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Welcome to FurrTrax?
FurrTrax is the Fastest Growing new Furry Social Network that is completely free to use, and most importantly, We are non-profit, owned and run by Furrys, for Furrys.

We are not a pay site, and we do not require subscriptions or any of that stuff.
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FurrTrax has 17189 Members, 5 New Members Today!!!
5 Newest: Crazy_Wolfie | Cerberus Xerxon Helldog | Geo Bane | Cover | KnightWolf |
Online in Last 24 Hours: 154 Members | Unique Guests: 70
Most Online Ever: 460 on 06-24-2014 23:59 PM
Total Cyber-Attacks in last 24 hours: 8 (Includes Layer 7 (D)DoS Floods)

Bug-Fixes to the Singles and Flirts Systems Today
Posted by: DarkXander at 10-17-2016 14:38 PM
1. Fixed a bug with the Mobile Version of the Singles module over-populating and crashing browsers due to a error in pagination.
2. While fixing the bug mentioned above, Also converted the Singles module to the newer Interface.
3. Fixed a bug in the Flirts system causing many Flirts not to go through.

Special Thanks to Dzidzio for Noticing Bug Number 1, and leading me to Find Bug Number 3. Your reward is Donator Rank.
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Discord server for FurrTrax
Posted by: Kovu at 10-12-2016 17:03 PM
Hello all FurrTrax users I have created a Discord server that FurrTrax members can use https://discord.gg/GDj2qrB
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Todays Unplanned Downtime
Posted by: DarkXander at 09-24-2016 13:39 PM
Sorry for the downtime today guys, we had a power issue due to a UPS failure. The Control board failed not the batteries. Thus everything went offline and i had to drive down and swap it out. All is well again
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17000 Members, another milestone
Posted by: DarkXander at 09-15-2016 10:20 AM
It just keeps growing and growing, where have i heard that before
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PSA: Password Resets are Fixed! My Bad!
Posted by: DarkXander at 09-14-2016 13:57 PM
It seems i broke the password reset tool last time i modified it due to a typo in the reset cooldown timer, it always thought you had tried resetting to many times. So it was never actually sending out emails... Special thanks to the person who took the time to explain what they saw with it so i could find the bug and fix it. There were no security issues caused by the bug, only the effect of not being allowed to reset your password via email.
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PSA: Account Security Upgrade - Track your Logins
Posted by: DarkXander at 09-07-2016 12:53 PM
FurrTrax now has a new feature to view where, what ip, and when your account has been logged into on FurrTrax.

Find it on the Main Website, Go to "Edit My Profile" then click "View Login History"

This should help users know for sure if someone has accessed their account without their knowledge.
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Spotlight: FurrTrax Instant Messenger for PC
Posted by: DarkXander at 08-09-2016 16:43 PM
We are proud to release the Alpha version of our FurrTrax Instant Messenger for PC. Should support Windows XP - Win10 but let us know if issues arrise.

Download FurrTrax Instant Messenger 0.1
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Spotlight: LOL-able DoS Attack
Posted by: DarkXander at 08-08-2016 10:24 AM
Someone throughout the weekend has been hitting us with a DoS with BW usage totaling a whopping ER-MAH-GERD 2.78 GB!! So when you factor in we have been hit by 14 TB in the past and not gone down, this attacker has only managed to splatter a fly on our windshield. The IDS and Firewall call it as they see it, even if its hilariously tiny.
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Small yet Massive Update
Posted by: DarkXander at 08-01-2016 12:28 PM
We have enabled auto-parse Hyperlinks, in all chatrooms, Instant Messaging Sessions, News Comments, Storys on the Bookshelf, Profile Posts and Comments, and many other places. If you see any issues with the implementation let us know.
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Political Extremism, a sad story.
Posted by: DarkXander at 07-23-2016 01:24 AM
Tonight i had the misfortune of a certain furry, known as Hemms, whos been banned from FA, probably for simular reasons, noticing i had made some tweets about my second ammendment rights beliefs, and such.

He immediatly began to harrass me online, make insinuations that i was suddenly a prejudiced hate monger of some kind, and then began to show his own colors, when we started refering to me and others who share my beliefs as "you people", and made comments to the effect that anyone with such beliefs also including Trump, should not be allowed to be Furrys.

Does this statement not attempt to deny us our own in-aliable freedom of beliefs, and speech? I dont comment much on politics here because its a touchy subject that many people get heated over. But this Hemms person even went so far as to hint at violence in response to my beliefs. And i expect we havent heard the last of him. He is a outright Hillary supporter, and attacks any furry who isnt it seems.

I may not agree with the beliefs of others, but i firmly support their RIGHT to their own beliefs, and Hemms wants to violate those rights, and impose his extremist level democrat beliefs on others, and shame them if they dont follow into his beliefs.

For these aggressive actions, he was banned, to prevent this chaos from spilling onto the site or escalating any further.
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Site and System Upgrades this Weekend
Posted by: DarkXander at 07-22-2016 15:09 PM
This weekend i will be updating the Linux OS that FurrTrax runs on, no set time yet, but when it happens, the site will be down, for possible an hour or two. Full backups will be done before hand. But if we go offline, now you all know why. Expect it late Saturday and possibly sunday, most likely in stages.
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Happy Independence Day/4th of July
Posted by: DarkXander at 07-04-2016 10:18 AM
Happy 4th guys, if you hear large explosions, and gunfire coming from the general direction of Arizona, dont worry its just my group, i have a stockpile of Mexican Fireworks, THE GOOD ONES. I hope all of you are so fortunate to have a fun 4th as well.
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FurrTrax needs to raise a little money.
Posted by: DarkXander at 06-29-2016 10:15 AM
We need 2 new Hard Drives for the servers, complete details available at this link:
New Drives for FurrTrax Backups
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Partnership with FurGather
Posted by: DarkXander at 06-26-2016 00:37 AM
FurrTrax will now be working togeather in part with FurGather. We are doing this to shine togeather!
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FurrTrax now supports IPv6
Posted by: DarkXander at 06-23-2016 10:08 AM
Ive been doing a decent amount of minor code changes to enable IPv6 and at this moment its now live. In case any staff members see the strange ips some members are connecting from, these are new IPv6 addresses. If anyone sees any bugs relating to IPv6 let me know.
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5 minute outage today.
Posted by: DarkXander at 06-20-2016 20:33 PM
Sorry guys, i was adjusting the firewall settings and accidentally set the subnet mask of a vlan to 0, those who are network enthusiasts know what happens then.
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FurrTrax and FurNation have made peace!
Posted by: DarkXander at 06-17-2016 19:34 PM
Its been a long time coming but we have finally straightened out, and settled our differences peacefully. The whole situation could have been handled better on my part and in the end it was all a mis-understanding between myself, and FurNation. I would like to thank the person who DDoS'd us as it was his animosity that provided the situation in which we both were able to come togeather and collaborate on a common enemy.

Heres to a successfull future to us both

EDIT: We would also like to thank Spirit Wolf of Furgather.net for serving as the mediator for this issue, he made this possible.
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Last Weeks DDoS Attacks
Posted by: DarkXander at 06-16-2016 18:07 PM
So we have uncovered the identity of the person who attacked this site last week, as well as several others. I wanted to corroborate the information before saying anything, and i have now verified from a second source earlier today that we have the right guy. He is the owner of another furry website no less.

We know who you are, and if you check your voicemail, you will find we have called and left you a voicemail, we have your name, address, phone number, and assorted information, and it will all be posted here on the homepage soon for all to see, unless you call us back, the number is in the voicemail. Tick Tock!
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