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A Change for the better. Posted by: Furryfan078 at 12-03-2020 10:23 AM, Last Modified 02-23-2021 09:10 AM
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Hey guys! It's me again. 
Inspired by this story. It's multiple parts so this is a pool containing all parts. https://sofurry.anthro.fr/stories?q="Legal Issues - Chapter"
Hope you enjoy! :3

Thursday, May 19th. 9:18 Am.
A pure white Mercedes-Benz A-Class pulls into the parking lot of Sky Labs. A man in his mid to late 20's steps out of the drivers side. He wears a marron red suit with a black tie. A white undershirt is visible in the suits neckline. The man also wears dark black jeans, black socks and white Adidas sneakers. He also has Black, messy hair and glasses that, look all black in you were looking straight at them but from the side, you would see that both bows are a electric blue color. He has a fair complection and a very lean build. He also has bright purple eyes that seem to sparkle in the sun. His name is Alex. Alex strides into the building listening to a tune through his ear buds.  He walks to his office and sits at his desk, checking his emails. Once that is done he heads down to the main lab. Just outside the labs entrence he removes his suit and tie and places a lab coat over his undershirt. He walks to the main entrence and presents his badge to the scanner. The scanner beeps, a latch clicks and Alex pushes the door open and walks inside. The head scientist greets him. He is a man in his late 20's with a slight build. He has black hair, red eyes and pale skin. He wears a black lab coat that signifes his status. He has black jeans like Alex and black shoes. His badge says his title and his name. Shawn Xavier Mast.  "Morning Shawn." Alex says casualy. "What have you to show me today?" Shawn brushes his from his eyes a bit.
"Well, it's in the final testing stages but we believe we have finally perfected the G.A.S.T.E.R Serum." He says with a hint of excitement, breaking his normaly calm and bored exterior.
"The G.A.S.T.E.R Serum?" Alex asks puzzled.
"Genetic Alteration with Supernatral Techniques using Enhanced Robotics. Or G.A.S.T.E.R for short." Shawn informs him.
Alex nods. "Show me." With no words Shawn leads Alex to a chamber where a group of scientists observe a artifical human arm being injected by the serum. For a moment nothing happens but then golden brown fur begins to sprout from the arm. The fur covers the arm and gives it some more musle. The hand on the arm shifts to be more like a paw and the finger nails sharpen into claws.
"It works!" Shawn says in triumph. "We can finally market this." Alex observes the arm and smiles. Then he turns to Shawn and the other scientists.
"You have all done such amazing work for this project. Thank you." He says.
"Well that about wraps it up for today. Lets go guys." Shawn says and begins to leave with the others. Alex staying behind to do some final calculations for the serum. Shawn turns bacl to him as he leaves. "Alex when you leave, lock up chemical storage room B would you?" He says tossing Alex the key. Alex gives him a thumbs up and then goes to his computer.
Hours later.
Alex yawns and turns off the computer. He rubs his eyes and goes to close the storage room. Before he does however he turns on the light and inspects just how many of the serums have been made.  He grabs one at random and notices a black shaped stamp on the vial. It looks like a goat and a small sybol below the name of the animal tells you the gender. This one had the female symbol. Alex places it back and turns to leave but he bumps one of the sheves and it rattles. Alex clenches his arm where he hit it and then he sees two vials fall. Quickly he catches them and sighs. He places them back on the shelf and notices that the two vials he grabbed had cracks in them when they hit each other before they rolled off the shelf. Confirming that he had none of the serum on him he put on disposable gloves and disposed of the serums. Then he tossed the gloves and then locked the room. Alex then wen't to his car and returned home.
Friday, May 20th. 10:12 Am.
Alex groaned and got up. Good thing it's my day off. He thought. Then he slid out of bed and trudged to the bathroom.  Once there he noticed something odd. He was intchy all over but more then that it looked like he had gained a small amout of weight. He shruged it off as natural and took a shower. The shower felt different too, like his skin was more sesetive. He had always had fair skin but he felt it more today then normal. He didn't pay much mind to it and proceeded to dry off. Then he put on a plain white t-shirt, and black sweat pants before heading downstairs and making breakfast. He ate a smiple bowl of cereal and then sat down on the couch to watch TV. Later that afternoon Alex wen't upstairs to his room and turned on his computer to play some video games. Laoding up Minecraft he noticed that he felt even itchier then before. Did I touch some poison ivy or something? He wondered. Then he decided to just ignore it. It wasn't umplesent or anoying but it was there. Later that night Alex yawned and headed to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and then wen't to bed. That night while Alex was asleep something was happening to him. His DNA was changing. He was changing. He had no idea what had happened.
Saturday, May 21st. 10:05 Am.
Alex woke up and was sweating, like someone had left a heater on him. He took off his shirt and headed to the bathroom but still felt warm. Once in the bathroom he realized why. He stared in shock as his reflection. He looked like he had grown a lot of hair all over his chest but he realized that it was fur. He cursed and realized that he must have gotten some of the serum on him after all. He sighed and rubbed his fur covered belly. Not much I can do about it now. Alex put on a dry fit t-shirt and shorts and then laced up some camo shoes and left the house. He put his ear buds in and began to listen to Unaligned by Natewantstobattle. Then he began to jog. As he listened to the music and jogged he felt like he had a lot more stamina. He quickened his pace a bit and as he jogged he didn't notice that the fur had begun to spread furthur. Now it had begun to spread up to his biseps and lower to his waist. It had also begun to move around his torso to his back and sides. After a while he slowed to a walk and then sat down on a bench. In the park here there was almost no one around. He felt calm and at peace. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Alex sighed and then dozed off. As he sat there the changes progressed furthur. This time the fur had begun to spread to his shoulders and his goin where it began to change something else as well.  A few minutes later Alex awoke and then began to walk back home. Once home he went to his room and then sat down to read before he fell alseep again. This time the changes were more drastic. His goin became damp as his insides reformed and a new organ been created. A small slit had formed, almost invisible but clearly fully functional. Then the fur proceded to stop for now having covered his back and started to go up his neck. Then his body began to grow, gaining weight at a slow, steady rate. Then the changes also began to effect his chest. His biseps pushed out a bit and lost any deffenition they had. They pushed out just a bit though and his nipple swelled in size a little to, just pushing against his shirt. Then Alex woke up are realized that it was time for BattleBots. He got up and then headed down stairs. Later after the show he wen't to bed.
Sunday, May 22nd. 9:15 Am.
Alex had never gotten up this early on a sunday but yet he did. The first thing he decided to do was go to the bathroom to check for changes. He was shocked to find how much they had advanced overnight. The fur was now at his hips. It was now that he noted the strange color. It was a white mixed with a grey-blue color. Then Alex noticed the weight he had gained. "Well. At least that means I will have to run more often." He said outloud. Then the phone rang. Alex picked it up and said. "Hello?" Then a female voice spoke.
"Is this Alex?" They asked.
"Speaking." Alex replied.
"Oh good. Listen I have been trying to reach you for some time. Tell me, have you had any accidents with chemicals recently. Like say... I don't know Thursday?" The voice asked with a bit of snarkiness.
"Yes, how did you know that?" Alex asked now a bit suspisous. 
"Well introductions first. My name is Lilly. I know what happened because a vision showed me. It didn't show me much else but I can imagine your transforming correct?" Lily asked though Alex was sure she knew the answer. 
"Yes." Alex said in a breaking voice as the weight of the situation finnaly hit him. How would he ever show his face in the real world again? "I-i-i I don't know what to do anymore!" Alex sobbed.
"Luckily I may just have a solution to your problem." Lily said confidently. 
"Really?" Alex asked though he didn't get his hopes up.
"My parents own a farm that I inherited when they passed away. I don't mind the work as it's mostly just lts just taking care of livestock. You could come live here. You would have a nice happy life. No job, no bills ,no hassle of daily life. Just a simple life." Lily explained. As she spoke the image formed in Alex's head and living in the world he imagined felt right. "So do you agree?"
Alex hesitated for a moment but then said. "Yes."
"Great. Actually I have a few more questions. First One: Do you know what you're turning into?" Lily asked serious.
"No. Actually." Alex replied truthfully.
"I do. I saw exacally what vials you had in my vision and I have a photographic memory. You had a Goat and Horse. However, you would be surprised to hear the they were opposite genders. How that will affect you I am not sure." Lily said with a bit of uneasyness.
"Oh. That's a bit discoforting." Alex said a bit worried.
"Hey it's okay. Im sure I will be able to help you. I am a lot more then I appear but you will see in time. Second question: Where do you live?" Lily asked with her usual cheery tone.
"Why do you need to know this?" Alex asked skeptical.
"Well, in my vison I saw me in my truck driving you to my farm so I imagine that you won't be able to do that yourself."
"I see. Well I live in a appartment complex on Westpoint Rd in Garderton County. Appartment #17" Alex said understanding and wondered just who she was.
"Okay. I think that is all I need for now. Sleep well tonight, be carefull and I will be there tomorrow." Lily finished.
"Okay, bye and Lily?" Alex said.
"Yeah?" She asked.
"Thanks. It means a lot to me." Alex said with sincerity.
"Aww. Thanks! Your so sweet. Byyeeeeeee!"Lilly said happily. Then she hung up and Alex set the phone down. Then Alex placed his hands over his face. 
"What am I going to do? Alright first things first." The rest of the day was spent readjusting his life. Doing something about his job and appartment and packing up some belongings. Then, tired he wen't to sleep.
Monday, May 23rd. 10:30 Am.
Alex awoke to someone knocking on his door. He trudged over still half asleep and opened it. A quick slap to the face woke him up and he jumped, startled. "Guahh!"  Then Alex noticed a woman standing there and he calmed down a little. "You must be Lilly then." He said. Then he noticed that his voice was noticably higher. She nodded and the showed him a mirror. Alex gasped as the fur had completly covered his face. His face had also shifted in shape as well. He now had a noticable muzzle and his ears were longer and could hear much better. Alex also noticed little horns on his head. Then all he felt was pain and he fell to the gound cunvulsing, his vison fading in and out but then suddenly all was calm.
"Hey! Hey! You okay?" He heard Lilly ask. He groaned and sat up.
"I am now. What happened?" He asked.
"Well, due to the clashing changes your body tried to form a hybrid of the two as best it could but in doing so it caused a imbalence and you would've mutated into who knows what if I didn't do anything. I am a witch. So, I was able to balence the two serums to form a hybrid of what is left. You might see some things change but other than some minor things, I don't think much will happen." Lilly explained and Alex hugged himself and all the things that could've happed ran through his mind. He took a few steps then suddenly fainted. After that only flashes of events. Lilly carring him out of the appartment. Alex in her truck. Then the large farm that he had dreamed of.
Wendsday, May 25th. 11:47
Alex groaned and the felt strange. He looked around to find himself in a bedroom. Then looking at himself he blushed because he was naked. Then he noticed his chest was pushed out and he touched one of the mounds to be rewarded by a bit of pleasure. Then he felt his body begin to change even more. Right before his eyes he felt and watched his breasts expand. They were about a small B at the moment and he watched them go up in size to be at least a C. Then he felt even more changes but this time they were on his lower body. He removed the covers and looked to see his butt and hips begining to expand. "Uhhhh." He moaned and then felt a wetness in his groin that made him shiver when he reaized just what it was. Alex looked at their body and then sighed. Guess I could call myself a girl now. It wouldn't be so bad I guess. Alexis looked at her body and noticed that every inch was covered in fur. She then got up and made her way to the restroom. Afterwards she found clothes sitting by the bed. Before Alexis got dressed however she noticed something else as she examined her body in a full lenth mirror. Not only had she been developing some female curves and anatomy, she had also gained a fair amount of mass on her body. She noticed her equipment had changed as well. To her surprise it was actually a fair big bigger. Her balls were now the size of orange's and her tool itself was a good 8in in length. Then she noticed a small pink sac of flesh growing behind her new female slit. She confirmed that this was, in fact, her udder. Then looking closer she noticed that not only had she developed a second set of nipples on her chest, telling her she would have four breasts in the near future, she also had two nubs forming right above her groin. Okay...? If the horse part was male then why am I getting things that are anatomicly correct for a mare? Alexis wondered. Then she decided to ask Lilly and then got dressed. The clothes were a large T-shirt and shorts that didn't leave much to the imagination. A bra was provided though Alexis decided not to wear it as it would be irrelivant in the future and because of the extra set of breasts. Alexis slipped on the T-Shirt with a bit of effort and moaned a bit when it brushed against her tender nipples. Alexis looked at the shorts and then at the body in the mirror. She decided that clothes were irrelivant at this point and though she didn't like it, she dicarded the t-shirt. Then Alexis made her way down stairs and found the kitchen and dining room. Lilly was mixing up something in a large bowl and turned around as Alexis entered. "Good Mor-ahh!" She yelped when she noticed Alexis naked body. Lilly calmed down quickly and gave Alexis a simpithetic smile. "Ditching the clothes already huh?" Alexis nodded slightly and Lilly walked over, placed the bowl on the table. Then she caught Alexis by surprise by leaning down and gave her a hug. Alexis blushed but then returned the hug, tears brimming her eyes.
"I'm becoming a monster." Alexis muttered with a breaking voice.
"No matter what you look like, you will always look beautifull to me." Lilly broke the hug and placed her hands on each side of Alexis face and looked her in the eyes. "That is what you need to belive as well. You need to accept what you are becoming and enmbrace the changes..." Then Lilly stepped back and exhaled. Then a blinding light surronded her body and once it dissipated Alexis stared in disbelief at Lilly's form. Lilly had now assumed the form of a Centaur Herm. She possesed fur on her upper body but it only covered her belly. On her lower body she posses 4 pairs of breasts that were all a good K-cup and full with milk. Her belly sagged with evident pregnancy and resting behind her belly sat an enormous and unsheathed tool. It was so thick around that a Semi Truck tire could fit around it. In length it was as long as her body and it sagged a bit but even though it wasn't erect it was too massive to contain in a sheath. Her balls were so big that they should've drug on the floor. Thankfully, her legs were long enough so that they didn't. "thats what I did." She finished and smiled. Alexis jaw hung open but then she blushed when she realized she was staring.
"But how?" She asked wIth clear astonishment
"A spell gone wrong. I was attempting to well... look outside." Lilly said and Alexis looked out the window to find many more anthro's roaming around. Bulls, cows, Goats, Chickens and others walked around and wen't about their lives on the farm. "My great aunt had given me this farm as a gift. However, she didn't mention that there was a special spell that activated once any animal entered the property. I figured this out when a cat entered the property and I found it sitting at my doorstep as a humanoid. Also it made every animal a herm. Probably to make sure breeding could happen. However, after I brought a few more animals onto the property, I acidentally destroyed the spell by clensing. Which eliminates all curses and spells. So after she passed I found her spell book and attemted to recreate the spell. It didn't work so I tried to create a animal. I chose a horse but made a mistake when I was reciting the spell and instead of dissipating the magic, I ended up hitting myself and you see the result here." She finished motioning to her body. "My body changed quickly and by the end of the day I looked like this but with smaller breasts and I was still fully female. I used to loathe the results of the change but soon I grew to enjoy it and even grew to accept it as who I really am. That's what you need to do and then you may just find yourself enjoying your new body." Lilly explained. Alexis then dicided this would be a good time.
"On the topic of my body I have a question." Alexis told Lilly.
"Fire away." She replyed.
"You said that the horse serum was male right?" Alexis asked.
"Correct." Lilly answered.
"Okay so then why am I developing..." Alexis moved the fur around her dick and balls so that it revealed the two nipples and small mounds that were forming. "these?" Alexis finished and pointed to them. Lilly glanced down and scuffed a hoof on the hardwood floor.  Then she sighed.
"Don't be mad but I casted a few spells on you. I thought you form would be so cute with some more features. For example, your dick would not have been there if I hadn't casted a spell to not only make it grow bigger and thicker but also be the correct shape for a horse cock." Lilly said. "I can remove them if you really don't want them." She added. Alexis was about to say something but then decided against it.
"What other spells did you cast?" Alexis asked, now intrigued.
Lillys head lifted up and she smiled. "Well... I made you balls grow along with you dick obviously but I may have gotten a bit carred away with making you a herm." She glanced away. "You see the spell I casted on your balls was 'Cum Factory', which makes your balls produce cum at a inhumanly quick rate. On your dick I cast a spell called 'Hung like a horse.' which is self explanitory. I also gave you a few spells that make your equipment, both male and female, extra sensitive. I think thats it though." Lilly concluded. Alexis sat there for a moment.
"Could you cast more on me?" Alexis asked. To this Lilly replied with a girly squeal.
"YAAAAAY!" She said and then calmed down. "Yes I will but we should get to work and later I will try some out on you." Lilly explained and then headed outside. Alexis realized that working outside may requrie getting dirty so she barrowed some overalls from Lilly.
The rest of the day Alexis worked with the other animals and while most of them were able to attend to their own needs themselves some needed help. Alexis wondered what kind of spells she wanted Lilly could cast on her and then blushed as a image of Lilly popped into her head. As Alexis walked she pictured herself looking at Lilly's cunt and then she pictured herself ramming Lilly. As these pictures went through Alexis head her erection grew inside her overalls. She quickly unzipped them and began stroking her member until it was fully erect. As she began stroking herself a image of her riding Lilly's tool appeared in her head. As she savored this thought Alexis came in both reality and the daydream.  Then Alexis zipped up her overalls and went to finish the days work. Later Alexis found Lilly waving her inside from the front porch. Alexis reached her and as Lilly began to head inside she stopped as she noticed something. She snickered and placed her hands on her waist. "Look's like someones a bit excited." Lilly said in a serious tone that was broke by the smile on her face. Alexis gave a confused look but then glanced down at her overalls to find a tube like budge visible.
"Oh." Alexis said and blushed at the fact that she had gotten a erection without really realizing it.
"Did one of the bulls try to charm you?" Lilly asked with a grin.
"What?! No!" Alexis blurted and blushed at the thought. Lilly giggled and then turned to go inside, giving Alexis a clear view of her cunt.
"So what did get you so eager huh?" Lilly asked and turned to Alexis who blushed bright pink and looked at the ground. "To embarassed to say huh? That's okay, I understand. However this is progress towards acepting your new body. Now, about those spells you wanted. Don't be afraid to ask because I can pretty much do anything you ask for. So go ahead." Lilly said and waited. Alexis stood there and thought for a moment. 
"Quick question. How long will the 'Hung like a horse' spell make my dick?"
"Well about a foot to a foot and a half long. Why you wan't it smaller?"
"Uh no." Alexis said and looked at the ground with a blush. Then she removed her overalls. 
"Oh. I see." Lilly said and craked her knuckles. "How big do you wan't it? I can give you a lot of length, a lot of girth or both. I mean mine is a good 4 and a half feet long right now and even longer when I am turned on but it is still more girthy then it is long." Lilly explained.
"Um. You can choose that. I'm not really sure how I wan't it." Alexis said. Lilly smirked and then cupped her hands and wispered something uniteligable. Then a soft blue mist appeared in her hands. 
"This may be a little strange." Lilly said as she walked over to Alexis and then put a ball of the mist in each hand and then placed her hands on each side of Alexis dick and rubbed her hands along the length of it. Alexis moaned with pleasure as she did. Then Lilly stepped back. "That should take effect once you wake up tomorrow so you can enjoy each second of it. What do you wan't next?"
"Well... I wan't my pussy and my ass to be able to take large insertions." Alexis said.
"How big are we talking?" Lilly asked.
"Enough so that if you wan'ted to take me, you could." Alexis answered and then wished she had worded it differently but it was too late. Lilly froze as her brain put the peices together. Then she laughed a little.
"Heh heh. You naughty little girl." Lilly said and moved closer to Alexis. Her towering height now made Alexis feel very small. However, Alexis noticed that her sent could give away her emotion. Alexis realized that there was no hint of anger or dissipointment. "You know... it's been a while since I have emptied these." Lilly said and using her rear legs to squeeze her massive ballsack. "I think you will enjoy every second of me emptying them into you." Lilly said with a malicious grin. Alexis gulped and then Lilly picked Alexis up and layed her down belly first on the dining room table. Then Alexis moaned as she felt her butt and hips expand and she looked back to see them expand greatly. Her ass now two big beachballs and her hips and thighs so large that the were touching. Alexis also felt her pussy and butthole change too. They seemed to shift and they expanded. Alexis felt her body grow in size as well, becoming much taller and gaining a decent bit of weight. Then Alexis felt something prod at her backdoor. Then that prodding began gentle nudging and Alexis felf to hand grab her hips. "Here we go." Lilly said and then a few seconds later she shoved he entire lenght into Alexis who moaned with intence pleasure.  Then Lilly began to thrust in and out and while there was a fair bit of pain due to the sheer size of her massive tool, it slowly began to fade as her precum began to lubricate Alexis passage. As this became esier Lilly increaced the speed of her thrusting and soon was going at a good pace the kept Alexis constantly on the edge. As Alexis was there, getting her brains fucked out, something inside her let go as if the final lock had broke and now the doors were free to open. Alexis mind became hazy, deep within a trance of lust and enjoying the experience she was in. Suddenly Alexis felt Lilly's cock swell inside of her and then it pulsed and began pumping thick streams of cum into Alexis and not showing many sighs of stopping soon. As this happened Lilly pulled Alexis as far onto her cock as possible to prevent any cum from leaking out but even still some hit the floor with a splat. Lilly held Alexis there for a good while, the whole time her cock pumping steadily into her and Alexis loved it. She knew that Lilly had so much cum inside her that it would take a long time to empty them at this rate. Then suddenly she moaned and thrust again into Alexis and her cock swelled even more inside her as it suddenly let out a huge jet of cum the made Lilly let out a "GAHH!" Then long drawn out bursts of cum slowly shortened and shortened until Alexis felt ready to burst as her belly was full to the brim with Horse Cum. Then slowly Lilly began to remove her dick from Alexis butt and with a pop, Alexis slid off and hit the floor panting for breath and Lilly stumbled a bit on shaky legs and then slid to the floor and her body came to rest on her giant tits on her lower body. "That... was... fun." Lilly said between breaths. "However, tomorrow morning should be interesting to see. Well all that cum has to go somewhere and well you will see. Along with the tool increase I gave you. However, right now your probably thirsty. Alexis then began to float thanks to a spell and was set down on the ground. When she looked up she saw a large nipple with a bit of milk forming on the tip. Then the breast lowered and Alexis began to suck at it eagerly. Eventually reaching up to grab it like a baby would. "Aww." Was Lilly's response and a pink blush appeared on Alexis face but she continued to nurse on Lilly's breast. Eventually, Alexis was satisfied and she stopped and Lilly lifted her body and pushed Alexis out from under her and then flopped back down. They lay there for a while and Alexis wondered if that really happened. Well... it did, I should know. I am Alexis.
Later, after recovering from the intence sex, both Lilly and I got up, said goodnight and wen't to bed. I fell asleap quickly but my dreams were wild with energy.
Thrusday, May 26th. 6:00.
I awoke with a start and looked at the time. I groaned and decided to lie back down but couldn't see to go back to sleep. Agitated, I threw the covers off and attemted to get out of bed. I say attemted because I tried to stand up but felt unsteady on my feet and sat back down. Looking down at my feet I noticed that they had now transformed into hard hooves and it took a few minutes of stumbling and practice but I managed to walk on them. As I got up I decided to look in the mirror to see if anything else had changed. I saw that I now had a cute cow tail that swish to and fro seemingly on it's own accord. Then I felt something slosh and I looked to see that my udder had grow tenfold overnight! It was a small sac no bigger than a tennis ball the other day and now it was the size of a volley ball. I sqeezed it teasingly and giggled as it squirted a bit of milk. I wonder how big it will get before I have to get milked? I wondered. Then I felt and pleasure run through my body as suddenly I noticed that my breasts had grow to a D overnight but were about to be even bigger. I also noticed that my second set had also grown and were geting bigger. I moaned and sqeezed my expanding breasts as they grew to huge H-cup pillows. All four bounced, jiggled and had milk sloshing about inside each of them. That also reminded me of the mare udder I had been growing and I noticed that each were the size of a basket ball. I realized that I was going to be a challenge to milk as I had so many things that were all filled with my milk. Then it dawned on me. I need to do something with all of this milk. Sure, a milking is fine but pehaps I could find a nice male to... I shook the thought away but it left me needy and panting. Realizing this I groaned as I didn't wan't to become slave to my body's instincts. I placed my face in my hands and wondered what was wrong with me. Then I remebered what Lilly said yesterday. I got up and looked at my body in the mirror. Taking a deep breath and closing my eyes, I let go of all my fear, anger, and distaste and anything that was between me and the acceptence of my new form. Once I found it, I surrendered to it and when I opened my eyes again, they still looked the same but saw differently. They no longer saw a body that they had cursed themselves with. No, they saw a body that was a blessing. They saw this as a change for the better. I knew that I may not be completly driven by instincts but that I would have to submit to them sooner or later and I had to accept that because this is my new life. Then I remembered one last thing from yesterday as it began to happen. I looked in the mirror and looked down at my groin. My member remained in it's sheath but soon it began to become erect. Once it reached it's full length it stopped for a moment and then it began to thicken and lengthen. It grew at a steady pace and yet each moment gave a wave of pleasure as big as the next and they didn't stop. I watched with astonishment and eagerness as the rod grew to be a good 3 1/2 ft long and stopped getting longer but did not stop getting thicker. I watched as my tool gained more and more girth and the cock head began to shift slightly. I pulled the erect tool closer to my face to see that the cock head was changing into a horse cock head. My tool was also begining to match that as well as it developed a pink and black splotchy appearence. As my tool continued to thincken I stared at the tip of my equine phallus and with almost no warning my body acted for me. I leaned foreward and clamped my around my still growing tool and began to suck as precum began to leak from it. Then I began to stroke it as it became at thick around as a narrow tree trunk but my mouth must also be equiped to handle larger insertions becasue I managed to fit it easily. Soon I had myself cumming into my mouth and I swollowed the thick streams of cum that seemed almost endless and I realized this and I pulled my tool out of my mouth even as it continued to cum with out end. Each stream was pure heaven but through the pleasure I was able to see that I had balls that were large enough to touch the ground even if I stood up. Looking at my udder I also noticed that it had finished growing as well and it hung to my knees. I examined my body from head to toe. My goat head with hair that resembled a mane. My body covered in grey and blueish fur. The four lovely pillows that rested on my chest and bounced with every move. My belly that had been emptyed of Lillys cum. My outrageously large ass and wide hips that would be sure to catch the eye of anyone I walked past. My mare udder that hung right above my dick which hung limp but didn't feel like retreating back its  sheath. Which was fine with me since I prefered to have it on display. Behind my tool hung massive balls that ached to release again but not so much that I would wan't to fuck the next thing I see. My udder also dangled with a very clear perpose and the perpose was to feed my babies that I didn't yet have. However, I doubted I would be a vergin for much longer as my pussy ached with desprete need and it was near impossible to ignore. What I was wondering though is should I try to get someone to fuck me just so I can sate the sensation or should I choose someone who is willing to do it for love rather than lust. The question is... how would I know who is right? I decided to ask this later and headed downstairs where I rounded the corner and ran strait into something. Dazed I waited for my vison to return and realized that I not run into a tree branch as I thought. I wasn't too far off as I had run into 6ft of Centaur cock that was large, throbbing and erect. Her dick rested on my belly and I could feel it throb with her heartbeat. Then I saw her arm reach down to help me up as she moved her tree of a cock off of me. Once she helpped me up she stepped back and I notice that as she looked me over, a visible blush appeared on her face. She hid it by turning around to go make breakfast but she did say. "I see your transformations have finshed. You look beautiful." 
"Thanks. I just hope the herms and females have holes big enough to take me." I joked. Then Lilly was silent for a long moment and I decided to bring up my current situation. "I am in heat. I know I am. It is taking a lot of willpower to try to ignore the ignore the intence heat and the itch to breed." Even as I said this my cock began to stiffen yet again. Lilly however was silent after I said this and I knew something was up. "Your not really the timid type. So something isn't quite right." She sighed at this and I worried that I may be the problem.
"If I am the issue then I can leave..." Before I even so much as got the words out of my mouth she was at the table with tears in her eyes.
"No! You are the reason I am like this but I don't want you to leave I wan't you to be with me. I-I-I wan't to be a shoulder to cry on and someone you can trust with your secrets, your life and your love. I wan't to be your everything and your world. I wan't to be the last one who kisses you goodnight and the first to say goodmorning. I wan't to be your lover." Lilly said and the tears stramed down her face. I was stunned and speechless. I had strong feeling for her as well but she had just poured her heart out and I didn't know how to respond. So I took a breath and grasped Lillys hands in mine. 
"Lilly. When that accident happened and I began tranforming. I was lost and unsure what to do, I was afraid and not sure how I was going to live... like this. Then you called me and you changed all of that. You saved me from a horrible fate and took care of me when I couldn't do that myself. Then yesterday I saw your true form and at first I had wanted you to fuck me right then and there but I controled it because I didn't know how you would react. While I was working that day I jacked off by having a day dream of you fucking me and that dream came true. It was afterwards that I contiplated my feelings and at the time I didn't know what I felt for you. If it was love, lust or just atraction. Then, this morning, I accepted my new life and when I did I finally orgnized the feelings inside me. When I looked in the mirror I saw a body I loved, a body that you made possible. I saw you as a trusted friend when I first came here but I think I have finnaly come to accept the words that my heart has been screaming for me to say. I love you too." When I had finished I felt Lillys hands shake and tears rolled down her face in waves. Then she dropped her front legs to her knees and she was going to give me a hug but I wrapped my arms around her and then locked lips with her passionitly. She was a bit caught off gaurd but soon returned the kiss with the same ammount of passion that I did. Then she broke the kiss and without warning I was flat on my back on the kitchen table. Then, in proper horse fassion, Lilly reared up on her rear legs and her front legs landed on either side of me. Using her arms from above she reached down and moved my body in position. Then she backed off the table and lowered he body so her face was at head level with my pussy. Then using magic she shifted her face from human to full equine and then grabbed my ultrawide hips and burried her face into my pussy, licking every inch of it with the skill of a profesional. I was moaning and panting and orgasmed multiple times. Then she pulled her head, which was muzzle deep inside me, out and it was covered in girl cum. She smiled.
"Wait here, I need to grab something." She said and trotted off. I laid there and heard soft drips as my pussy leaked a bit of girl cum left over. Then I made it a small puddle by teasing it. Lilly returned and she had something beghind her back. Then she turned around and did something with it I couldn't see and then turned back around. I was usure of what it was a frst but soon I found out as she fasted it around my neck. It was a collar with a bell on it. 
"When I fixed your imbalence I had to add a thrid element to create a three way balence. The third element is cow dna. I did this because it was similar enough to a goat that it would really do much. So now that the changes have finished I can fully activate it. That's what this bell does." Lilly said and snapped the bell around my neck. Then she rang it and the sound seemed to echo a thousand times in my ears. Then the magic took hold. My body realaxed and both my udder and breasts began to leak milk at a slow and steady rate. I felt myself panting and couldn't make myself stop as the changes felt too good. As my udder and breasts began to lactate, my equine penis began to stand erect. "Guess your cock cant go back into it's sheat like mine cant. Well, maybe yours can." Lilly said with a questioning tone in her voice. I was too far lost to care and once Lilly rammed her massive sheath into my vergin pusssy, it was over. I was claimed and had found the one I was men't to have and to hold, through good times and bad. Until death do us part.

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