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Jackson's Fursona Avatar
Name:Jackson in City Offline

Dark Souls peeps
Member ID:2418
Last Active:06-13-2019 16:58 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

Folfychancg: Hi there I need a favor;) 159.6 days ago
Stormii: Hi hi 730.4 days ago
Ashe Blackheart: pokes your cheekmy perception suuuuucks XD 793.9 days ago
Vulpes: haha thank you! 822.9 days ago
Pawaseh: Pardon my irresponsiveness! I am always quite busy. 827.5 days ago
ℓιℓιαиє мσияσє: Thank you, do hope all is well. 832.5 days ago
Ashe Blackheart: Tiefling?whiskey?tea?by the nine how have you slipped uder my radar 845.2 days ago
St☆rdust Rose: hello 897.7 days ago
storm bloodbane: hello back 900.6 days ago
Tanner The Husky: Oh hi! 949.9 days ago
Kenic: Hello to you as well 950 days ago
Kerzell: Hello :P 950.2 days ago
Nantonii : Hia 957.6 days ago
Aurora : I have a master already pup 960 days ago
Aurora : Pup ;) 960.1 days ago
Aurora : Hi 960.2 days ago
Deored: Hi :) 960.7 days ago
Charuna: ive been alright, how have you been 964.2 days ago
Luna (Keeper of the Moon): Tehehehehe boops and runs 968.2 days ago
Luna (Keeper of the Moon): Boops 968.2 days ago
Gray: Hello there friend 1002.2 days ago
Chip: Hey there! Love your profile picture :3 Looks real cute! 1080 days ago
Chip: Hey there! Love your profile picture :3 Looks real cute! 1080 days ago
razor3452: Hello friend 1124.6 days ago
Charuna: yes my Lord 1136.1 days ago
Charuna: I won't forget my Tiefling, and i am fond of the sweet stuff 1136.1 days ago
Charuna: you're one fine looking Tiefling, if I say so myself. 1138.1 days ago
Kali HoneyLips : waves a paw and murrs softly pleasure to meet you 1193.2 days ago
Tav: Thank you Krystal. I just found it I don't own it. 1254 days ago
Kryst4l: wow....love the pic 1255 days ago
Iota and Freyr: Hey cutie they wave 1300.2 days ago
rena barker: your kik dose kik work sir 1348.6 days ago
Femmefoxboy: Apologize, you messaged me on here but my messages won't load for some reason, however feel free to kik me if you have it, mines on my profile 1371.6 days ago
TAY: hmmm...kinda sexy wolf actually. 1376 days ago
ΤΔΥ: haha. silly wolf 1422.5 days ago
ΤΔΥ: haiya Tav.....im Tay.hehe 1446.6 days ago
ΤΔΥ: haiya Tav.....im Tay.hehe 1446.6 days ago
Marina LaQuila: My master now 1546 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: A rare Mobile fur perhaps? 1552.7 days ago
Tav: Everyone seems happy to stop by hehe. 1577.7 days ago
Sammy Marie: Hii :) 1580.8 days ago
Axel Fang: hello how are you 1580.8 days ago
Tav: Ello there. 1580.9 days ago
Riley Collins: yo 1581.1 days ago
Anthony;3: Hello :3 1581.8 days ago

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