlights, right? “ she promptly exclaimed. She sighed and thought for moment. Turning to look at the Doberman she pointed.    Tom? Take 4 of the senior acolytes down to the Gatehouse and inform Golem of this.” She then pointed to the Feline. “ Jake? Wake those who are sleeping and get them to the North wall. Send 3 inside the Great Hall and rouse the help. Tell them to get down to the training room or join you on the walls for those willing to fight. Now go! “ She waved the two off. “ They replied in Unison “ Yes, My lady! “ and rushed off to complete their appointed tasks. Cynergi turned to go back inside. “ Rigudaro!!!!! “ She called at the top of her lungs. A moment passed as she headed up the stairs to her room. “ yes? “ A eerie voice answered her just barely above a loud whisper. “ Wake the Kits and get them down from the Keep and into the main Dining hall! I will meet you there in a few minutes. “ She commanded sounding a little more irritated than before. “ Consider it done, Cynergi. “ With that the specter was gone. Cynergi stormed up the stairs as fast as she could to get dressed.

Rigudaro passed right through the walls of the Chapel Tower and right into the Square Keep. He floated a lot faster than most could jog so he reached Max and Zoe’s quarters quickly. “ Max! Zoe! Wake up! “ Now his voice boomed through the room and woke the kits with a slight startle. The two of them nearly falling out of their respective beds as they woke. “ What is...” Max stared “ ...going on” Zoe finished rubbing her eyes. “ No time to explain. Both of you get dressed and get to the main dining hall! Your mother will join us there! “ Rig commented sounding very serious now. That was about Max or Zoe really need as they Jump into their old clothes from earlier and got dressed quickly. Zoe, of course, took a few extra seconds to groom herself before joining her brother and Rig in the center of the room. “ Quickly, We must get to the Main Dining hall! “ Rig’s ghostly form merely vanished. The twins, on the other hand, had to rely on their feet to get them there. They took several minutes to get to the first floor. They saw several servants, about 15 of them, with 3 acolytes headed down to the Training room. (The only entrance being in the Square Keep) Once they got outside they could just make out 5 more acolytes heading down to the gatehouse. They did not stop to ask questions as they round the corner of the keep and bolted for the Great hall building. A couple Minutes later they reached the Main Dining hall and came to a squeaking halt. Rig was floating near one of the windows overlooking the upper and outer bailey on the north side of the castle. From here they could clearly see the bastion as well as the acolytes moving out on the outer wall. Max scooted over to the window and looked out through the glass. “ What the hell is going on? “ he asked in a serious if not somewhat worried tone. Zoe slowly cam up behind her brother and joined him at the window. She looked out past the outer wall and the moat. In the distance she could clearly see... “ Fires and torches in the wood? “ Max looked. “ Huh? “ he saw them too. “Oh.....” he stated. “.....shit” Zoe finished.

Now even they could feel it in the air. Something was definitely wrong with what they were seeing. Rig would have raised an eyebrow if he had one to raise. “ What do you see? “ he asked as if he knew what they were going to say already. “ I see a shitload of torches...” Max said calmly. “...all moving in an organized fashion.” Zoe said finishing his statement. The two looked right at each other and spoke in unison “ And they are gathering “ they both took a sigh knowing this was not going to be good. There was till the question of just who it was out there and exactly what it is they wanted. Max hit the latches and opened the huge window with a good shove. Right away there was a strange and yet oddly familiar scent hanging in the air and it was rather fowl. It smelled just like...” Oh, God...” Zoe exclaimed clasping her nose. “...rotten flesh!’ Max almost vomited from the stench in the air. He stumbled and took a step back. “Not just rotten flesh, luv.” That sweet, almost angelic voice could only have come from...... “ Hello, mother. “ Zoe chimed turning the instant she heard Cynergi speak. She was dressed now. Wearing a white tank top and some cut off jean shorts along with her favorite boots. Not what one would typically wear to battle, but it allowed her freedom of movement. Zoe smiled to her mother who warmly smiled back ay her as well. “ I wasn’t sure of it at first. The scent was very light, but he’s out there among them. “ She continued. Rig floated closer to her almost anticipating the name she bore on her lips. “ Bathul “ He whispered. Cynergi Nodded. “ Seems he was not killed after all. Bit of a surprise really. I have no Idea just how he managed to survive that. “ Cynergi could almost feel the level of concern the specter had. She could also sense his overwhelming sense of failure at the fact the demon still lived. Rigudaro had faced Bathul to save the life of Furball and Cynergi some 15 years ago. Rig had barely managed to defeat him at the cost of his own life. It was believed that Bathul had been destroyed, But that had just been proven wrong.

Bathul had survived and the demon wolf was out there. Seeking his revenge. And to do it he had raised the dead of ages past to aid him. Baste’s keep had seen it’s fair share of battle. Many had tried to defeat Baste and lay siege to his home for the vast wealth inside. No army had succeeded and rotting corpse were left to line the forest floor. It was those corpses he now called to his aid and he had most likely brought some of his own along for the party. Cynergi Walked over to the window and stared glumly out at the little flickering light just beyond the tree lines. “ An undead army that is not affected by the forest’s enchantment. He has already defeated our first defense. “ Her tone was a little colder now and deadly serious. “ There are only two things he can be after in my home. “ she groaned. The fact that her home was about to be besieged was not setting to well with her right now. Max chimed in next “ He either wants revenge for his defeat.... “ And Zoe finished his statement. “....or he wants the sealed gateway back to the spirit realms. “ That was of no surprise to anyone in the room. Even the acolytes knew of it. The Castle also had a Gateway Sealed somewhere in the Great Hall. So far it was only Cynergi who knew exactly where it was and how to unseal it. Most likely Bathul knew of this fact. That meant both Zoe and Max were in grave danger. She quickly calmed her demeanor and turned to her two beloved kits. “ Max? Zoe? The reason I called you here is because you must leave the castle. For your own safety you have to escape using a teleport spell.” Max’s eyes were as big as saucers and Zoe gasped loudly at the suggestion.

Max was the first to voice his distaste at the idea. “ I am not running! I am not going to leave you here to face him alone, mother! “ it was abrupt Cynergi almost cringed away at her sons sudden anger. Zoe was not far behind him in that respect. “ NO! “ she balled her fists in defiance. “ This is our home too! You’re our mother and we won’t leave you! “ Zoe almost snarled. Cyn took on a gruffer look and stood firm with her arms crossed. “ You will do as I say! I AM your mother and you will obey me! “ She met heavy resistance “ NO!! “ the twins exclaimed in unison. Their voices echoed off the walls of the dining room.    “ We lost you once because you had to do it on your own.....” It was Zoe this time. “.....and we REFUSE to loose you again!!!! We are not going and we will not let you make us.” Max was very distraught and Zoe was as well. Max defiantly took a step back. “ No. You are going where it is safe. The Spell will take you to Mother Furball. “ Cyn was trying to sound calm in another approach to the matter. “ If bathul should get his hands on you there is no telling what he will try. I cannot allow you to be hurt in all of this. You lost me once and I came back, But......If I lost you two......” She slumped her shoulders and her words trailed off into nothingness. She hung her head as the depth of what she feared manifested within her. Max and Zoe could see the concern and the sorrow in her eyes. “ Mother? “ Max stepped to the fore. “ We are not babies anymore. Zoe and I have grown up a lot in the time you were gone. Mother Furball saw to that herself. You have no Idea how happy we were to see you. The Mother we never knew, taken from us when we were babies. We have had time to get to know you these last few months and we love you as dearly as mother Furball. I refuse to leave your side now. Not when we just got you back.” He....he actually finished his own statement that time. Cyn looked up to see his tears and his determination growing. She looked at Zoe who stood her ground fighting back her own display. “ What difference would it make if you lost us or we lost you? “ She sniffled quietly. “ I wanna stay and I will do everything in my power to remain here! “ she snapped. Cyn was just quiet. She looked to Rig who just quietly floated there. He knew the twins well enough by now. He merely shook his head and shrugged. He knew full well they had meant every word they said so far. Cyn gave him a disgusted look, but knew it would do no good in the end anyway.

“ very well.....” She stated grimly looking back to her beloved kits. They came to her and embraced her fully and tightly. “ We can do this “ They purred in unison. “ We can do this....together” Cyn replied as she wrapped her arms around them and held back just as tight. “ well we had better start coming up with a plan and we had better do it real soon.... “ Rig interrupted pointing out the window. Cyn and the twins ceased hugging and looked out. The fires had stopped gathering. It was time. Cyn snapped too. “ Rig, Get down there and help the acolytes and whatever servants have chosen to help. Get them coordinated and ready to repel attack. I want holy spells only. No heroics. I will summon all the Minis and Spaaz to the Outer Bailey. The kits and I will join you as soon as we can. Right now we have something else to take care of. “ She exclaimed taking her leave with the twins right behind her. Rig Nodded as she left and vanished from the hall to aid the defense of the outer wall and Outer Bailey.

“ Orior oriri ortus Meus Planta! Take vultus quod operor meus bidding! “ They had reached the Main Courtyard only a couple moments later. Cynergi had stopped to cast her spell to summon her Minis to the Bailey. She was not going to hold back as no less than 500 of them materialized on the outer bailey just past the walls. As bid they were ready to tear into anything that came over or through those walls. “ There’s Spaaz! “ It was Max who spotted the sprite’s silhouette in the silvery light of the moon’s glow. Hearing Max’s shout she dove down to greet them. She landed on all fours before Cyn. Judging from the look on her little face even Spaaz knew something was very wrong at home. “ Murr-Grrr-mu-murr-churr “ She uttered in her own manner of trying to speak, something else she had been learning. “ Spaaz. Go to the bailey and lead your sisters. Do not attack the acolytes. I want you to kill or destroy anything that comes over the outer walls that does not live here. “ Cyn was stern and chose her words so the little mini would understand what she wanted. “ Grr-mur-grrr-grr-murr-gr. “ It was hard to really understand Spaaz, but Cyn figured that meant she understood what she had been told and would obey. Cyn Squatted down and scratched the little Mini under her little Chin. “ Good, Spaaz. Now go. “ Cyn cooed. Deep down she had to worry just a little though. Spaaz was far more intelligent than her sisters, But still prone to her instinct. Still it would mean bad news for anyone unlucky enough to cross the wall. Dead or un-dead, they were certain to be utterly ripped apart piece by piece as they were swarmed by the minis.

11:00 pm.
The Acolytes were positioned on the walls. 10 of the servants along with Golem now defended the east wall and the Gatehouse. Spaaz and her 500 mini sisters were waiting in the Bailey. The west side was protected by high walls and a steep cliff and, unless Bathul intended to waste time trying to scale it, was inaccessible. She knew they were outnumbered. From the overwhelming stench she figured there had to be hundreds of Zombies and skeletons ready to feast on fresh flesh lingering in this woods. Cyn, Max, and Zoe had taken position on the Upper wall. From here they would cast spells to attack the enemy as they rush the Outer Wall. Cyn took a glance out over the Moat. Most likely they will find a way across that if Bathul had not planned that already. For now it was quiet. She could still see the flames of the torches and camp fires out in the distance. They were waiting.

Max was already getting restless. He shifted about on his feet as he stood. “ What is going on? What are they waiting for? “ He asked anxiously as he tried to stay loose. Cyn crossed her arms and huffed. “ Probably waiting for the Witching hour. When his hold over his troops will be it’s strongest. “ She replied to him with looking at him. “ they will be stronger too. “ Zoe muttered feeling the same anxiety that plagued her brother. “ Relax, you two. Stay calm. “ Cyn stated in a soothing tone. “ Don’t worry... “ Max Stared. “ ...We are “ Zoe finished. Cyn smiled. It was good to see them so in tune even at a time like this. She began to think the enemy may be in for a lot more then they may have anticipated. Max and Zoe were still only apprentices, but they were very skilled and very dangerous working together. But, the Zombies and skeletons were not her worry right now. Bathul was out there somewhere. From all the other stenches lingering in the air his was the most noticeable. He would be the real danger. “ Max? Zoe? When the fighting starts I want to focus on the walls. Cast you spells just past the horizon and don’t worry if any get past Let the acolytes handle any that get that close. Be mindful of what you cast and don’t try anything to heavy. Stick to basic attack spells to conserve your ethereal energies and do not loose you heads. “ She was a bit more stern this time. She knew how Max was when he got excited or angry. “ Yes mother “ the twins replied with all due seriousness.

“ Mother? What about Black and Whyte? “ Zoe turned to face her mother again. Cynergi turned her eyes and then her head. “ They are ready when we need them. I cannot keep them separate from me for long so I need to time it just right. They will fight along side us when the moment is just right, sweety. “ She replied with a small smile. “ Good. We will need all the help we can get, Mother. “ Max sounded all grown up now. For him it was the excitement talking now. It was always like that. He was pretty easy going until the adrenaline set in. She snickered a little and watched him for a moment. “ Don’t worry. “ Cyn stated. With that she leaned her head back and sighed a little. There was a brief Flash as her four wings came out. They extended and unfurled quickly and flat against the breeze coming off the castle grounds. Her white wing were already shimmering from her excitement. Prismatic rainbow colors dancing over their full span as each feather changed both colors and hues.. Her Black wings were slightly larger and far more menacing. Each feather was a weapon all it’s own. They were large and razor sharp. The leading edges of each wing were as strong and as dangerous as any sword. Max and Zoe could already feel those four wings starting to channel their respective energies. Mother Cynergi was now fully ready. The twins got themselves ready as well. Max and Zoe sat face to face with arms and legs crossed. They began to focus on one another as they meditated and began to focus their own energies as well. It would not be much longer now and they would have to be fully prepared for the attack when and if it ever came.

Midnight - The Witching Hour
There came a thunderous, gut wrenching howl and a cry of warning from the lookout posted on the high Bastion. From the darkness the fires came. Hundreds of torches flickering in the wind and they bore down on the moat. There appeared to be a brief pause. Just long enough for those on the castle walls to take one last moment to prepare for what was coming. Suddenly the fires moved again. In only minutes they had defeated the first obstacle and were coming straight for the walls and the gatehouse. Some moved stiffly, others hobbled. Zombies. There were droves of them coming. Coming toward the scent of living flesh. Right behind them came those even worse. Animated bones. Skeletons. Some were bare bone, some still had bits and pieces of rotted flesh clinging to them. The walked as living only slow as if hobbled by some unforseen force. Some wore rusted out, ancient armor and others the remnants of tattered clothing. All carried some form of crude club or old spears and swords. The precession was slow moving, but determined. Driven by hate, lust for revenge, and dark magic. Cynergi was still standing on the High Castle wall with her twin kits ready at her side. She peered out over the Outer wall at the unbelievable opposition making it’s way to her home. “ What I wouldn’t give for a tank right about now. “ her tone was not serious. They faced a hard battle, but one that would not be meant for her. No....If bathul really wanted to simply take the castle he would have summoned his fellow demons, Imps, Wraiths, and other manor of more powerful creatures than mere Zombies or crippled old skeletons.

These troops were meant to keep the acolytes and others busy while Bathul sought his vengeance. This was about two things. Her and the Sealed Gate. Max hopped to his feet already preparing the first spell he wanted to cast. “ Time to get cooking.” He laughed as he readied a fireball or two. “ No! Wait until I say. They are too far away yet. Use the wall and aim 5 inches up. When they reach the point in your field of view then start casting along that line. Make sure the spells can explode on impact. Normal fire may stop the Zombies, but not the skeletons. “ Cyn stated calmly. Max nodded to her. “ Don’t worry, mother. We can do this. “ Zoe winked to her. “ I know you can. “ Cyn smiled in reply. Zoe stood by her brother. She could sense the tension in her mother. Bathul would be after her for sure. For once she feared for her mother’s life. They had never met Bathul, but Rig had told the story many times. Bathul was insane and very powerful. He was so dangerous and unpredictable that he was sealed away in Purgatory by Lucifer himself for all eternity. Baste had found a way to free him and a way to control him, or so he thought. In the end Bathul had nearly killed his own brother along with Mother Furball and Mother Cyn. Rig had saved them all by allowing himself to be devoured and blowing himself up inside the demon. It seemed impossible that he was able to survive, but Mother seemed so certain it was him. She was not going to start questioning her at a time like this. Zoe focused and readied her own spell for the first cast.

Waiting was always hardest in situations like this. Max was anxious. He tried to stay cool, but it was wearing thin on him now. There they were! The first of the Zombies crossed his target zone. There was a glint in his eyes as he launched the very first shot. “Incendia Ball!” He rolled into a pitch like throwing a baseball. His right hand flashed, Sparked, and burst into flame. He hurled it and the flame became a flaming orb the instant it left his hand. Cyn watched it sail through the air. Magic guiding it to it’s intended target. Cyn taught him this spell but she added a little flare to it. These suckers sought out targets. Smart Fireballs so to speak. They could easily travel the distance they were from the approaching Zombies and there was the option of using the Latin term to make them explode on impact. Small, but effective add ons to a simple spell to make it more potent and more dangerous. Zoe launched the same attack and was followed by her brother. They used the same spell and alternated. This meant a steady stream of fireballs lit up the grounds as they passed over the walls to strike at the enemy. “ So much for waiting for my say “ Cyn thought to herself with a shake of the head and a big smile. The Acolytes on the wall were next. Their Fire balls more basic and simple unlike the twins. Slowly the stench of burning corpses filled the air. A mild breeze from the castle made it all but barely livable. So far the Zombies had not reached the Gatehouse. They seemed more intent on just trying for the walls completely ignoring the drawbridge altogether.

Unguided. These rotting husks were a distraction. It was the skeletons they had to worry about. Those were heading right for the Gatehouse path. The Zombies were fodder to take interest away from the more frail skeletons. These were guided. If they could get the drawbridge open they would have easier access to the Castle grounds. That is, If they got past the Gatehouse defense. Golem was more than a match for just about any number of those creaking animated bones. But then she was doubting the skeletons were little more than another distraction. Another means to occupy what remained of those defending the Castle, Cynergi, and the Sealed Gate. Cyn wanted to press the situation a little. “ this will get his blood boiling “ She thought. She called to the upper bailey. “ Spaaz! Time to feed the swarm! Destroy the Zombies! “ She heard what sound like Spaaz calling back. To see them take to the air was like watching a huge shadow just lift right off the ground. Their shrill cry caught even the Zombies attention as the 501 Minis swooped on them in seconds. Their attack was so fast, so intense you could hear the gnashing of teeth and the crunching of bone. Body parts went flying in every direction only to be caught and devoured as well. The Minis tore into the First wave and then flew higher to wait for the next wave to come. Spaaz flew the lead.

The battle was well underway. The Skeletons and Zombies kept the wall busy. The Timing was just about right now. “ Max. Zoe. Stay here and hold the wall. “ they only nodded. She could tell they were thinking the same thing she was. Bathul was coming. His presence was now overdue. She stretched her wings and stepped from the wall gracefully. With ease she descended to the Outer Bastion and made no effort to hide as she landed briskly in the middle of the opening. She knew he could see her. The gauntlet had been laid. Time for him to take up the challenge.........

Chapter 2
And it certainly did not take long for him to show up either. From the tree line a huge twisted figure emerged. Standing just over 14 foot tall at the head Bathul was an impressive site. His height was matched only by his build. The huge Demon Wolf had thick, matted fur that looked    charred brick in color and very intense yellow eyes when Cyn and himself had first met. Now, however, he was lucky to have any fur left at all. His once beautiful body now looked like a series of patches like some twisted rag doll created through dark magic. Stitches and scars now    lined his body hidden on spots where his fur still remained. To hide his grotesque form he wore a suit of armor that seemed even more twisted then the form it hid. His foot falls thudded the ground as he stepped from the shadows of the forest. His thick breath came in hard, short bursts in the cool, damp air. He could see his breath rising from the tip of his muzzle through the face plate in his helm.

Before him was his younger Brother’s former home here on the Mortal Realm. There were two thing he wanted from this place. The head of it’s current owner and the gate within. Cynergi’s head had been a promise and a payment for his services. The Sealed Gate was not something he was concerned with, but the interest of another. For taking the Castle he was promised the chance for revenge for his humiliating defeat. This was his time and he was going to make the most of it. The zombies and the skeletons were merely a distraction. A way ti ensure that his approach to the castle would see very little to no interference. He wanted no distraction from her. He snarled a little at the thought of that bitch. “ Cynergi “ He hissed from his helm. He strode forward, but stopped as he witness a huge shadow literally lift from the Outer Bailey and swoop down over the wall. Several Dozen Zombies were torn apart. “ Her Sprites? So she knows I am here...*snickers*...Gooooooood. Now I will savor this. She will be waiting for m......ah...so she is.” He could now feel her. Her presence now moving from the castle walls to the Outer Bailey. He just caught a glimpse of her flying down from the walls. Two others that felt a lot like her were still casting from the walls. The plan could not be going any better than it was now. Cynergi waited for him. Her allies kept busy by his meager forces with no way to stop him from killing her and then everyone else. He stood silent for a moment enjoying the sensation that he would finally have his revenge for....* looks himself over*....this. He growled in anger. He could still feel the pain of his defeat. It was that freak Rigudaro. He allowed himself to be swallowed whole. Bathul has increased his size. Become giant in order to literally squash those meddling fems. That blasted mage attacked and allowed himself to be eaten in one swallow....then her blew himself up inside Bathul’s body blowing him to pieces.

But that was not to be the end of the line for him. No....Someone else had also been there that day. Someone who had been watching. It was that being who had called Bathul from the brink of death. Took his demonic soul and imprisoned it while reconstructing his tattered form. For his freedom he had only to take the castle and the Sealed Gate. As a bonus he was given the chance to take revenge against Cynergi. Furball could not be located. Chances were Cynergi was protecting her. So to get to one he had to kill the other. This was going to be lots of fun. He would kill Cynergi once he knew where Furball was. If not from her than from her children he would obtain the information.

Bathul spread his wings. Two huge, bat like, wings unfurled from his back. They were also stitched together like the rest if him. Horrid and twisted they flapped loud a few times as he beat them against the air, but he did not take off just yet. No....he wanted to wait just a few moments longer. He was going to savor every single second of this if it was the last thing he did. He clenched his fists and his breathing began to sound more labored. His lungs were not what they used to be, but that was not going to stop him one bit. He thought back a little. Baste. His little brother had been undermining the ranks of hell for 1000's of years. Gaining power was his only goal. Bathul was more powerful than he was and he wanted that power for his own. So what did Baste do? He found a way to free his brother from his prison in purgatory. He had also found a way to control him as well. Bathul had been freed from his Prison only to be cast into Slavery for his wretched brother and then once again imprisoned only to be enslaved again. His rage would know no bounds when he was set free. The whole Mortal Realm would be first to fee his wrath. Then.....then he would turn his rage on the Spirit Realms. No one would be safe. And his vengeance would start here with Cynergi. Rigudaro was already a ghost. How lonely he must feel. Bathul would give the specter some company.

He strode forward a few steps more and stretched his wings again. This time he beat them into the wind hard and leapt up. His wings fetched the air and hoisted him off the ground and into the air. His huge form lumbered skyward and then for the castle grounds. He was off to meet his challenger. He soared high above the moat and the outer wall swooping in rather gracefully to the Upper bailey. He saw her waiting there as if openly challenging him. His piercing yellow eyes locked fixed upon her. She looked very different from when he remembered, but he had no doubt it was her. He landed 10 feet from her with an audible thud and the clanking of his heavy armor. They faced each other for the first time in many years. Bathul wheezed a chuckle. “ I had heard you were dead. “ He wheezed aloud. Cynergi began carefully regarding him. “ And I thought you dead as well. Seems we have both been granted differently. “ She replied calmly. Bathul stood straight up, smiling behind his helm. “ Oh....We were granted nothing, My dear. This is simply fate running it’s course. Our resurrections have everything to do with tonight. 15 years I have waited to get back at you and your mentor. He may have escaped my wrath, but you and that cat have not! Tonight......tonight I will rend you asunder. “ He hissed folding his wings to his back. She huffed at him as if to scoff at his boast. “ You can try. I beat your brother and took his soul for my own. Added his power to mine.” Cynergi’s tone died down a bit more. Bathul seemed to be a bit surprised at this statement. A surprise that quickly wore off.

“Is that so?” Growls at her. “ SO WHAT? Now I am supposed to fear you?!? That whelp of a brother of mine was no match for me and neither were you! It took you, that mangy cat, and that relic you called a mentor to take me down and you failed at that as well! I still live and I am even more powerful than before!! Your silly little threat doesn’t mean shit to me, Bitch! And now I wear Demonic Armor because of you. And For that you will pay and pay dearly. I will gut you like a fucking pig and show your guts to your children before I gut them too! No one leaves this castle alive! “ Anger....it was pouring off of him like a waterfall. And what was worse was that his power grew the angrier he got. She had to stay firm though. She had not faced anything like this before. She was clearly out matched the last time she had met this hulking brute and much had changed since then. Mostly about her. Bathul was indeed a lot more powerful than before, but he was as arrogant as always and arrogance was always a downfall. Bathul took notice of this moment of inspection. “ Still not impressed? Ha! It does not matter. You will be crushed by my hand. I will savor watching you squeal to me all I wish to know before I snuff you out. “ He roared happily. “ Then kill me.....” Bathul stopped and looked at her. “ You heard me. If you are so powerful then what makes you wait. I am never going to tell you anything, Bathul. I refuse to cave in to you and your bragging. You were defeated because you were foolish enough to underestimate us. You are doing so now. “ Bathul clenched a fist at hearing this. How dare she talk to him in such manner. “ For all your power all you have demonstrated is how much bigger your yapper has gotten. You have power, but have you the knowledge to use it? No. I don’t think you do. How do I know? You have not even taken the time to study up on your opposition. If you had the fore site you would have been able to avoid what is about to happen to you. “ Bathul straightened up at this. Was she threatening him now? “ Outrageous! You dare to threa....OOF! “ Bathul was cut off as he was hit from the rear. In his arrogance and in his bragging he had failed to notice Golem. Golem had charged up right behind him from the right and hit bathul hard with his shoulder. The clang of armor hitting armor was loud enough to be heard from one end of the castle ground to the other. Bathul reeled and was sent flying into the ground as he was struck. Golem was only a foot shorter than him and just as strong. It almost looked like two Sherman tanks colliding when Golem hit him. Sparks flew for a second. Bathul roared and leapt back to his feet. He nearly froze when he saw Golem standing there.

“ B....brother? “ he coughed getting back to his feet. Golem stood there with four flaming eyes locked on Bathul. “ Idiot. Baste is part of me now. Or were you not listening. This is NOT your former brother. I would like you to meet, Golem. You have no idea do you? “ Bathul growled in response. Cyn only smiled. “ Knowledge is power, Bathul. Without Knowledge you have nothing. All your new power is useless without knowing how to use it. 15 years is not long for you and I, but it is long enough for me to have gained what I needed to control my powers. “ She crossed her arms and looked down her nose at him. Bathul could feel his rage building. Power was flowing from every pore on his body now. He roared and charged. He was like lightening. Golem could not dodge in time Bathul balled his right fist and cocked back. The blow connecting dead center on Golem Breast Plate with such force that golem was pitched back 30 feet and landed sliding across the grass. You could hear the collision with such clarity it almost stopped the fighting along the walls. “RAWR!!!!!!!!” Rage took hold and Bathul charged Cyn. She was not as slow as Golem. Bathul cocked his arms back and over his head. The brought them both crashing down on top of her and hit....air? His fist slammed into the ground. “Where?” he asked looking about to find her only feet behind him now. “Dragon’s spiritus!” She leaned forward with her fists balled and arms half cocked at her side. From her mouth a huge, intense gout of flame erupted like a great red Dragon was breathing it’s flame on him. He could feel the intense heat cooking him in his own armor! He rolled to his left down the hill a bit to escape the flame ending in a crouched position. Her flames stopped as she cocked her head towards him.

He was wheezing loud enough for her to hear. She could see the trails of heat and small wisps of black smoke rising off him. Bathul could already se Golem was back on his feet and moving to join his mistress. “ Hurr......It would appear I have been mistaken. I thought I would be able to beat you easily, But I see you have much improved since last we met. But......I too have made some improvements. Rest assured you will not win this battle. I will have my vengeance!” he snarled back at her trying to keep his mind on his goal. She had taken him so easily because he allowed himself to be blinded with anger. That was not going to happen a second time. “ I had not expected you to have become so....dark. A sneak attack? Now what would your precious mentor have said to that? “ bathul was actually smiling now under that helm of his. “ looks like I will have the chance to try my new power out after all. I am thoroughly going to enjoy taking you apart” He chuckled darkly. His next attack came quickly. He snapped his jaws and stretched out his wing. “ Burn, Bitch! “ His wings flapped in the breeze. The air between his wings ignited and burst into flames that were swept quickly towards her. It happened so fast she could not get out of the way in time. She tucked her wings and stepped to the right. The searing caught her left arm. The smell of her own charred flesh filled the air. She cried out in pain and anguish. She faltered, stumbled and fell. Intense pain that was given little time. The huge gout of flame stopped and Bathul charged. She could almost feel him connect until Golem came crashing into Bathul against with a heavy shoulder. This time Golem hardly stopped with the tackle. He snatched the back of Bathul’s helm and ripped it from his head. Right shoulder in the demon’s breastplate Golem’s left hand came to grab his face. With a heave Golem drove his head back and then planted it in the dirt. Bathul went down with a gut wrenching thud, but not without a fight. He retaliated hard. Bathul driving his own fist hard into Golem’s mid section hard enough to knock Golem off of his feet again and get him off of him. Cyn was trying to get to her feet again and Bathul was half way there. He rolled back snarling and dripping blood from his broken snout. Then it came... “ Thousand Knives! “ Her spell hit him like one thousand knives stabbing him from all sides and all at one time.

His pain filled howl hit the air like a banshee’s cry. The intense pain was like nothing he had ever felt before. “ Acid Breath! “ Cyn performed the attack kneeling, but it came off the same as her last breath attack. A huge gout of acidic gas hit him. He heard his armor and his exposed face start to sizzle. The Burning grew even more intense then the Thousand Knives attack. He tried to roll away only to find that did not stop the burning acid. He felt it hit his open wounds and he struggled to stop it. This gave Cyn just enough time to stumble to her feet still reeling from the pains of her burn. She gripped her scorched arm and grit her teeth. “Rejuvenate” she whispered softly. Her left arm took a faint glow and started to heal. In moments the burns and scarring had fading, but not completely. She would need to cast again to fully heal and right now she didn’t have the time. She leapt to her left this time to avoid the flames as they rushed over the ground. Bathul had recovered from her attack and was already bearing down on her again. Once again he was stopped short by Golem who hit him in the jaw with a hard right cross. Bathul was spun on his feet as Golem’s left cross connected with the back of his head. Bathul Pitched forward, but stomped his left foot forward catching himself. Quickly he twisted back. Bringing up his left arm And smashing it into Golem’s helm. Golem reeled back, but not before He managed to land another blow to Bathul’s face with his left again. Both of them reeled back and caught themselves.

Golem lunged forward again. Both hand outstretched for Bathul’s neck. Golem moved quickly even for his size and got his hands around the demons throat easily and gripped hard. Bathul was too slow to escape and felt his neck bones crunch under Golem’s grip. Bathul was hoisted up into the air and found himself being pitched over Golem’s right side into the air.. Cynergi took the moment to attempt to heal again, But Bathul was not about to allow it too happen. In mid air he caught himself with his wings. Righting himself he launched into a dive right on top of Cynergi. From his busted maw he loosed a Brilliant Beam of light. The ground in front of her erupted in an explosion sending her reeling through the air. She hit the ground so hard she nearly bounced 30 feet from where she should. Golem was powerless to attack him now. Bathul took pleasure in this. “ Awwh. Can’t fly? Here.....LET ME HELP YOU! “ He balled his left fist and it suddenly glowed brilliantly. He cocked back like he was going to throw something and then pitched his arm forward. From his hand he released a huge bolt of lightening that struck Golem dead center in his chest. With sparks flying Golem was tossed backward and sent sailing onto the wall off the castle. Dust and debris were all that could be seen of the impact. He was just about to gloat over this when........ “Nemesis Flare!” Her spell engulfed him in Intense Aura Flames. Golem had bought her a few precious seconds even if it seen him getting slammed into a wall. One of her most powerful War Magic spells. Bathul was about to learn a hard lesson. His Armor was glowing white hot as it began to fuse to his flesh. The last of his fur burned away. The fires were so bright it was like the sun had come down to earth. The ground shook as the Aura Fires exploded into existence and consumed the demon where he flew.

Shreiking in pure pain as he fell to the ground in a ball of flames. From the brilliant flames all could just barely see him writhing in agony. His flesh burning and his armor melting. Cynergi pumped all her ethereal energy into the attack keeping it up as long as she possibly could. Bathul Screamed his last. Moments later he completely ceased his scream and tried to struggle one last time.......then stopped and became still. Cynergi still keep the spell going. Just a few moments longer until the last of her power gave out. She was badly hurt and far to weak to fight anymore. As the Aura flames died out she slumped to the ground. Bathul lay dead. His charred corpse was nothing more than bone with rotting, charred flesh and a few scraps of armor clinging to it. His power diminished his Zombies and Skeletons crumbled to dust where they stood. Max and Zoe had been watching the fight since Bathul had landed. “ Mother! “ Zoe screamed seeing Cyn fall to the ground. Max beat her to the punch and leapt from the walls to go to his mother. Zoe was right behind him. The twins racing down the slope of the Bailey to where their mother laid. Several of the Acolytes had also witnessed the last moments of the battle and made their way down from the outer wall toward them. Cynergi struggled to get up. Bathul was defeated and the battle should have been over, but.......There was something still here. A dark presence was growing in the air. She suddenly felt comforting arms wrap around her and her pain ease as Zoe focused her healing spell on her. Max did the same trying to get mother back on her feet. They must have sensed the same thing she was.

“ Have....have to get out of..here. “ She was still struggling, but found it easier to get to her feet. Max and Zoe were supporting her on their shoulders and Golem was coming to help as well. “ Get her inside and quickly! “ It was Rig now. Off in the distance they could see the acolytes all heading for the Castle walls. “ We have to get inside. We are no longer safe out here. “ Rig seemed worried himself and that was a bad thing. But it was already too late. A gust of wind suddenly kicked up coming right off the Bailey. It carried with it a fowl, lingering odor and an even fowler presence. The Darkness it carried overshadowed even the night itself. “ Awww. Not impressed with my puppet I see. “ The voice was cold and piercing. It almost echoed in the wind like ghostly voices repeating the last word spoken before trailing off into the breeze. Cyn cocked her head back weakly to looking over her shoulder. She saw the darkness swirl for a moment over where Bathul’s smoldering corpse still lay in the burnt grass. Max tugged at his sister. “ Come on, sis. We have to get mother inside. “ But Zoe was not listening. She stopped almost the instant the voice was heard. Her gaze was not on the darkness behind them, but the Darkness ahead of them. “ We are not going to make it inside, Bro. Look “ Just ahead of them the darkness was forming a wall between them and the Castle’s wall. “ Now, Now. You didn’t think I was just going to let you walk away from me now did you? “ Came the eerie voice again. This time it sounded like it was all around them. “ You broke my favorite plaything. I worked real hard on my puppet and I am not done playing just yet. “ Bathul rose again. His battered, charred corpse moved stiffly, but it moved none the less. Glowing red eyes beamed as he stood. “ As you can see he still wants to play. “ It cackled. Max turned around as far as he could while still holding Cyn up. “ Golem........Take mother and keep her safe. “ He said calmly. As soon as he felt Golem take Cyn into his arm Max turned completely around to face the Zombie Demon. “ You want her? You go through me first. “ Just then he felt his sis next to him as he stood. “ Through both of us.” Zoe was just as calm as he was. They were not going to allow this thing to get their mother without a fight. The thing had them surrounded. There was no where to run or hide. All they had left was to stand and fight. Mother was badly injured. There only hope now was to buy some time and hope Golem could heal their mother in time to take the fight right to this thing.

There was a moment of silence as both Max and Zoe threw up their challenge. There was a dark, amused laugh in the darkness. “ Impressive. I had expected you to try and run, but I see I was mistaken. “ It hissed back at them. Max grit his teeth and balled his fists. “ I ain’t running from someone who won’t even show his face! “ Mentally he was already going through what spells were left to him. Though he had tried his best to conserve his energies earlier he had still expelled some while casting fireballs. That attack was not going to do now. He would have to resort to more powerful spells this time. The goal was not to defeat the enemy, but to try and keep him/her/it distracted. Behind him he could feel ethereal energy being used very slowly. Golem was casting a healing spell, but it would still take time to work. Right now he could feel both the darkness and the zombie Demon focusing on him and Zoe. “ Very well, Boy. You defeat my little toy and I will grant you your wish. I will show myself to you....if you manage to live long enough to see me. However, should you lose, I will claim all of your souls. “ the darkness cackled coldly. “Fine.....” Max stated angrily. “ If I have to go through that walking piece of charcoal to get you I will.” He was making it sound like he was calling the thing’s bluff. Trying to keep up the appearance and keep all the focus on him. He felt Zoe readying herself as well. Her rthymic breathing a good sign she was prepared for the first move. The stand off was not going to last much longer as Max saw the Zombie Demon shift on it’s feet.

Zoe watched it as well. There was no telling just how much of Bathul even remained in that thing if any of his mind was really there to begin with. Even though she never met the demon until tonight she was still in awe of the whole thing. Rig’s former powers were nothing to laugh about. In his time he had been very powerful. To think that any semblance of the demon had survived was just too hard to fathom. Still this was not the time to ponder such things and she regained her focus. Instead of fighting at Max’s side she would assume her normal ‘supportive’ role in the fight and only attack when attacked. This way she could supply Max with all the energy she could muster and act as a defense for incoming magic attacks. The role had always worked without fail and should be fine for now.
The Acolytes busied themselves trying to figure a way past the wall of Darkness that had formed in the middle of the Bailey. There was no flat ground and the wall seemed pretty high so there was no way over it. Some of the Acolytes had tried attacking the wall only to find whatever spell they mustered to have no effect at all. Some tried to levitate only to find that the wall would just go higher right along with them until they either ran out of spell power or became afraid to venture too high for fear of running out and falling to their death. Others tried to teleport in and failed. It had been an hour since the first attack had came. They realized the distraction too little too late. Now the Mistress, Master Rigudaro, Max, Zoe, and Golem were neatly trapped inside the wall that took up a better portion of the upper bailey and there seemed to be no way to get to them. This was starting to seem utterly hopeless and most of them were ready to give up save for three who were chattering amongst themselves. Langley, Peterson, and Welch were busy figuring out just how to get past the wall. “ We can’t get over it or around it. “ Langley, the oldest of the three, stated scratching his chin in thought. “ We know we can’t go through it. “ Welch said calmly looking over the section of the wall where they stood away from the others. Peterson was silent the entire time. He sat in the grass listening to the other two with his red hood pulled over his head. So far any attempt to overpower this wall of dark energy had failed. Raw magic power and brute force would not avail them....just then he had a thought.

“ What if we go...under it?” He said looking up at the two with a grin. Langley and Welch kind of look at each other, Smiled, and nodded in agreement. “ Well, duh. Why didn’t we think of it sooner?!? “ Welch proclaimed getting the attention of a few other acolytes nearby. “ Keep it down! “ Peterson said jumping up and placed a paw over his friend’s mouth. “ we don’t know if they can hear or see us in there. “ he stated in a low whisper. Langley motioned for those who noticed Welch’s outburst over to join them. “So how do we get under this thing.” He had waited just long enough for the others to gather. Soon enough they rallied all the acolytes. “ Simple. We dig. There are pick axes and shovels in the gate house store rooms. We simply get them and start digging. That wall can’t be that thick and it can’t extend below the dirt. “ Langley rolled his eyes. “ But that could take all night. “ He complained pinning his ears back. Peterson waved a finger. “ If we try any Earth powerful spells or elementals we could alert whatever created this thing. However, if we use just small spells to break up the dirt and the shovels and pick axes to move it out it will be easier to avoid drawing any attention and with all of us working together it will be quicker. The girls cast and the guys dig. There was a multitude of whispers and nods as the others seemed to grasp and agree with the plan with smiles and renewed hope. Several acolytes were sent to fetch the shovels and pick axes while the rest took a moment to rest and gather what strength they still had. Minutes later the tools were being handed out to the stronger males while the Fems readied to cast. It was the same as any earth spell only they would not be putting a lot of energy into it. Just enough to move and loosen the dirt and grass so the others could quickly and easily move it aside. The plan was to dig a few feet down and then under the wall itself to come out on the other side. For speed the hole would not be very big. Just the right size for one or two to get through at a time. This way they could get through faster and lend whatever assistance they could to the Mistress and the others trapped inside. Work began quickly and the Acolytes held nothing back if they could help it. The Females began casting and the males instantly pitched in moving the grass and dirt aside. It was not a frantic pace, but was fast and steady.

Max narrowly dodged the first swing. The thing was fast....real fast. The Zombie was so close that the stench of charred flesh was overpowering. He fought off the need to vomit from the sheer smell of the zombie as it came at him. Sidestepping one way and quickly back the other it was all he could do just to stay away from the thing as it swung at him and again .Zoe had retreated and was trying to line up a shot at the thing, but Max was too close for her to cast. “It’s no good! I can get a clear shot!” she called frantically. Max had to think and think real fast. Bathul was dead, but his body was still very strong and fast and if he didn’t start fighting back he was going to lose the fight and possibly his life. “Zoe! Trying slowing this thing down! Use the Slow spell!” He yelled back. Zoe gasped. “I have not mastered it yet! I may slow you down!” She called back. She thought for a second and it hit her. “ Wait......keep it busy!” She stated. “ That won’t be a problem. “ Max thought to himself dodging yet another strike from the thing’s right claw. The Zombie tore up a piece of grass and dirt. And snarled at having missed again. Zoe charged. It took all her courage to pull it off for as scared as he was. She balled her fists and cocked her arms back. She had to time the spell to go off the second she connected or risk getting swatted or even impaled on the thing’s claws. She struck with all her might as she charged right up. Palms flattened at the last second striking the charred and bone of the Zombie’s side. “Force!” the Spell went off as planned at point blank range throwing the demon off his feet and thru the air. It was almost like being hit by a train at that range.

The Zombie easily rag dolled about 20 feet before skidding into the ground again. Landing with an unearthly screech, but that was not all. Zoe was still on the attack now and still charging right for the thing again. She closed the distance even as the thing got back up. She had to press the advantage now. She grit her teeth and snarled at the thing.” Damn you! Stay down! Hard Fist! “ The air and energy around her right hand massed just a half an inch in front of her knuckles. The result was actually a small explosion as she hit the thing just below the right arm. Flesh and bone went flying as the zombie reeled back from the strike and tossed it’s head back. It stumbled back as Zoe retreated by back peddling out of reach while it recovered and hoped Max was about to press the attack on his own. Two fireballs whizzed by her head just as that thought ran through her head. She watched the thing get knocked back again. Max was breathing a quick sigh of relief now. His sister he could gather himself back up. “Shit, sis. Good job. “ Crap the thing was already on it’s feet again. Aside from at least half of it’s right side having been blown off it looked almost untouched. The Fireballs had did little to no damage. There a cackle in the air again. “ Impressive....but if you think those pathetic little attacks are going to stop me you have another think coming, little ones. “ the voice that had greeted them earlier was now centered on the Zombie. Max could feel his Jaw drop and the thing stood before them and grew two more arms. It was like part of the dark wall that surrounded them oozed part of itself into the air and formed two more arm on the Zombie’s shoulders. The wound Zoe had inflicted was also gone. Healed by whoever or whatever controlled it and the wall around them. “ you have got to be shitting me...” Max moaned looking at the thing. He still had plenty of power left, but if the thing could just shake off every attack and then heal again it was going to become pointless very quick this way. “Yeah, yeah. Now brag about how powerful you are and all that.....whatever asshole. “ Max took a ready stance. Time for the gloves to come off. “ We have one chance at this, Bro.” Zoe stepped up and put a hand on his shoulder. He knew full well what that meant and he certainly knew it wasn’t going to be easy.............

They were almost through now. It was going much faster than they had hoped. They dug 4 feet down, leveled out for an additional 5 feet and were digging back up at 45 degrees. The whole was 5 feet wide. Just enough for two to fit at one time. Dust flew everywhere, but did little to nothing to slow them down for even a second. They were nearly clawing at the dirt now. There was no room for tools in the tunnel at all. Peterson was in the front digging at the dirt with the head of a shovel that he had broken off from the handle. Welch was right next to him frantically digging away with his hands. Langley and another acolyte were moving the dirt away from the digging while the fems were still busy casting to get that same dirt out of the hole and loosen the dirt ahead of the digging males. Peterson could almost smell the fresh air as he thrust the broken shovel head forward again and it breached the ground. The stench of charred flesh greeted him instead. Welch pushed forward unearthing several large clumps of dirt as he pushed himself up and out of the hole. It took a few moments for him to get the dust out of his eyes as others climbed out after him. “There they are!” Langley cried to the others as they climbed out of the hole 150 feet away from where Max and Zoe were standing. From here they could see the zombie as well. They took a moment to gape at the thing in sheer disgust before they saw the injured mistress.

“ Mistress Cyn is hurt! Get some healers in here! “ Langley was taking charge now as he called back through the hole. Several female acolytes began to make their way through the hole with their best healing spells already in mind. He grabbed Peterson and Welch and began walking toward the thing. “ Come on. Let show this walking scab what we are made of here!” He cried out. The thing looked their way and that was just the moment Max and Zoe needed. “ Now, sis. “ he spoke in a low tone trying not to bring any attention back their way. Zoe quickly steeped up. It was high time to call out the ‘big guns’ as Max like to put it. It was not common knowledge among the acolytes and known only to Cyn, Furball, and Rig, but the twins had ‘special’ abilities beyond using normal practiced magic. This special ability lay in their eyes. Max had one red right eye and one green left eye. A trait they got from Mother Furball. Zoe was the same only her eyes were opposite to her brother’s. Their powers came when two eyes of the same color were joined. This time they would use their green eyes. Zoe smiled and pressed her right cheek to max’s left cheek and closed her left eye as Max closed his right. She could read his thoughts just as clearly as if she were him. And he could read hers just as clearly as if he were her. They both focused through their open green eyes. “Igneus Sanctus Lux lucis!” they chanted in complete unison. Max’s left and Zoe’s right arms came up at the exact same moment as they both pointed right at the thing. The Spell went off like a bolt of lightening contained in a glass tube that ran from the tip of their fingers right to the zombie hitting it square in the chest. The thing howled and reeled back as the beam shot right through it’s chest. Langley, Welch, and Peterson stopped dead in their track as the attack went off and had to shield their eyes from the brilliant flash. The zombie stumbled and regained it footing again. It clutched it’s chest for a moment and peered back at the twins who still stood cheek to cheek. “ Hmmm? It won’t heal? How is th.....wait...I see now, That was a holy attack. “ It took one big step forward. “ Very clever, children. But you forget one thing. This corpse is only just a shell. I can cast it off whenever I wish. I had thought my ability to heal myself would be enough. I see I have greatly under estimated your abilities and powers. “ it hissed slowly. “ However. That will not happen again. If you defeat this corpse I will simply find another. Perhaps..” waves it’s right hand towards the three raccoons” “..one of them.”

Chapter 3
Cynergi was out cold and not moving. She looked like she had been thrown through the ringer twice. Bathul wasn’t joking when he said his power had increased and it was more than she had expected. She lost consciousness only moments after the Zombie Bathul had been resurrected and had not witnessed her kits fighting valiantly to protect her. Golem was doing what he could, but his healing spells were not exactly up par with the acolytes now joining to help heal her. She could not feel the pain of her battered body or hear the rhythmic chant of the three healers now taking over for Golem. Try as she might she could not open her eyes or move at all. “Wake up, wake up, wake up!” she chanted repeatedly in her mind, but nothing seemed to happen. She was frantic now. Her children were out there alone with only Golem and Rig. Rig was powerless and Golem was with her last she knew. She knew she was not dead...at least not yet.

“ Tell me you are not going to let him beat you this easily.” If it were at all possible this voice seemed even darker than the first she heard before she passed out. Her thoughts seemed to turn inward. “ Who’s there? “ She asked in a demanding tone. “ Who’s there? WHO’S THERE?!? I am here. “ The voice sounded almost electric and was not one voice...but three at the same time. “ Who are you? “ Cyn demanded. For a brief moment there came only silence. Then the voice spoke again. “Who would I be? I am you. You are me. I am the true self. Your core. Our core. I am...Cynergi. We are us. And we are stronger than this.” it hissed in a cold tone to her. Cyn thought to herself a moment. “ That can’t be. I am Cynergi.” Again there was only the silence before the other voice. “ No. You are a part of me. A part I allowed to stay in control. You are the link to this world we live in. You know me. I have always been with you. Always watching out for you. You are strong, but together we are even stronger. “ It replied softly in a more comforting tone. Cyn thought for a moment longer. She could not deny what it had said to her. She had always felt there was another side. Something lurking even deeper within her soul than she cared to look for. “ What do you want? Why have you surfaced now? “ She was tired of the silence that always seemed to follow after she spoke. “ I want the same thing you do. I want to protect my home and my family. I want to stop this thing from taking that away from me. I want to kill it. To rend it’s flesh and break it’s spirit. I want to destroy it. You have tried and failed on your own. Let us become one and together we can protect what is precious to us. We can defeat this thing. We can destroy it utterly.” It’s tone was soft...almost seductive. Cyn stopped thinking now. She felt as if this thing were speaking the very thoughts she refused to act on. No....she knew it was. She knew what it was. It WAS her. She fully knew that now. “ Good. You accept the truth. You know........Know what must be done. From this moment forward we are no longer strangers to one another. We are one. You already know what you have to do.” She heard it chuckle sweetly. It’s voice now changing to add her to it’s own. She felt like she had not ceased to be, but had finally become complete again. And it had been a long time.

Cyn’s eyes snapped open and fluttered for a second or two. Her lips mouthed something, but they could not hear what it was she had said. The healers all looked one another and leaned back in their kneeling positions to allow the Mistress to get up on her own. They were somewhat astonished. Cyn was still looking fairly beat up from her fight, but she began to get up as if nothing had happened. Golem was right she had been hoping he would have been. Following the last order he had been given by Max and Zoe he was diligently watching over his fallen Mistress. Cyn stood up and rested a hand on him and gave him a smile he had not seen in a good long time. “I think it is time we stop playing games, Golem. “ Golem only nodded knowing what she meant.
All eyes were on her now. She strolled over to where Max and Zoe were still standing They felt her warm embrace and broke the trance they were in. “Mother?” Zoe squeaked lightly looking back over her shoulder. Cyn gave Zoe a kiss on the cheek followed by one on Max’s. “ Your fight is done. Both of you did very well and I am so proud of the both of you, But now it is time this game was finished.” Her soft crimsons locked on the demon zombie waiting only yards away. “ I want both of you to get these acolytes out of here. “ Max had to interrupt tugging on his mother’s shoulder as she tried to step past them. “ Mother that thing is a lot stronger than before. Zoe and I had to resort...... “ He was hushed as Cyn placed a finger over his lips to gently shush him. “The two of you put him on the ropes. More than anyone could of expect. I know how powerful he is now. I underestimated his puppet, but not this time.” Golem stepped up behind him and Zoe. Max hardly had to guess what was going to happen next. Both he and Zoe looked at each other briefly and nodded. “ Take him down a peg or two, Mother.” Zoe spoke quietly as she took her brother’s shoulder and edged him away. Max refused to budge as he leered at his mother. “ be careful.” His word went deeper than he had thought. Cyn only nodded as they hurried off quickly gathering the others and heading for the hole again. Of course the others were as reluctant as the twins were to leave not having any idea of what was about to transpire.

She waited until the twins and the acolytes were safely back through the hole and on the other side of the wall. The thing waited as well. This was not about those underlings of hers. This is what it had been hoping for. A final one on one. “ I would thank you for waiting. “ Cyn exclaimed calmly folding her arms over her chest. The thing took a step forward. “ Oh    no! Don’t think for a moment that they are going to be spared! This fight is between you and me! Once I finish you I will kill them as well. I desire do further distractions however.” With that the thing pointed to Golem. Cyn merely Smirked. And whipped her hair to one side. “Oh...Golem has his purpose in this fight. Unfortunately it is one only a select few have ever witnessed and none have lived to tell about it. Golem?” With her words Golem took his place directly behind her .The    thing watched out of sheer curiosity. It all happened way to fast for him to really tell exactly what happened. Golem’s eye dimmed and faded out completely. His heavy armor collapsed into a heap behind her and the scene was lit up briefly in a blinding red light was gone in the blink of an eye. From her back was born a third set of wings. Huge Bat like black wings with red membranes. Demonic wings that were at least twice as big as her black raven like wings. Something else had changed as well. Before her eyes held an innocence all there own. That was now gone. In her crimson eyes he could see...hatred, rage, pain....evil. She grimaced at him now. Her face taking a darker look. As if she were a predator about to maul her prey and finding the deepest pleasure in the thought of ripping him apart slowly and painfully.

She hunched down a little as he decided to stand up fully. “ So is that it? Some great secret. You gain another pair of wings and suddenly you think you are match for me? ‘ he chuckled a bit. Still his mind began to wonder. Though this transformation had not seemed anything major there was something else to it. He could feel nothing from her...at all. Her power seemed to be gone or had changed to something else entirely. Her scent was different as well. Like the sweetest Black roses he had ever smelled in his life. Cynergi was silent. Those evil Crimson eyes were locked right on him intensely burning into his very soul. It was then he started to feel it. Slowly building from deep with her. A power was slowly grow....no she was releasing it slowly. It was there the whole time, but she was hiding it from him. She snarls low and drools a little. “Kill................”

It hardly had time to even react. Cyn leapt off the ground, Her wings stretched out and she was on him in less than a second. The thing raised it’s arm to block the incoming strike only to watch her streak right past him without landing any blows. She slid right past the thing, her wings furled, and she drove her left hand right into the shadow of the thing cast in the moon’s dim light. Her clawed hand ripped into the Blackness of the Shadow. Their came a gut wrenching scream of pain from almost out of nowhere that filled the night air. Outside the wall of Darkness the Acolytes and the Twins spun around startled at the scream. It came.....from the wall itself! Cyn Snarled and growled and shoved her left paw in even deeper making the thing writhe and convulse in pain. All around the wall seemed to flicker as if about to fail. “ AAAGHHA! “ It howled before cocking an arm back and swatting her away from itself. She was merely brushed aside despite the power it dumped into the blow. Her claws digging into the dirt as she slid away from it. The thing turning to face her again. Snarling a twisted little snarl as it did. It flexed its hand making fists and releasing then time and again slowly. “ So.....You figured it out. You know what I am, don’t you. “ Cyn looked almost possessed. Her eye starting to glow in a faint red. She was losing control. Giving in to her own power. The influence of two demons was more than she was capable of handling in her anger. Her body was healed, but not her mind. Deep at her core she was still afraid and desperate. She could not contain her rage. It was no longer facing a calm and collected adversary. This new form was a desperate move. Her trump card played early. The trouble was is that she was now unpredictable. There was no way to read her moves or her mind. Her attacks could come from any angle and it would have to rely on it’s own speed to try and avoid them. She had already demonstrated she was still much faster then it was. The thing took a leap back to get out of arm’s reach.

“ Maybe it is time to shed this puppet’s coil? Make this a little more even so to speak.” Cyn Cocked her head as if mildly interested in what he had to say. She was hunkered to all fours as if ready to pounce him again. The things red eyes faded and flickered out. The Burnt corpse that had been Bathul slumped to it’s knees and then crumbled to dust and ashes scattered in the breeze. All that was left was it’s shadow standing up from the ground in the moon’s silvery light. Cyn snarled and smiled. “ ....sssshadow. “ She closed her hands tearing up more dirt with those claws. Her wings flexed. “ Brotherrrrrrrrr........” She hissed slowly. He seemed almost amused this time. “ So you recognize me do you? I know you are in there, Black.” He replied with a chuckle. “ I have been looking for you. Imagine my surprise when I found you bonded to a mortal shell. And then I found out you had also bonded with a Cherub. Our father was Most unhappy to learn about that. Most unhappy indeed. So unhappy he had mother destroyed! All because you turned your back on us.” Cyn’s ears suddenly shifted forward standing on edge. Good...he had her attention now. “ That’s right. All your fault. You fell in love with a Cherub. You Bonded your self to her and this mortal. Mother was killed by father. Slowly....painfully. I was forced to watch her die! All because of you!. “ he snarled at her while talking and reliving the experience. “ I was allowed to live only because I swore vengeance against you and because I promised father the only open gate to the Mortal Realm. A way to free him from his imprisonment in hell! “ Growls at her ans watches her closely. Cyn was pulling into a crouch. Her snarling and growling was getting more and more feral by the moment. Black was getting angry....very angry now. And the angrier she got the more control Cyn would lose. “ That’s it. Get real angry. When you lose control totally you will be all mine “ Shadow thought to himself.

She snarled ferally. Her mind slowly degrading into Anger and madness. Giving way to the evil that lay deep inside. Whyte was fighting. Trying to keep some aspect of her mind in control as the madness began to settle in. The Cherub fought hard and with as much determination as she could possibly muster. Cyn stayed on edge. Bordered between evil and madness As Whyte’s mind held them all together A heavenly voice sang in the darkness. The twinge of insanity that tainted her now gave her a undeniable strength.    Cyn heard the angel deep within. She joined the fight. Speed was nothing. Control was what was needed now. Shadow was immensely powerful. She had his weakness now, but that was not going to be enough. Whyte was aware that if Cyn gave in now. Allowed herself to give in to the evil. No amount of weakness in her enemy would save her from defeat.

“Hmmmm...she is fighting it.” Shadow raised an eyebrow. Or at least it looked like he had as his left eye seemed to narrow a bit. Cyn gave no sign of and inner struggle, but her aura started to shift again. She lunged again. Claws beared as she leapt. Shadow easily sidestepped the strike only to find he had been lured right into another one. They both passed on the right side of each other. Her Right wings came at him. White wings folded as her rave and bat wings extended. Both sliced right into his flesh. The razor sharp edge of her raven wing cut into him like a hot knife through butter and the larger bat wing opened the wound even further. A wound that healed as quickly as it was caused. Cyn landed on all fours looking rather pleased with herself even as she had done very little damage. Claws dug into the dirt and grass and she slid herself sideways to face him again. Shadow laughed and launched into his own attack. It was as if he simply melted sideways. His entire body stretching outward towards her as he moved. He grew shorter. She realized he was crouching down, but he was moving much faster than before and too fast to avoid his blow. HE shoulder right into her. His entire body reforming just as he connected. She was hit between her left shoulder and the base of her neck. She felt like choking right there as she was pitched back. Her right foot held and sent her tumbling off her sides a few feet off the ground. She landed hard with a huff and a thump as she skidded painfully through th grass and dirt. Snarling and hissing until she came to a stop. On her side she rolled over....And he connected with her again. This time she was hit in her side and hit harder than before. She was pitched 6 feet into the air when he attacked one more time. She reeled and was struck on her spine and slammed into the ground again.

Shadow only chuckled as he floated back and then down to stay out of immediate reach. “ All that power and nothing to show for it? I had suspected as much. You have a mortal mind and a mortal mind cannot handle such power. You thought you had control, but you have nothing! No control and that means you have no power! “ He charged again as she was trying to get up. This attack was simple. He slugged her across her face spin her around and then shouldered her back knocking her off her feet again. She slumped back to the ground. She shuddered and tried to get back up again tasting the blood in her mouth. Her mind was racing. Shadow was trying to keep her angry, trying to make her loose control. He controlled the situation as long as she could barely control herself. Whyte was till fighting though. Still trying to calm the beast that Cyn was becoming. Cyn was till fighting as well her Mind joined Whyte’s. Black was watching now. And so was another. They could all feel the part that was Golem slowly turning his attention to the pair as well. Whyte was pleading now. “Please! We must calm ourselves. Our anger and rage are going to doom us!” Her heavenly voice chimed. “ Love? “ Blacks voice bore a slight hiss as she turned her attention to the pleading Cherub. “Hurrr?” Golem sound inquisitive. Here he had voice but still could not speak. Cyn Barely dodged the next attack by rolling clean out of the way. Shadow struck nothing but dirt as Cyn rolled right and scrambled to her feet. Pain set in quickly and took her down to her knee. Her shoulder, right side, and her back burned in sheer pain. “ we cannot win given in to anger and rage! “ Cynergi prime pleaded right along with Whyte on this. “ We are being beaten! Shadow is right. We have no control. No Focus! “ She cried. For a moment there was only the silence. ” I want vengeance! Mother is dead and he let her die! He lies to us! He did not seek to save her! I feel it in my heart and it tears me apart! We must kill him! “ Black spoke out in pure rage. Right now it was all she knew. And again there was silence. Neither Whyte nor Cyn could say a thing to the enraged daemoness. “ You want him dead? Fine. No skin off my shoulders. “ There it was again. The same voice from earlier. All attention turned to it. : Whyte and Cyn are correct. We cannot win if we give in to anger. That path will only lead to our death. I am not ready to die and that means neither are you. “ It hissed intently. Black snarled “ I must have my venge...” the other voice cut her off right there. “ You’ll have nothing! If he defeats you now all your anger and rage go for nothing!” The voice pauses.....” you all know who I am. You all know why I am. You all know the one thing you have to do to beat this. The longer you deny the truth the quicker you will all die. “

Again there was silence. Cyn was trying to dodge the attacks as they came. Injured and still confused by the fight inside rather then the fight outside. Shadow was drawing closer with every strike now and coming at her with even more determination than he had before. She was till fighting to get back to her feet and the attacks were coming nearly nonstop now. He connected again. This time he had morphed his right arm into what looked like a large black blade. She tried to dodge it, but was not fast enough. He sliced right through her left side right under her left breast.    The fabric of her shirt tore and ran red with her blood. She hissed in pain. Her right wings all folded over her front side, fanned out, and hit him flat side. Not a powerful attack, but enough to knock the shadow daemon for a loop. His form vanished in a wisp of smoke as she tried to get away. Stumbling on and off her feet as she retreated. They all felt the same pain now. The cut going a lot deeper then even shadow was aware of. They all felt it. The weakness that was settling in, The Anger Black was feeling, all of it. “ For far too long have I allowed this. Four minds all fighting for the same thing. Fighting to control a life that is not wholly their own anymore. Instead of becoming one you shove one out and argue among the remaining three.. Only together are we strong, are we whole. I am one. I am you and you are all me. Don’t you see? We are four, but we are also one! Please! Stop the fight for control and start the fight for life. Not just ours, but for the children as well.” The Voice nearly pleaded with tem now. Again the only answer was silence. They thought for a moment about what was going on, what was going to happen, and what was said. The anger seemed to vanish almost all at once as the four figures stepped into the light to face each other for the first time with real understanding. Whyte, Black, Cynergi Prime, and Golem. They all looked at each other in silent agreement and one by one stepped forward to the center of the light to join hands. Four forms in her mind vanished and were replaced by a new one..............

Shadow took a few steps back snarling to himself. His little plan had come undone. The rage and hatred Cyn had been harboring was still there, but her aura had taken a drastic shift. The crouching raccoon was now getting up to stand. Ignoring the pain she felt to defy him yet again. The confusion in her mind was gone. The beast was now gone as well. Her eyes stopped glowing as they burned holes in him her stare was so intense and focused now. It was hard to say she was that snarling beast from only moments ago. Cyn took a moment to bask in his confusion before smiling herself. “ You little plan isn’t going to work anymore. “ Hers was a calm almost electric voice born of the Heavens and hell. Like nothing he had ever heard before. Shadow narrowed his eyes and glared at her. Cyn brought a clawed hand up with her fingers flexed and cricked in a half ball. “ Now you will die. You will not have me or the Sealed gate. “ She snarled suddenly. Shadow laughed at her boast. “ Haven’t you figured it out yet? Your claws and fists will not avail you! You are injured and weak! Even if you have managed to get control of yourself you cannot beat me! “ He nearly sounded like he was trying to scold her. He was trying to by himself a few minutes to regain his own composer.

Cyn was not buying into his little ploy. “ Who said anything about Claws? “ She raised an eyebrow and smiled at him wryly. She closed her hand into a balled up fist and clenched it tight. Shadow only smiled back. “ And your Aura Magic won’t help you either. I am the Shadows and your magic holds no sway over me. “ he stated cooly. It was true. Shadow Demons were granted that much. Immunity to Magic born of the Mortal Realm did nothing against him. “ You make assumptions, Shadow. That is a bad habit that will get you killed....by me. “ Shadow’s turn to raise an eyebrow now. What was she talking about? Cyn was more then willing to show him. And shadow could nit believe what he was seeing. Cyn glowed faintly a wondrous shade of blue. From her head sprouted two more sets of ears. One right behind the other behind her original ears. The front set changed to grey, the middle set were Pure white, and the back set were pure Black. Her tail shrunk down behind her to about 1/3 it’s original size as two more seemed to grow. One tail grey with black and white alternating stripes, One pure white, and One pure black in color. Her six wings unfurled, stretched, and fanned out behind her. “ Pretty neat, huh? You should feel lucky, Shadow. No one has ever seen this form. You get to be the first. I would enjoy the view now while there is still a chance because I am the last thing you will be seeing ever again. “ He could feel the tone of her voice growing impossibly cold.. Her Aura was shifting again. Slowly dying down as something else was rising. A different kind of power and one he knew he was not immune to.

It was Ki energy, raw fighting Spirit she was drawing on now. Cyn knew he could see it. She could tell because he was shifting his energy as well. It was not changing like hers. Demon Magic. Shadow had been dipping into forbidden things in his time away. She highly doubted he had time to really get into any of the darker aspects of Demon Magic. Still it would be interesting to see what he had....if she let him live long enough to attempt anything.

Chapter 4
The tension was already peaking. By now even the Acolytes outside Shadow’s wall were feeling the energy in the air rising. Cyn’s wings flexed. There was one attack that could probably end this fight. The thought crossing over her collective mind, but it was also too risky to use here. The Crimson Cross. The attack broke her over all power down to her four separate parts to four points creating a cross with the focal point meeting right where shadow stood. Using him as the focus her power would attempt to converge back on that one focal point. It would enter his body and destroy him from within. The resulting explosion would completely destroy him and everything within a range of about 300 meters from where he now stood with exception her Cyn and her four parts, Cynergi prime, Whyte, Black, and Golem. And once shadow was destroyed those outside his wall would perish the moment that wall came down. Her home would also suffer heavy damage. No....this was going to have to be done the hard way. Straight out one on one until one of them dropped. She would have to kill him quickly or be drawn in a long and tedious fight with him. She was not a big fan of using Ki energy and had only a few attacks to use. She would be forced to use her trump attack very soon or go back to using magic again. She huffed to herself as she readied for her first attack. Shadow was already ready for his. He would have the first strike and he knew it. There would be no holding back. Demon magic was powerful.....very powerful, but he had not had time to master to many spells. The few he had would have to do and they would have to take her out.

“Dark Wave!” Shadow cried out in anger as he stepped forward on his left foot and thrust both hands forward as is attempting to push something in front of him. Cyn was instantly hit and thrown back hard. Her chest burned as an invisible wave of intense heat hit her. Like the fires of heel she could feel her fur burning. The heat surrounded her burning away at her. Quickly she curled up into a tight ball and folded her Bat like demon wings around her attempting to shield herself from the heat. It worked, but barely. She escaped his attack and rolled to the ground trying to extinguish the invisible flames trying to consume her. Shadow did not wait for her to recover and launched the attack one more time. Cyn did not wait for herself either. The moment his attack went off she teleported. Vanishing from where she was to right above his head. He was still in the process of completing his attack when she launched her own against him. “Relevo!”
She shouted. He was just turning his head to look up at her in total surprise when it hit him. Like an angry Sith Lord jumping a Jedi brilliant bolts of lightening shot from her spread finger tips and struck him at point blank range. Like Cyn he had no time to try and dodge the attack. He reeled back as more than 50,000 volts hit him right in the face and chest. Shadow screamed and reeled back in a vain attempt to avoid the continued attacked. Too bad Cyn did not intend to allow him to escape. She swooped in just in time to execute a second attack. The lightening stopped, Shadow tried to recover as quick as he could, Cyn attacked before he could. “Razor pennae!” Still coming down from the air she spread her black raven’s wings out flat to her sides and fanned the feathers. Tucking her arms across her chest she spun quick. The now rigid wings were as strong as any sword. The leading edge of the right wing sliced right through the shadow demon followed by the trailing edge of the left. The right wing sliced from his left shoulder to his right hip. At the last second she changed the angle and the left wing sliced straight across the neck. She spun once more to face him as his body flew apart. She could see the intense pain he was in even on his dark face. One more attack was coming. As her feet touched the ground she shoved her palms out in front of her. “Turpis Vis” Instantly Shadow was hit by an invisible wall. His severed body parts flew in different directions for about 20-30 feet from each other. Cyn folded her wings. And took a few steps back to give herself a little more breathing room. His weakness was revealed. Though powerful his attack took time to cast. He was still using magic. He was beaten. Now she knew she could evade his attacks a lot easier than he could evade hers. She took this moment to heal her burns with a quick spell as she readied to strike him again. This time he was finished. Something Shadow was not ready to admit just yet. He was pulling him back together. Intense pain was the only feeling he had at the moment. Anger and Rage were all he knew. Cyn would give him one more thing to feel. He had only enough time to witness the final stages of her attack. Her wings were all spread flat to the ground. There was a faint glow to them as he witness little sparks of energy jumping between the three sets. Her arms were outstretched towards him with her palms flat to him. The smile on her face saying volumes of good byes to him silently. “ Nova Cannon! “ She shouted at the top of her lungs. Shadow had just enough time to curse his rotten luck as his whole world vanished in a blinding flash. The pain was over as quickly as it started as the white light consumed him instantly. And in that instant is was all over. The wall of darkness flickered and seemed to crumble just barely containing the explosion. Outside the acolytes and the twins watched in amazement as the smoke and dust finally cleared. Cyn was sitting on her knees and hands looking rather haggard and tired. Her wings unfurled and limp. Shadow was just a small crater now. Nothing of him remained, but a memory now. Cyn’s eyes were still fixed on the crater where he had stood. He was powerful. Maybe more powerful than she had given him credit for, but he was also foolish. For all the power he had wielded he was more like a child with a new toy. Still learning how to use it. In his pride he had never realized he inexperience and it cost him dearly. Still....If he had learned to use what he had better........it may very well have been her in that smoldering crater instead of him.......

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LZ: This is an amazing story.
Cynergi: Oh yes. There is missing context. The story is quite old and a lot of the details would require you to know about my old sona. I found this floating around on an old CDRW that was at the bottom of a pile of them.
Donovan: Nice little story, but I have to think some context is missing. Not make fun of it. Just saying there seems to be some character background I may be missing. You say this is an older character, for instance? Is this an older incarnation of Cynergi who does magic? Who are Black and White? Just a couple off the top of my head. Lol

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