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Volk's Fursona Avatar
Name:Volk in City Offline
State:West Virginia
Species:Siberian Wolf
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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PSN Name:Dont Have One Anymore
XBOX Gamertag:Dont Have One Anymore

Future Space for Blogs

Zero Meow Morozzi: Crazy system man. Pc master race!! 1593.2 days ago
Saphira : Hello 1594.6 days ago

About Me:
My name is Volkrhya Shtromklyk. I speak American English (primmaryGerman [Deutsch] (Secondary). I am a former Corrections Officer....and Americorps member and a FEMA Planning Specialist...

I enjoy taking things apart figuring how they work putting them back together, figuring shortcuts, and the easiest way to break/disable it.

PC master race!

I have over 150 games on steam plus about 50 more on disks.... all of the  Command and Conquer series, ArmA 3 (right at 4000 hours on the game), Fallout series (1-76), Skyrim, Rust, GMOD, Unturned, Warframe, CS:GO, Minecraft, L4D2,  Rainbow Six Seige, Everquest, Company Of Heroes, Insurgency, Metro 2033, Mad Max, and a ton more.....

I run a laid back ArmA 3 unit named Rat Patrol 01 / Foxhound. This is a growing community and any are welcome to hang out with us

I have a furry discord as well! Coee talk a d have some fun!(i will give out the discord upon request)

im single and looking... race, religion and gender dont matter...who you are does....

About me... I is a Siberian Wolf.... grey with grey spots on elbows knees and eartips and muzzle and yellow eyes...

I have skype but not on very often... im always on discord steam and kik (for discord pm on kik or steam for details)

Besides that... just ask me... ill talk....

Remember Always...

Честь смерти. Слава в битве. Доблесть перед теми, кто рядом с вами. Смерть тем, кто против вас.

Honor in Death. Glory In Battle. Valor to those Beside you. Death to those who oppose you.

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