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Lyo Burnside's Fursona Avatar
Name:Lyo Burnside in Lake Elsinore Offline
Species:Monarch Fennec

Crossdressing Furs
Pansexual Furs
Finding someone to chat with
Member ID:17998
Last Active:09-24-2020 19:36 PM
Profile Views:4718
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Future Space for Blogs

snow the wolf: slaps my paw print on your wall and runs away 17.8 days ago
candy cane: howdy! 21.8 days ago
Spots: Love your new pic 22.7 days ago
Lyo Burnside: Wish I could delete messages from here... 24.1 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Hey Lyo, long time no see!!! Hope you are good! 608.1 days ago
Silver: Sorry, I didn't see your comment about my story The Student until just now. Thanks for your kind words. I hope you have time to check out the book. I hope to have the second book released soon. 786.1 days ago
Reilly : A Braixen! Oooo! 863.5 days ago
Tobi : Boop boop haha sorry havent checked my page in awhile x3 912 days ago
Roronoa: Grabs by the ribbons and kisses.- 942.1 days ago
Roronoa: Places licks all over his face.- 942.3 days ago
Roronoa: Damn it foxy, got me squirming all excitedly cause of your voice -showers with love- 942.7 days ago
Mike Furry: You remember me from a past life? Yeah, lets go with that... from a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. 943.4 days ago
=_=( _ )=_=: pokes 943.8 days ago
Roronoa: Snuggles him close as a finally thing so they don't spam the site.- (heart) 944 days ago
Roronoa: Oh no.. we gotta be closer.. so I know you're safe.. 944 days ago
Roronoa: Slips in close, tangling in the ribbons with him.- 944 days ago
Roronoa: Tugs on the ribbons on the foxy's body, whispering.- This is proof that the foxy is miiine 944.1 days ago
Abaddon: Bork 944.2 days ago
Mike Furry: No one remembers me! Or at least they shouldn't.. I am not that memerable. :P 944.6 days ago
=_=( _ )=_=: takes a bow 944.8 days ago
Roronoa: Pfff, I shall steal chu away 947.9 days ago
Lunos: Whoops...I meant... OwO although owls are dope 948.3 days ago
Lunos: Owl 948.3 days ago
Roronoa: Catches the foxy that fainted.- Oh nuu 951.2 days ago
Lunos: I mean it has some good content o3o 951.5 days ago
Lunos: I found it on Tumblr x3 they have a lot of neat gifs that can be used 951.7 days ago
Roronoa: Rawrrr I will nom on chu 951.7 days ago
Lunos: Hehe I guess thats my gimmick cause I always have some kind of trippy background going x3 952.7 days ago
Roronoa: I shall steal the snoopy foxxo 954.1 days ago
Adam The Chespin: Rawr 1003.6 days ago
Spots: Cute foxie 1061.5 days ago
Lyo Burnside: uwu 1067.3 days ago
Lyo Burnside: uwu 1067.3 days ago
Roronoa: Hugs the curious foxy 1067.4 days ago
Fuzzpaws: just making sure you are okay.. 1080.2 days ago
Fuzzpaws: will try too stay on chat longer.. 1093.2 days ago
Lyo Burnside: Hi! 1095.2 days ago
Sage: hihi O: 1095.4 days ago
Jace_Dakota: Blep ;3 1102.2 days ago
Lyo Burnside: Ok! 1119.6 days ago
Lady Severin: Its nothing hun 1120.2 days ago
Lyo Burnside: Thank you... 1121.4 days ago
Roronoa: No one's welcomed you yet? My, welcome to FurrTrax. I do hope you enjoy the stay 1121.4 days ago

About Me:

OwO what's this?

Seems like... This fox... isn't lonely anymore! Yay! This place makes me so happy, and the furs on it deserve medals! You're all really great people! The death is annoying though, so if  you get bored and wanna talk, send me a message! 


Onto something somebody will care about... I look like the average Braixen, but am only a bit taller. I'm also commonly mistaken for a female of my species... Maybe its the hair... It's kinda embarrassing... It could be my absurdly Hypoglycemic diet of anything with artificial sugar in it, mainly chocolate and whipped cream... Just thinking about them make my mouth melt... Except caramel... That is a sin of the highest caliber! (I'm also allergic...) Anyway, if i had to name a difference between me and most Braixen it would be my torso fur, which is a debatable gold, along with a few other places...

I once fought in the Polyester Revolt, which happened because pillows got tired of being humped and blankets got tired of being cumrags, so now I’m afraid of blankets. I also have a fear of water (respectively), Death, losing those close to me, bugs, things too much bigger than me, and Epipens. But I can stand my own against most of these, because I’m a magic foxxo! And my typage is not magic, it is an ability. I mean teleportation and shit.


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