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Ollie's Fursona Avatar
Name:Ollie in City Offline
Species:Snow Leopard
Relationship:Single, Not Looking

Gamer furs
SCP Foundation
Member ID:13368
Last Active:06-09-2019 21:37 PM
Profile Views:14777
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
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PSN Name:Ask

Future Space for Blogs

Ollie: Hey Icy 78.4 days ago
Icy Eclipse: Hello 84.3 days ago
Jace_Dakota: Tags my name on your wall as well. Adding a sloppily drawn smiley face for the ol razzle dazzle. 84.6 days ago
Ollie: If you can! 408.3 days ago
Roronoa: Looks like I'll have to catch you ;p 408.3 days ago
Ollie: So be it! 408.3 days ago
Roronoa: Stalk me, I will capture you 408.3 days ago
Ollie: Hi Ghost 723.3 days ago
Ghost: Hi hi :3! 1065.3 days ago
Ollie: I am 1122.8 days ago
Cloe: Be back soon... 1128.7 days ago
Ollie: Ya, ofcourse Yuni 1142.3 days ago
Ollie: Gday 1142.3 days ago
Eternity : Hello 1142.3 days ago
Yunishiki_Toranaga: Hey ollie. Wanna be friends? 1142.4 days ago
Ollie: Sorry I'm Heterosexual. 1143.4 days ago
Soapyotter: (chirps and snuggles!) 1146.2 days ago
Ollie: Very lonely on here... 1206.4 days ago
Ollie: Not sure, I dont talk much to begin with. 1214.4 days ago
Airiles: have I talked to you before? 1216.5 days ago
Źõęÿ: is messmerized still by background 1250.7 days ago
Ollie: Thanks! ;) 1277 days ago
💝Rawry: salutes Enjoying the background. snickers Is liking your taste. 1277.5 days ago
Ollie: Yo 1297.6 days ago
Whitepawzzz : Hello 1297.6 days ago
Ollie: Wat...i dont get it... why u say WTF and wat us awesome here? 1302.3 days ago
Źõęÿ: Awesome lol 1302.8 days ago
🏈King Dexter🏈: WTF!!!! 1302.8 days ago
Ollie: Damn straight bro 1326.3 days ago
Ether,God of the underworld: We need to go riding again 1331.4 days ago
Ollie: Ur right, u are a registered sex offender Ether. 1332.2 days ago
Ether,God of the underworld: This is a registered sex offender 1333.9 days ago
Źõęÿ: O.O 1334.4 days ago
Ether,God of the underworld: Hay bro your never on hop on 1335.9 days ago
Ether,God of the underworld: slaps and hides under bravo 1346 days ago
Ollie: Fukin idiot XD 1349 days ago
Ether,God of the underworld: shits on quad 1349.6 days ago
Bravo Brokehoof: Yo there 1367.4 days ago
JasmineTheFox: Leaves box of candy on page 1367.4 days ago
Neerik: i ride too 1399.4 days ago
Neerik: i like your lifestyle 1399.4 days ago
Ollie: Yep my favote ;3 1399.9 days ago
MysteryandLove: Oh my god! You're a snow leopard! I love snow leopards! 1399.9 days ago

About Me:

What up furrs, I'm Ollie! You'll see me online once in a blue moon because I always have something going on irl. I'm gradually become more social and love talking to people/making new friends! As far as yiffing goes, I don't have much experience, but I'll give it a shot when the time comes.


My Sona:

Ollie is a typical snow leopard from the Himalayas. White, grey and black fur with a very floofy tail! He enjoys action sports such as riding dirtbikes and atv's, snowboarding, bmx/mtb, and a little skateboarding. 

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