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Article: More stupidity from H Wolf, and false allegations.
Posted By: DarkXander
Date: 05-26-2018 22:42 PM
Views: 5566
Some of you may have seen some of the somewhat misguided posts by a user known as Wolf, or H Wolf, etc.

He alleged that Pounced is under some kind of investigation for child related offenses, and then alleged that their owner or another staff member was also a moderator on this site, in an attempt to frighten users of this site, as retribution for posting all his harrassing E-Mails towards us publicly.

1. None of the staff of Pounced are, or have ever been involved in admin functions or moderation of furrtrax.

2. Whether they are actually under some mysterious investigation or not is not known to us, and is likely also hot air from him.

3. In yet another E-Mail to me, he seems to insinuate or lightly threaten that the FBI will be reaching out to me, well, I work with them periodically, they have my number, and i have theirs, just talked to them 2 weeks ago. I have even worked with law enforcement several times when incidents of sexual harassment had occurred on the site and provided pertinent information as was necessary. Our track record is spotless.

Now might i direct to wolfs latest E-Mail:
My Response:
If your ever in Arizona send me an E-Mail, ill stand up to ya if you really want it.
But only because you asked nicely

Xander Venterus
Owner of FurrTrax Social Networks

On 2018-05-18 16:21, H. Wolf wrote:

I see you aren't an adult.

So, since you are but a child, let's go outside and I'll just put you
in your place that way.

Are you man enough?

No? Just going to hide behind your keyboard eh?

Tell the FBI I said hello

Back to me again:
At this point im becoming annoyed with this H. Wolf internet tough guy, So on tuesday after the holiday im going to reach out to my own FBI contact, and put all his emails, and the details of this exchange on record, so if he continues to place threats, and harass us, the joke will eventually be on him.

Zero Meow Morozzi: All most humans wish for in life is their own '15 minutes of fame'. But to what extent must one wish to go to for attention from anyone? To attempt to bully and sully the name and operations of a furry communitybased website? This is why I continue to myself as a furry.
Warren_the_wolf: Wow, this is getting pathetic. I mean, seriously? How the hell is a friggin' kid supposed to run a website? Clearly the site is managed by an adult. Granted, your grammar could use a little work Xander, but that's just an observation. As for H Wolf, I wouldn't be surprised if they were a troll using a fake account, but that's only hearsay. I sincerely hope this nonsensical conflict has peaceful resolution, for all our sakes.

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