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ZimerTheWolFox's Fursona Avatar
Name:ZimerTheWolFox in Grand Forks Offline
State:North Dakota
Species:Kitsune Flof
Relationship:Single, Not Looking

Texan fuzzems
New Jerseys Furrys
Member ID:13550
Last Active:07-05-2024 18:04 PM
Profile Views:6620
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
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Facebook:Hidden from Guests
SecondLife Name:ZimerTheWolFox or HitoshiAkiaDai

Future Space for Blogs

LZ: Hi, how are u? Also, nice suit 995.1 days ago
savage lion the SEA: i'll be your friend i'm looking for more friends as well 998 days ago
Little Tails: Very cool suit indeed. 1017.2 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Cool suit! 1017.7 days ago
Roronoa: Petpets.- 2302.8 days ago
Sir Chan: boops your page 2303.3 days ago
Scourge Foxtail: Sorry Sir, but I own this wall. 3242.6 days ago
Sir Devearux SquishyButt: This wall is mine now 3244.2 days ago
Scourge Foxtail: Winks 3245.2 days ago
Scourge Foxtail: Sure you did. That's why you came run to my page for me.Wink 3245.2 days ago
ZimerTheWolFox: nah uh 3245.7 days ago
Scourge Foxtail: Oh please. You enjoyed it. 3246.1 days ago
ZimerTheWolFox: I have been raped cx 3246.1 days ago
Scourge Foxtail: I claims this wall's vcard. :P 3246.1 days ago

About Me:
Howdy ya'll, I'm a 32 year old female who is Demisexual and just more than a Lurker, I love doing stories,art and enjoy life as best as I can during these rough times. I hope everyone is doing alright. Ya'll be safe out there wherever you are and stay cozy in your home!!!

To those who clearly do not read bio so far:

Sorry in advance, but I don’t drive at the moment. I would love to pick up learning how to drive but right now isn’t a good time for reasons I will not discuss.
I’m seriously only interested in friends right now, preferably 21+ years old incase I randomly get asked to go for a drink with them. I’m not interested in dating anytime soon, sorry but I’m not. But do please message me if you would like to talk to me, I don’t bite much lol. ^_^ But if you do message me please say something more than just “hi” or “hello”. I hate small talk. Just because I have a partial suit, that don't mean you need to ask for nudes or some shit, cause that will get you blocked quickly, same goes for trying to do any sexual rp towards me.

I do have a TikTok if you anyone wants to see anything I post on there. It's @KitsuneFlof

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