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Name:octibit in City Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking
Member ID:15389
Last Active:07-02-2020 09:53 AM
Profile Views:5772
Distance: Miles
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CloudBurstTheHusky: Hi der! 1593.6 days ago
Franked: Hey, why don't you put a pic in there 1593.9 days ago
Kuro: Huh? I said hi, why are you upset? O.o 1594.5 days ago
Deltabooty: dude you keep posting your stuff im the wrong section. what you keep posting shoikd go in the looking to meet up section. just saying. 1595.8 days ago
vampire: hello! 1596.1 days ago
vampire: hello! 1596.1 days ago
Kali HoneyLips : waves a paw and murrs softly pleasure to meet you 1596.2 days ago
Edvin: Hi to you too 1596.6 days ago
馃張King Dexter馃張: hey 1596.8 days ago
馃悊Whitepawzzz 馃悊: I love bunnies 1597 days ago
Kryler: All the internet traffic. 1597.4 days ago
Rocky Pandog: Mhmm, ya got the right Rocky :p 1597.5 days ago
Rocky Pandog: I'll check shortly and confirm :3 1597.5 days ago
Rocky Pandog: I certainly do :3 find me there under Rocky Pandog, if you can't, private message me and I'll flick you my Email address to find me that way. 1597.5 days ago
Rocky Pandog: You're welcome :p Feel free to add me or pm me, I'm always up for making new fuzzy friends. 1597.5 days ago
Rocky Pandog: Thank you . nice to meet you friend :3 1597.5 days ago
Rocky Pandog: Hey there Octibit . 1597.5 days ago
octibit: a member of this site helped me catch and contact the FBI about catching a microsoft tech support scammer 1598.1 days ago
Zef: Doin' well here glad to see some signs of spring out this way. Howzabout you? 1598.4 days ago
Dodge Drogan: Hiii 1598.6 days ago
Mike Furry: how about MrBunbun? or Bunzilla? HoppyMcHophop? Hee hee. I tease. But then, bunnies are fun to play with. 1598.6 days ago
Kuro: Ah, well hai then. lol 1598.8 days ago
Kuro: Hello bunbun, all is well? 1600 days ago
Zef: Howldy, there! :) 1600.6 days ago
Mike Furry: Hello to you to, mr bunbun. 1601.8 days ago
馃張King Dexter馃張: well i dont mind a hello 1602.4 days ago
馃張King Dexter馃張: hey, how are ya? 1602.4 days ago
Kusafox: Alright :P 1603.7 days ago
Kusafox: Hi there :) 1603.9 days ago
Diego Zerro: hello :) 1603.9 days ago
Lunos: Wait what but im not mad at all...I love meeting new furs. 1604.3 days ago
Lunos: Hello, yourself! (tail wags) 1604.3 days ago
芦韦h蔚螛谐委g委畏螝蟽蟽l委蟽禄: If you'd like to chat, I wouldn't be opposed :3 just message me and I'll reply. 1604.4 days ago
芦韦h蔚螛谐委g委畏螝蟽蟽l委蟽禄: All is fine :3 I don't do it for any particular reason, I just prefer an empty wall 1604.4 days ago
Natsuko: hi 1604.4 days ago
芦韦h蔚螛谐委g委畏螝蟽蟽l委蟽禄: Hello there :3 1604.4 days ago
Harmony Mystheart: pokes the bunny 1606.2 days ago
Soapyotter: rudders around a pretty bun bun nose and toes chirp chirp chirp 1610.3 days ago
Soapyotter: Hops even 1610.4 days ago
Soapyotter: Bunny! snuggles!! we need more people like you in our lives, what's the haps for Holly? 1610.4 days ago
Soapyotter: makes sudz of your wall and cleans up the good spots! Hey hey! 1610.5 days ago
鉂わ笍Ty Kitty鉂わ笍: Welcome to furrtrax! 1610.7 days ago

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