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Adjusting isn't easy. Posted by: Furryfan078 at 11-20-2020 14:57 PM, Last Modified 11-20-2020 14:57 PM
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Hope you enjoy this story.

Hi. My name is Alex. I live in a world that is a bit different. In my world, Human's and Humanoids or Anthro Animals live together peacefully. We live together, go to school together. It wasn't easy to adjust to them but we managed. A lot has changed but a lot is still the same. However, adjusting isn't easy. Especially for me. Why? Well... lets just say I have always been see as a outcast even when humans were the only inhabitants of earth. When the animals came everything kinda spiraled out of control. I made some bad decisions and got punished for them. I fell to a low that I didn't think I would ever get back up from. Then SHE came. My long lost sister, separated at birth. Now, you would be right when you said this made me feel better but wouldn't you know something? My sister is a Anthro Cow. If so... then what does that make me? So, now that you know who I am. Let's continue.
I was almost summer break, I had survived another year of school filled with prejudice. I was cleaning some items out of my locker when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I was prepared to spin around and punch them straight in the face but I didn't. The person who tapped my shoulder did it delicately and without even saying a word. It wasn't someone trying to insult or hurt me. I turned and stood face to face with a bright blue furred bunny woman. Now, I have always noticed it but never questioned why. I just assumed that it was because my sister was a Anthro yet I was a human but Anthro's always looked at me strange. They seemed to be considering something but couldn't figure out what to do. The bunny in front of me had the same look and I was backed against my locker and could do nothing but wait. Eventually she stopped and grabbed my hand and motioned for me to follow her. I closed my locker, grabbed my stuff and followed her to a science lab. In there I felt like I had been brought into a trap. There were at least three other Anthros in there and I thought they were going to beat me up. There was silence for a moment. I took this moment to study each of the Anthro's in the room. One of them was a Black and White furred Kitsune. She stood at a least 6' 3'' and yet she projected a kind and welcoming atmosphere. Her eyes were red but not threatening. She also wore no clothes as almost all anthros couldn't and because their fur covered some of the more... explicit parts... it was normal for them. She had at least H-cups and they looked as soft a pillows. She had some defined muscles even under the fur. Not much but enough to be able to protect herself. Her lower body was also impressive. Along with the eight tails she has curves that every mother want's. Nice large and wide hips with a round ass to boot. She was perfect in every way and I imagined there were a lot of men who sought her. The Blue bunny who brought me here moved around a lot, as bunny do, her older sister however, which I knew from my math class, was quite patient. Her name was Mary and she tapped her foot on the ground a bit. She had a pretty good figure. She had white fur all over but bright blue eyes that were full of intelligence as she has helped me in math quite a bit. She had decent D-cups and a slim hourglass figure all topped off with a round puffball tail. He younger sister was very similar in figure but smaller. She hopped around the room without a care in the world. The last anthro in the room was a rare sight. A Anthro mare with all the right curves. Luscious dark brown fur, G-cups, wide hips and a bit of muscle. However, her crotch contained a bit of a surprise. There was a package tucked away in there and while I couldn't see the sheath, the large balls were visible even though her crotch boobs or udder as they are sometimes called helped hide them a bit. I stood there feeling awkward and uncomfortable when finally Mary spoke.
"So... your the guy with a Anthro sister right?" She said but she clearly knew the answer. I nodded and she turned to the other two. "You already know me but not these two. This is Ruby." She said pointing to the kitsune. "This is Tessa." She said and the Mare Herm gave a little wave. "Oh and this is my sister Mia." Mary said and the little blue bunny gave my hand a vigorous shake and then bounced over a counter and then went to do her own thing. "Hi. I have a question. Why am I here?" I said confidently. At this Rudy took my hand as Mary said. "Let us show you." Ruby led me along and we entered a adjoining room where there was a board on the wall that had a picture of me, my sister, and my parents. Mary pointed to the picture of me and my sister. "You two are brother and sister, but you are different species. That means the parents you know adopted you and your sister before they died." She said and paused. "I am sorry about what happened to them." Ruby wiped a tear from my face with a tail and I nodded. "Continue." I choked out. Then regained my composure but the sorrow showed. "Anyway, that means your birth parents were a interspecies relationship with one being a Anthro and the other a human, right? Now, through some phone calls with your sister and some digging of our own we discovered something shocking. That was not the case. Your birth parents were both Anthros. Yet how did they get a human son? They didn't. They had two lovely little girls, Jessica and Alexis." She stopped to let the info sink in. I looked at the ground and my jaw hung open as I processed what she had said. "However, Alexis was not a normal Anthro. She was a hybrid and while that is accepted now, at the time she was born it was not. So, they disguised your form and hid you away and gave you a new name. They sent you to the human world with no knowledge of what you really were Alexis." Mary said directing the name at me. I was shocked, I never knew and now learning it was causing my head to spin and my world was turned upside down. I calmed down and asked. "What do you want with me then?" More silence followed by Mary whispering something to Tessa and Tessa left for a minute and came back with a large pod machine that had hover pads that allowed it to be transported with ease. She set it down in a corner and began fiddling with it and she clearly knew what she was doing. "You see, Anthro look at your strangely because they can smell your sent. They can smell your true form but while it is gone we can still see what you should really look like. This machine will transform you into the form you were always meant to be. You will be yourself, your true self." Mary finished. Tessa turned to us. "It's all ready Mary!" Then she opened the pod door with a button on a tablet. Mary motioned towards the pod. "Whenever your ready. Take your time." As I sat there and sorted through all the jumbled emotions and thoughts and questions that threatened to make my head explode, Ruby did something that caused it all to sort itself out and calm my mind. She squatted down a bit and hugged me before she gave me a tender kiss on the forehead. I looked at her with wonder and confusion but she simply smiled and said. "Go, be who your meant to be." After she said this I smiled and stepped into the pod. I was still confused and had a lot of questions but they could all be answered in time. Then I heard a beep and the tube's glass door tinted. For privacy I guessed. A screen showed on the door and it gave me instructions. It first told me to strip and I did. Next, it told me to sit and relax and a comfy chair was provided. I sat down and took even breaths. Then a VR Helmet was placed on my head. A bit confused I still put it on and found myself standing in a empty street. Then the scene shifted quickly to a living room and then it changed to a hospital room. I saw a doctor talking to my mother who lay in a bed after giving birth. I couldn't hear what the doctor was saying though and suddenly I heard a very familiar voice. "Hey little bro. This is a message I made for you. I never knew you would hear it so soon but It had to happen some day. I am sure you know why you are listening to this and what is happening. This is the life you don't remember so that's why I made this simulation. Once you remember everything up to your arrival on Earth, you will truly know that this was the only way to protect you. While you watch this sim you will undergo changes in reality so be prepared. Lastly, I am so sorry for keeping this from you but I hope you forgive me. Bye Alexis, see you tonight." Then her form disappeared, a hologram. I turned back towards the sim and watched. Then I saw him, my father. He was a handsome man too. He was a tall ram but though he looked frightening he was so kind and gentle toward my mother. Suddenly I felt a wave a nausea as the scene shifted. At the same time I a needle prick me and then I felt itchy all over. I looked to see fur sprouting all over my body until it covered every inch of me. It was mostly white but mixed with grey at some spots but still had the black spots throughout. Then I felt like I had a splitting headache, I felt the top of my head and found two nubs that soon pushed out and curved into long horns. Then my ears lengthened as well becoming cow like. Then I felt my face push outwards and looked at a mirror in the sim as my body changed in the sim as it did in real life. When I looked I saw a bovine like muzzle and my head was shaped differently too. The last thing to change was my hair as it grew long and reached the middle of my back. My face looked out of place on my body but I knew that soon it wouldn't. I felt something enter my mouth and was surprised when in the sim I was now spectating my small infant body as I nursed on my mothers breasts. In reality they simulated the same with a breast shaped device that fed me milk like I was a baby. I took a quick taste and the milk felt warm and comforting and tasted great. I began to suck on the breast and I almost fell asleep. As I continued to suck I was aware of what the milk was doing to my body. The more it fed me, the more fat I gained on my body but soon it stopped and I had quite a bit of chubbiness to my body now. Then the breast was removed but soon a large pink blob came into view on the sim. Then I heard my mother say. "This will make sure you look pretty, impress the boys and have many children of your own Lexie." Then I felt the warm teat of a udder enter my mouth and it began pumping milk into my mouth and I had to swallow quickly to keep up.
(To be completed...)......

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