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candy cane's Fursona Avatar
Name:candy cane in City Offline
Species:a candy cat
Relationship:Single, Not Looking

Domination and Submission
Anime fur
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gay yiff
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furries looking for mastersmistresses
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Member ID:20074
Last Active:09-24-2020 19:36 PM
Profile Views:1284
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Future Space for Blogs

Reddragoncharlie: Hey 3.4 days ago
Caitlyn Blizzardfoot: Hey 11.9 days ago
renniks: i'm doing well your self? 13.8 days ago
renniks: hello there 13.8 days ago
Joker Wolf: Glad to hear it. 14.1 days ago
articumbreon: -leaves a glowing yellow paw print on your wall then shyly walks off into a cave yellow rings on tail and ears glowing as well as eyes glowing also black fur blending into the darkness of the cave- 15.3 days ago
Cynergi: hello 15.4 days ago
Joker Wolf: Pretty goods. Yourself? 16 days ago
Hina: Hi there 99.2 days ago
Joker Wolf: Hello there. 106.1 days ago
Riffy: Booping for the viewing purposes. 119.6 days ago
Air: Thank you your profile pic is so cute 127.6 days ago
Air: Your wall has been booped 127.7 days ago
〖『ησνα』〗: slaps a big paw print on your wall very noice 151.4 days ago
Takola Vashen: Cute new pic :3 151.9 days ago
Kael: Yo woof 152.6 days ago
Garmy: hi there 153.5 days ago
Takola Vashen: Hello there :3 154.6 days ago
Little Tails: Welcome! 155.9 days ago

About Me:
okay how should i start this.....my power is: power of destroying and power of creating, i also like a long and good rp and i also like to play around with people naughty or playful way either one is fine. dislikes:being called short or taking my top hat off my damn head if you don't do those things i won't destroy you in a flash cane out bye yall!

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