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Reddragoncharlie: Heyo. 983.3 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Hey 1156.6 days ago
Furryfan078: Hello 1156.7 days ago
Kazuko: hi 1156.7 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Happy holidays! If you want to chat , I'm always around. 1219.7 days ago
Furryfan078: Hello 1238.6 days ago
Denra: Hi there 1238.8 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Hopefully your doing well. 1246.6 days ago

About Me:
A large dragoness towers over you. There are almost no words to describe the majestic beauty that stands before you. She is a good 7 to 8' tall and is covered head to toe in white and black scales. The black ones cover the majority of her body but the white scales do run all the way down the front of her body. The tips of her claws and the spikes all along her body are also white to contrast with the vast amount of black. In fact the only things that are not black and white are her eyes. A dull yellow color that observe you with a fierce intensity. She smiles as she adjusts her stance, placing her paws on her hips. You now realize that she has a body that is fit for a Dragon Queen. Her hips are cartoonishly massive and her voluptuous backside looks like it could use a car as a chair. Her long tail swishes to and fro, almost as if it had a mind of its own. A small white dot adorns the Scythe-like tip and you don't doubt that it could wrap around you like a snake. Her majestic wings are almost as big as her whole body and she seems to have a lot of practice flying, even with the weight on her chest. Her breasts are covered in white scales and no nipples are visible due to her reptilian nature. If you think the scales would make a hug uncomfortable then... you would be wrong. A nice big hug from these Jumbo Jugs is as soft as can be and you may find yourself not wanting to leave her. Alexis smiles.
"Do not be afraid, I am the kindest dragoness you will ever meet." You trust her words and look up at her again. She looks like she wants to chat, invite you to stay for a meal or engage in 'naughty activities.' Either way she is a good gal to hang out with.
Feel free to PM or Instant Message me if you wan't to chat and be sure to check the Classifieds as I sometimes have ads there.

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A Strange Hotel10-19-2020 13:23 PM
09-28-2020 09:07 AM
A Strange New Day.12-02-2020 14:23 PM
11-11-2020 12:07 PM
Adjusting isn't easy. Part 112-21-2020 10:32 AM
11-20-2020 14:57 PM
A Change for the better.02-23-2021 09:10 AM
12-03-2020 10:23 AM
Birthright03-01-2021 12:10 PM
02-03-2021 08:24 AM

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