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Article: Under age accounts
Posted By: Unic0rn69
Date: 09-20-2023 04:00 AM
Views: 1446
There has been an issue as of late. Too many people have been putting in invalid Birth Dates.

So any Birth Dates other that real dates will be Will be marked as UNDERAGE, thus will be locked out of any and all Adult sections.

Jellybean: Wait a minute- your age is 121- Was that intentional or accidental?
fuzzpawsthewolf: This has been a problem as long as I have been around, and why I won't accept a friend request until I have chatted extensively and am certain they are legal...
Little Tails: Oh, so seeing 121 instead of 21 wasn't a glitch? People are really doing that? That's weird... o_O

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