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Riffy's Fursona Avatar
Name:Riffy in gold beach Offline
Species:shapeshifter mostly a fox
Relationship:Rather Not Say

Pheonix of FT
Gamer furs
D and D Furs
Pokemon Fans
Skyrim Furries
Member ID:12021
Last Active:06-23-2017 23:25 PM
Profile Views:6953
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Future Space for Blogs

Silas Cog: -climbs on his back and wraps his arms and legs around him- hey bro, what's up? 1.7 days ago
мαℓα: Oooo dont tempt me with a good time 3 days ago
мαℓα: Giggles and slobbers all over his page. 3.2 days ago
мαℓα: Licks all over his wal before wagging her tail quickly. A big smile on her maw in return 5.5 days ago
мαℓα: I hate when youre at work x.x huffs i hope you have a great day hun. Always here when you return 7.1 days ago
мαℓα: You always know the right things to say and I appreciate our friendship. You will always be the one to vent to and Im glad you never hide things from me. Will forever be your protector as you are mine. 8.2 days ago
мαℓα: Hun You make me smile when I think everyone is against me. Thank you for being you. I appreciate it 16 days ago
мαℓα: Sweetest shapeshifter evah gives award 19 days ago
мαℓα: Youre the sweetest hun. 19.9 days ago
Silas Cog: -grabs you and pulls you in for snuggles- 20.1 days ago
мαℓα: Dawww thank you, Sweet Riffy 20.7 days ago
Zenta: Does it not say that? Could have sworn I fixed it :0 22.1 days ago
Zenta: Aww that was hella sweet, Riffy! But you deserve happiness too and never forget that! :3 40.6 days ago
Sage: hihi o3o 43.6 days ago
Harmony Mystheart: cool pic 78.6 days ago
Silas Ghost: just hang in there bud! you got this! 81.5 days ago
ℓιℓιαиє мσияσє: Thank you for talking with me, was a lovely conversation.. 83.1 days ago
Saphira : I'm holding on 93.3 days ago
Kota: Thanks for the welcome 95.9 days ago
💕 Aurora 💕: My wall 123.3 days ago
Abigail : Awww thankyou :) 124 days ago
💕 Aurora 💕: Hugs him 138.2 days ago
Trixie the Welder: Merry Christmas, that's OK about steam you can always message me here!!! 181.1 days ago

About Me:
becoming active again. got telegram uername is Rifuso. wish to chat hit me up.
Rogue noodle here. :P

Eternal friends- Silas-cog, Zenta, Mala(Danger noodle)

Family- Silas-cog

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