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Article: MrFox, Aka Jason Derek, AKA Jonathan, AKA Tails Alois Fox, AKA MrWolf
Posted By: DarkXander
Date: 02-23-2020 13:13 PM
Views: 497
We do not normally go to this extreme, but you pushed us.

MrFox, Jason Derek Shelton, Jonathan, whichever is the real name, your numerous sexual harrassment issues are over.
This is where we are going to send the cops: Your house on Chinook Trail in Madison Alabama

mrwolf7777: i mean it ill leave the site and never come back to it it u call off the cops
Celer: ya like we havent heard that story before mrfox... wolf ... this reminds me of story the boy who cried WOLF!!!!!
mrwolf7777: pleae dont send the cops ill delete my account and never make another account again please tell the cops not to come please i mean it ill deletr my account
🐾☢ blue eyes ☣🐾: Sorry to say tails but your wrong it was handle on both accounts and Xander had to make it public because the arrogance and lack of common sense or logical sense from the individual and refusal to stop he did what he had to do and it does not make you immature just because you want to call out the wrong at this point you were starting drama
Kendra: What you did Xander was the correct thing to do, it brings much-needed justice to this site. I mean, the guy practically put that address on each one of his accounts, so there's not much being revealed here in the first place. Hopefully one of these small-town detectives can get the guy soon.
DarkXander: He also, even went so far as to solicit extreme and quite putrid sexual acts from staff of the site, not to mention what he did to members, he is lucky this is as far as i have gone.
DarkXander: I do not drop peoples info for petty reasons, I have a professional rep to uphold due to the government work i do, I have done as I said and pushed his info to law enforcement, however the station i reached only apparently has 2 detectives on staff, who also do not work during weekendsWTF, so the dispatch lady took a message and one of the detectives should be doing something when they get it. Sounds like a May-berry kind of area, with only 2 real cops....
OverPhlo: I'm all for the public attention, I'm certain that people who would make multiple accounts need this kind of punishment. I believe that calling them out publicly and expressing that that behavior is not endorsed on this site is not only right but the only way to deal with this sort of recurring problem. I just feel uncomfortable that his location was dropped: If someone displeases Xander, does it risk having their city exposed? I understand that this is an extreme example, and of course it's not the case, but it still unsettles me.
🖤Nerio🖤: Yea like this is 100% appreciated, but I do think having this as the first thing people see would cause someone not to wanna stay because to someone new it looks like a giant red flag.
Akaiya: Good.
Kendra: Thank you, I'm so glad to have something done about this guy. Also, I disagree Little Tails. This guy doesn't get the message that his 10 accounts were being banned for a reason and users need to be publicly aware that he sexually harasses. He refused to stop harassing users and making accounts, I'd hate to see what happens when this guy finds someone alone on the streets at night.
Little Tails: This is really immature to post. You should've handled this privately rather than make a public announcement about it because this doesn't make you look like a hero or righteous. It makes you look childish with a vendetta.

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