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articumbreon's Fursona Avatar
Name:articumbreon in collinsville Offline
Species:Dark Wolf
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Member ID:20224
Last Active:08-20-2021 01:32 AM
Profile Views:4259
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Future Space for Blogs

articumbreon: ok stripes who is Roro its been a while since i been on yall but im back just been busy in real life with a ton of stuff sorry yall 1293.5 days ago
😻Stripes😻: Roro don't rp anymore since he got with me so politely give up 1317.3 days ago
Moonlightwolfpup: im so glad im not the only one with the same as you 1344.7 days ago
candy cane: heya 1352.1 days ago
Air: Leaves a glowing paw print in your wall as I wave at you :3 1359.8 days ago
Taylor: Hey thank you for stopping by my page and Welcoming me I hope you have a wonderful day 1360 days ago
HopefulDog: Thanks for the welcoming words! 1381.2 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Hey! I'm a Wolf. Over used classic, but that's my Sona. Hope you had a great week. 1382.3 days ago
articumbreon: my status: was in the caves all day taking a well needed shower then going to a bonfire 1395.2 days ago
articumbreon: smiles examining the new paw print my first one yay!!!!!! 1407.1 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: put s a rather large paw print up near the top of your wall... 1407.1 days ago
articumbreon: hopefully i will thats my hope as well 1408.2 days ago
Little Tails: No problem! I hope you find what you're looking for! 1408.5 days ago
articumbreon: hi thank you for your kind welcome im glad to be on here 1409 days ago
Little Tails: Welcome, wolf! 1409.3 days ago

About Me:
well what can i say im a bi-sexual male who is definately not a top person and im NOT a high rank wolf i enjoy going out to Piasa Caverns and Chateau Island and if im in the caverns im usually resting in them or just somewhere deep in the darker parts of the caves so if your afraid of dark cold climates finding me on chateau is a better idea. i enjoy movies as well as i love to drink energy drinks and i love fireworks and life im definately a bit country but im definately 100% wild if you think you can tame me your more then welcome to try but its not likely going to happen at all:) i love blasting my music loud i can drive fast and i love really good bar-be-que as well as a nice juicy culver's plain Triple Cheeseburger yes i said a TRIPLE cause ill down that thing i might have a full belly my belly might be a bit sore but i dont care cause i enjoyed a delicious meal right there:) i just got done eating one actually and my belly a little sore but that aint nothing a nap and a good glass of tea cant fix i drink energy drinks and work hard last night i was up from 9 A.M. -7 P.M. doing siding work and after i was up from 7:00p,m. to !:08 A.M. uninstalling a alternator on a 1929 Ford Model A and reinstalling it with new spacers plus test driving it and thats a full day that i can be proud of but it gets lonely for me at night and im making a effort to end that there loneliness cause just like any wolf i want a mate whos gonna be there with me on the dock during 4th of july watchin the professional grade fireworks arm wrapped around my shoulder leaning on me sounds pretty darn romantic for a lil old wolf like me or just being able to go out wit someone hop a fence and sit near the Mississippi river watchin that moon as it shines down on the both of us then i get pushed in the river by my lover who then helps me get out of that river only makin us fall in love deeper anyway im sure yalls bored with reading this so itcha likin me go ahead and hit me up because after a long hard road im beat down to the point where im very nervous of making that first move its not in my personality yall message me and ill tell u about the abuse i been through but i aint gonna do it on this here about me section so yeah whatcha watin for hit me up give me a holla bite down on my tail and make me yours im 100% single and lookin also a note to anyone trying to date me always keep in mind i was feral for years and years so if you meet me in real life keep in mind that i still have most of my feral traits and those traits are with me for life if u need more information about feral's just ask

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