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Kairon's Fursona Avatar
Name:Kairon in Grand Rapids Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking

Domination and Submission
Gamer furs
Anime fur
Single Furs
D and D Furs
Member ID:10204
Last Active:06-23-2017 06:55 AM
Profile Views:5988
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XBOX Gamertag:PM me for it

Future Space for Blogs

Lunos: Hi there! 171.2 days ago
Dab: Bears will kill you. Dead. 172.8 days ago
Charuna: not seen a bear around here for a while 339.4 days ago
Melli Madpaw: thank you :3 450.1 days ago
Kieran Frost: Thank you 450.5 days ago
kira londa: thank you for the warm welcome! 470.2 days ago
Jason the Form Shifter: Hello fellow Michigander Fur 508.8 days ago
Jay: Hello fellow bear hehe . 520.8 days ago
Lily OMalley: Thankies Kairon :3 668.8 days ago
flarethefox: thank you Kairon :3 695.5 days ago
⚡DrMagnet 🌟: your wall has been coned... Prepare for smoother traffic. 701.8 days ago
Kairon: Nooooooooo!!!! Had to happen sooner or later :D 775.4 days ago
Venderas: your wall virginity it is mine welcome to ft 775.4 days ago

About Me:
Well herro! I guess ill start by saying that im pretty shy until you get me talking lol . I love to play almost all video games. Xbox one and pc mainly. I'm a fan of anime too. Full metal Alchemist, DBZ, and cowboy bebop are my favorites. I love league of legends. I also looooove music. I play the drums and i (try to) sing :3 lol.

It finally let me upload an avatars from my phone ^.^ avatar was not drawn by me, I take no credit for it.

Feel free to message me anytime! Kthxbaii.

Kik: Kairon23

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