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Article: 20,000 Came and went it seems...
Posted By: DarkXander
Date: 07-13-2020 21:57 PM
Views: 1477
Didn't even realize we crossed 20,000 members, and people have been saying roughly since I founded the site that we would fail in a matter of months. Looks like broken clocks are not always correct at least twice a day.

Cynergi: I just wish there was some way to get all these people to actually jump in and write some stories, draw stuff, RP, chat it up in the chat, or just do something.
Silver: If that keeps up your gonna have to start charging me more for my banner ads. lol
articumbreon: congradulations Xander with this site as free and beautiful as it is im sure your gonna see 100k come and go and wonder what happened

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